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  1. Block 2 Tower

    Obviously the Taco Bell Tower will eventually go there. But seriously, the Taco Bell site is 200ft by 200ft, that is the same size as a Portland, Oregon block, so anything that has been built in downtown Portland could fit on that site. So just about anything could be built there.
  2. Block 2 Tower

    I love that the Taco Bell is still there, talk about holding out on a prime location. As for this building, I really liked the original design and massing, hopefully what does get built still has a similar feel though it does suck that it seems like every building has to have several levels of parking.
  3. Premier Apartments Progress

    Or not at all, am not a fan of decorative columns, I like when columns have a purpose like holding up weight.
  4. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Sounds like he finally decided to move to a real city rather than try to turn a giant suburbia into a city.
  5. Town Center North

    too short, needs to be about 50-70 stories taller.
  6. Town Center North

    I hope the architect lost their license and had their education revoked after designing that building.
  7. Premier Apartments Progress

    Minus the generic looking columns, this might be my favorite development block in the Town Center.
  8. Virginia Beach Development

    Wow, that looks really bad. It looks like a generic office park building that is pretending to be historical. What is even more laughable is the article about the City government complex becoming a new town center hub because it could include a string of generic apartment buildings in one spot. A handful of apartments and a bunch of generic city government buildings will not make that area a hub of anything beyond a government office park.
  9. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    I am actually amazed Hampton Roads stuck, I remember when the area was just referred to as Tidewater when referring to the metro.
  10. Virginia Beach off-topic

    At this rate, Chesapeake seems to be more open to smarter growth. I am surprised they haven't started pushing for a light rail line running to their city. Light rail to South Norfolk would do wonders for that area.
  11. Virginia Beach off-topic

    I am guessing that quote is what will sink his campaign. I remember people in VB hated working with other cities in the region and I don't expect that mentality to ever change. Though it would be nice to be proven wrong because all the cities in Hampton Roads should work together for regional gains.
  12. Norfolk Pictures

    This is what drones are best for, love the shots.
  13. Norfolk Pictures

    Mid-rise developments is at least something. The redevelopment of the land around Harbor Park would be a great location for an urban neighborhood with some residential towers and lots of mid rise buildings. Looking at this particular photo, the new building by City Hall will fill in the skyline nicely, even better if it turns into a few new buildings by City Hall. Then of course if the Harbor Park area was developed, that would really add to that skyline view.
  14. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Such a missed opportunity to bring a lot of new development to the city.
  15. Norfolk Pictures

    That is a cool shot, especially since it is two skylines. It is unfortunate that VB isn't actively turning all of Pembroke into a downtown because that skyline would look pretty big from this distance. I would love to see Norfolk gain something like 10-15 new residential towers in its skyline, that would really help bulk it up even more.