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  1. It is a shame the road wasn't shifted a little bit further away from the building to make it easier to build a storefronts building along it.
  2. This is very non-Norfolk looking, this is going to be a great standout tower if it gets built looking like this.
  3. This is more in line with what I was thinking would be built on this site.
  4. That is what I imagined someone would have built on the lot on the northwestern end of MacArthur Mall.
  5. If this development eventually includes Liberty Executive Park and Towne Place at Greenbrier, I think it would be safe to call it a downtown for Chesapeake.
  6. urbanlife

    New Arena

    Maybe tourist trolley busses running on their own road?
  7. It would be cool for Norfolk to plan a new light rail line that ran over the river into Berkley to help spur urban development through that neighborhood and it would be easy to run through South Norfolk and into Chesapeake. Really, any city around Norfolk should be trying to get on board with light rail even if Virginia Beach doesn't want to.
  8. urbanlife

    New Arena

    If only there was some sort of rail line that connected the two where someone could ride from downtown Norfolk and hop off at the Convention Center in VB....I can't put my finger on it what could work, but some sort of people mover.
  9. urbanlife

    New Arena

    Maybe so, but the lack of one is a factor for Norfolk that misses out on those extra dollars from convention goers.
  10. That is good news, that would open up a huge chunk of land to redevelop. I really hope this neighborhood works out better than what was there before.
  11. This is a common trend across the country as the newspaper industry fades. Hopefully this will lead to a huge redevelopment for that part of the city and add lots of new life.
  12. urbanlife

    New Arena

    I am actually surprised Norfolk has never built a legitimate convention center, those are typically much more useful for a city than any sports team.
  13. The conflict between what office and residential needs when it comes to floor plates is usually solved with large floors for the lower portion for office space and a slender upper portion for residential.
  14. The easy solution would be for the metro to create a metro government that oversees metro issues. Basically it would be Metro council members that the whole metro vote on or even city representative members where each city votes for their own metro member that would sit on the council.
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