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  1. Sorry, not my video (stolen from Snapchat) but here's the light show IMG_7297.TRIM.MOV
  2. Not my picture - but since when has the mound of dirt next to the parking deck been named Mt. Reinhardt? There's even a marker for it on Google Maps...
  3. Anyone know when we'll see some action on LU2 beyond foundation work?
  4. Any clue as to what's happened here? (from the old webcam)
  5. Sooo... it seems that people have very mixed opinions of Legacy Onion Just thought I'd share.
  6. Dont know if anyone has shared this yet, but I recently came across this video:
  7. For any of you who rely on the webcam (which is broken at the moment), here's a webcam where you can kind of see LU in the background https://app.truelook.com/?u=vh1516741538#tl_live
  8. View from the Duke Energy Center plus this
  9. Did the pyramid get smaller from this rendering from January? Otherwise, I don’t think the pyramid will end up looking all that bad
  10. That's a lot of power lines in the first photo... Also, is it just me, or do the columns in the middle of the top two floors look a little bit funky?
  11. Unfortunately, 650 S Tryon is possibly going to be a very similar style to Legacy Onion #1, probably for consistency. If any more similar buildings come, we might have a mini SouthPark inside uptown...
  12. This new floor is REALLY tall. It'll probably take a little longer than usual to complete...
  13. Huh, just 4 and a half months ago Legacy Onion looked like this:
  14. The pyramid on top better make it look good because it really changes the skyline from this angle ^^
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