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  1. Some updated photos from earlier this week. Will be interesting to see who leases space here.
  2. No doubt. The upside of it is that it (in general) benefits the overall Orlando community.
  3. They have to stay "non-profit" somehow!
  4. Per a recent article in OBJ, it looks like they are planning on razing the office building at 62 W Surtevant St. I wonder what they are planning for this site. They just built a new garden/pavilion next to it. Does anyone have any info on the proposed redevelopments of the industrial parts of SODO? If that movement takes off then it can totally change the feel and allure of this part of town. Much like what Advent Health is doing in the blocks around its hospital campus.
  5. 86 W. Underwood St
  6. It fits the overall aesthetic of "new" Orlando Health buildings (boxy, not sexy). I don't hate it but am also not crazy about it. I am a little surprised they are plopping just a 3-story building on that prime location. They are in desperate need for more physician office space and graduate medical education space (the building that this is replacing is currently the GME building)
  7. Newly announced design for the upcoming Neuroscience Institute. Continued growth on the Orlando Health Campus. Currently we have this, Jewett, and the Digestive Health Institute planned or under construction. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2022/07/06/orlando-health-neuroscience-institute-downtown.html
  8. The front of Jewett is coming along. Building is looking good. The fds
  9. I’ve always really liked the aesthetic of this building.
  10. Picture of Jewett from today.
  11. Some updated photos from today. It looks like they are building a pedestrian bridge to connect the North Tower to Jewett. The neuroscience institute should be right next to the North Tower when it's built, so I imagine the walkway will bifurcate to allow movement between all three.
  12. Tower crane it is!
  13. A little different vantage point here. So much development potential in this part of downtown.
  14. This is a picture of the plan. Not sure what the final product will be. I was thinking maybe elevator shaft but maybe you're right about the crane setup.
  15. Another update from today. Jewett coming along. Digestive Health Institute looks a bit…constipated
  16. Some updated photos. The DHI is going to be all the existing brick building plus the new facade I believe. Not sure what the red fence across the street from Jewett is, maybe a staging area? I also heard that they are planning to demo the white building down the road across from the Ortho hospital to build a new neuroscience institute.
  17. Yes the addition doesn’t seem like it will be very large, but they are repurposing most of the brick building behind it and making it part of the DHI.
  18. Some updated shots of Jewett and the Digestive Health Institute.
  19. Latest updates. Jewett has topped out!
  20. Agree. I am pretty sure OH owns that parcel and will do something with it in due time.
  21. Pictures of downtown from the parking garage at Orlando Health. I like this view of the city!
  22. Newest updates from a rainy day. Coming along!
  23. Downtown drone pic from college park
  24. Some updated shots of the orthopedic hospital and also work on the digestive health institute.
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