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  1. orlfun

    55 West

    Does the Parliament House count as Parramore?
  2. orlfun

    55 West

    Parramore must be improved at all costs to make downtown safe. People have to feel safe. I'm not going to be able to get drunk and find my high priced condo if it is not safe.
  3. orlfun

    The Plaza

    It's not only the breast feeding during the movie, but let's all talk on our cell phones!!! Also, when did it become OK to hop from one movie to another?
  4. orlfun

    The VUE

    I enjoy seeing this project go up. Whenever I go downtown, I have to go by to see what has changed. It would be even more fun if I had bought here!
  5. orlfun

    The Plaza

    I saw the add too. I just don't see an investor making a ton of money on this. The units are small and the maintenance fee is extremely high. Most of the units are one bedrooms. There is only so much people will spend for a one bedroom in Orlando. Also, I can't imagine spinning around in an 11 story parking garage with the movie theaters letting out. I like this project a lot, but I would not want to live there.
  6. orlfun

    The VUE

    This project is doing a excellent job of making progress. No city incentives! No increases in contract prices after signing! No switching contract units to lower floors! No talk about just doing demolition! No air rights negotiating! No adding additional floors to make more money! They are doing an Excellent Job!
  7. orlfun

    55 West

    Because bricks have become so expensive, the developer is dismantling the old structure one brick at a time. They have a highly skilled crew of 2 people and 1 homeless person. The bricks will be used in the new construction. Any units with the bricks will be charged preservation fee, probably the lofts. These units will be charged an immediate storage fee as they accumulate over the next 5 years. The storage fee will be waived when construction begins in 2010.
  8. orlfun

    The Plaza

    It is about time becuase I need something to do at work!
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