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  1. Beach Dome Site Proposals

    This looks like a more realistic proposal, though I also agree with everyone else, lets see when construction actually begins before thinking this will happen. There is a reason why much of VB looks the same as it did when I moved away in 2001.
  2. Town Center North

    Is the Chic-Fil-A gonna be in the Hyatt Place Hotel?
  3. Virginia Beach off-topic

    It is amazing how much Raleigh has grown and is growing, it use to be such a small city, as well as all the cities in that metro. Just the amount of development going on in their downtown is impressive.
  4. St. Paul's Quadrant

    If all that public housing were city blocks full of urban development, Norfolk would have such a big feeling downtown. It is a shame that in all these years nothing has happened.
  5. Virginia Beach off-topic

    These are all the reasons I have no problem with moving away in 2001, I just didn't see VB or Hampton Roads being the right place for me since it didn't reflect the cities and metro I wanted it to be. Unfortunately I look at the past 15+ years and feel that I was right for making that move.
  6. Premier Apartments Progress

    City View would have been amazing, I loved the architecture firm that designed it. It would have been some world class architecture in a urban setting for VB.
  7. Norfolk Off-Topic

    You mean like the 20 years they have already taken?
  8. Premier Apartments Progress

    The development is looking good, I would love to see more of this in and around the Town Center, like 20 more blocks of this type of development would be nice.
  9. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Peabody's is where I coined the term "generic blondes" back in the 90s. I can't believe that place is still there.
  10. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Not sure if it is possible, but it would be a good thing for the end of the seven cities and let areas that want to go back to counties to do so. Unfortunately even if the rule is changed, I think it would be too late for Hampton Roads to have a significant change.
  11. Virginia Beach Arena

    I see this arena the same way I saw the convention center hotel they are building here in Portland, I will believe it when I see it under construction. We are just now getting the convention center hotel after about 15 years worth of talking about it with a number of false proposals. With this arena in VB, I will believe it when it is in the middle of construction.
  12. Virginia Beach off-topic

    This is the reason why I think Virginia is in the wrong for how cities and counties function. If cities and counties could work together with shared services, this would have prevented the need for counties to merge with towns to become cities to prevent Norfolk from expanding. The more rural parts of VB could have stayed county land, the resort could have been the city of Virginia Beach and focused on being a resort town, and the Pembroke area could have become the city of Pembroke. This would have made it easier for areas that wanted to work together with Norfolk when it comes to expanding light rail, it would have also made it easier for a regional government to be created to run overall projects and be the mediator for the cities, towns, and counties for the region. If this would have happened, we would probably also have some major cities in Northern Virginia as well rather than counties with towns and unincorporated towns that look like major cities.
  13. Columbus Village at Town Center

    That is what I would like to see happen with the Town Center too, it wouldn't be too difficult to extend Main St that far and take down that strip mall and even the two apartment complexes to redevelop that whole area into more urban blocks.
  14. Town Center North

    The renderings look nice, we will see if this pans out, but it does really showcase how much of a waste the plan for the HQ site really is because that could easily be the park of the City Center that ties the whole downtown together.
  15. Virginia Beach Light Rail and Transit

    This can be avoided by having BRT run in their own lanes and done in a way similar to light rail, but there is still that perception of buses that I can imagine still exists there.