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  1. urbanlife

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Expanding light rail should be the focus for the city and any surrounding city that wants to work with Norfolk. The city should already be working with the state and the federal government to build the next light rail line. The starter line was just the, the starter.
  2. urbanlife

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    I doubt they are shelving it for redevelopment, they are just holding onto it for future use....in other words, don't plan on towers and urban blocks on this stretch any time soon. Besides, it looked like the first phase of redeveloping this stretch was gonna be where the theater is once the new one opens. The B&N portion will probably be the last portion to be redeveloped.
  3. urbanlife

    CityView Progress

    I don't mean to salt the wound, but Portland is literally in the process of planning it's 6th light rail line. I can't, well I can, believe that VB would have shot down a simple light rail line that would have just run down the center of the city. Had Virginia been like normal states that have counties and cities that can work together, it would have been easier to get things like light rail because you wouldn't have the massive city of VB, you would of had VB the resort, Pembroke as a modern uptown city, and maybe a few towns in the county of Princess Anne.
  4. urbanlife

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    MLB is waiting for the Rays and A's to decide what they will be doing, either staying where they are or relocating. Then the league plans on expanding two more teams. Currently, Portland is the most organized with trying to get a team, and based off what I am hearing, it is a pretty safe bet that one of the expansion teams will go to Portland if the A's don't move to Portland. I have to agree with others, NBA or NHL would be the best shot at getting a pro team in Hampton Roads. Though I don't know if any teams are looking to move and I don't think the NBA is looking to expand. I know NHL is expanding, but are looking at much bigger markets than Hampton Roads with cities like Seattle courting them. I do think it would be ideal for Hampton Roads to go after getting a MLS team since they have been actively expanding into new markets and targeting places that have one or no pro teams.
  5. urbanlife

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    That's good, when I was showing my wife where I grew up about five years ago, the mall was in a pretty sad state.
  6. urbanlife

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Oh wow, that is surprising. When I was growing up there, Lynnhaven was the mall to go to in VB. Pembroke is where you went if you wanted to catch a random movie, get an Orange Julius, and go to the Old English store that was in it.
  7. urbanlife

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    I just came across this comparison on the Armada Hoffler site, it really shows how much has changed in such a short period of time. Granted in the past four years construction has slowed down a bit with only the one block that is currently being developed. This is still quite a change in 18 years worth of time. It is unfortunate that there is really only this one development firm jumping at this to build an urban district, I personally was expecting outside developers to pick up on this and want to run with it with more development because I have always seen this area as being a potential major urban living area in the city. But with all that aside, this is quite impressive amount of work for this firm.
  8. urbanlife

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    Those early renderings are just potential massing models, nothing more. They are just to give you an idea of what could go there, not what will go there. I wouldn't be surprised to see much of this area redeveloped to look similar to what you are seeing on the Premier Apartments block.
  9. urbanlife

    Hampton Development

    Thanks for the locations, I was trying to figure out where each of them were. The Goodyear site is the lot on the north side of Settlers Landing and Wine? That must have been quite a long time ago a tire shop was there because I don't remember that.
  10. urbanlife

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    I hope they get the grant to help move this along.....how do they not have more concrete plans by now? An architecture and urban planning student could have had this all nailed down by now for how long they have been working on this.
  11. urbanlife

    Hampton Development

    That is potentially awesome news, I hope they go big because Hampton has a little downtown that would be perfect for a major urbanization.
  12. urbanlife

    Hyatt Place at Pembroke Park Progress

    I would love to see the property along VB Blvd become a part of Town Center North, those properties are gonna feel out of place once this all redevelops.
  13. urbanlife

    Premier Apartments Progress

    It looks really good, this is what VB should be doing, building a lot of this size projects combined with a bunch of 4+1 apartment building blocks. It would be so amazing if that is what Pembroke Mall site became with a big urban mall connecting the town center area to the Pembroke Mall area.
  14. urbanlife

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    This really makes me think that Hampton Roads is really just a dying region that doesn't know it yet. Sure there is new development going on at the Town Center in VB, but that is all done by one developer, it isn't attracting any new developers to the area that want to jump onto building a new downtown. No real development is chomping for prime lands to develop. There isn't any tech industry push going on. It just seems it is stagnant, which isn't good with how good this current economy is for development and growth.
  15. urbanlife

    Block 2 Tower

    Basically a 9 story building plus parking.