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  1. I'm not talking office buildings, I am talking about small retail storefront buildings that are 1-4 stories tall. What used to exist there was the same types of old buildings you would find in any old urban district on the east coast and those types of buildings most definitely would have a value today.
  2. Seeing that design makes me want to shake my head at the architects wondering how a bunch of D students managed to become architects.
  3. Church St especially, when you see old photos and know it was a busy black district that "needed" to have the road widen even though the road just east of it was widened and this one could have stayed an old fashioned urban street but had to be renewed really showcases how bad racism was then. Here in Portland, the city leaders literally had an entire African American neighborhood demolished so an arena could be built. They also had an another neighborhood full of Jewish and Italian (if I remember correctly) leveled so some mid century apartment towers in the park could be built.
  4. I am not sure how true this is, when you look at the neighborhoods that were demolished, they were mostly full of African American people living in them and most of the businesses were black owned businesses. I am sure there were a lot of prewar buildings that lacked basic water but I think there were a lot of buildings that were just fine, especially the commercial buildings.
  5. That is good news, hopefully Richmond will continue to be an attractive place to move to and live. I have a feeling with increased services with Amtrak and being on a route that could one day include High Speed Rail, Richmond will see a nice boost from this.
  6. Such a great view of Richmond, it would be amazing to see a bunch of big 15-20 story apartment buildings going up in the Monroe Ward to really beef up the western side of the skyline view.
  7. Unfortunately the city chose to sacrifice its history and walkable urban downtown for motorists so they could easily driving in and out of downtown without having to walk around downtown. It is a real shame that Norfolk chose that route over trying to improve the quality of life in and around downtown.
  8. Damn, that video is so depressing.
  9. For what it is and it's location, it is a good sized development. It is a shame that there wasn't a 15-20 story portion attached to this development for those higher rents and better views units, but it's a good addition overall.
  10. Oh, I agree because no matter what, there will always be people living in these public housing developments that don't trust the city's actions no matter what is said. At this point, the city needs to just act and prove that those living there won't be shoved aside.
  11. I think it has more to do with those complaining are those that don't have the trust in the city that the change that they want would be good for the residents. When taking away people's neighborhoods like what happened to build public housing, it's hard to get that trust back when talking about wanting to redevelop their neighborhoods again.
  12. Option 2 for the mall makes the most sense, it preserves the parking garages and potentially the frame of parts of the mall structure to allow for renovations rather than building new. This would help create a retail street and an urban meetup style place for downtown.
  13. This is very promising for the Pembroke Mall site. I could see this being the beginning of redeveloping the whole site to a more urban layout with possibly a more urban style blocks mall rather than an indoor mall. I do think any redevelopment of the mall will probably involve building around Target and REI.
  14. Hopefully the eastern end of the site turns into a cluster of highrises.
  15. That is quite a presence. I am curious what that tower looks like in the full waterfront skyline view of Norfolk.
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