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  1. Portsmouth development

    I was kidding, it is about as realistic, if not more realistic than Norfolk and Virginia Beach ever merging.
  2. Beach Dome Site Proposals

    A great example why Virginia's whole city and county laws are messed up. There shouldn't be a need for duplicate services, and Hampton Roads should have been a collection of cities and towns surrounded by county land. That way people like Barbara that lived in suburbia would be in unincorporated land, and the town of Virginia Beach would mostly be the oceanfront and surrounding area, thus making the strip its downtown and could focus on tourism without having do deal with people from the unincorporated parts.
  3. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Sounds like a neckbeard gathering spot.....
  4. sports in norfolk

    That is smart on MLS's part since they want to be taken seriously. If Norfolk or VB got a team, it would have to be a new soccer stadium built in Pembroke or near downtown Norfolk.
  5. sports in norfolk

    I said this years ago, MLS is the way to go for smaller markets, especially markets without any major league teams. The cost to get into the MLS market is low compared to other professional leagues, plus they are looking to expand throughout the US. Plus once getting an MLS team, it isn't hard to also get a Women's Soccer team to share the stadium. I figured VB would be the ones to go after something like this simply because it would be fairly easy for them to have a stadium built for soccer by the town center and incorporate it into that whole urban development. Though Norfolk could have pulled something like this off as well. Granted it isn't too late for Hampton Roads with MLS because they still have more expanding in their future, but it requires at least grassroots effort to energize people there into wanting a MLS team, as well as encouraging locals with a lot of money that they want to own a MLS team.
  6. Norfolk Off-Topic

    That is true that the relationship between VB and Norfolk is probably one of the main factors that holds the area back, I personally wonder if the region would be as big as it is if the military wasn't there because much of the major resources such as business and education seems to be located elsewhere in the state. I almost think that it would have been better for Virginia Tech to be located in Norfolk than the middle of nowhere Blacksburg. You mention New York when referencing homelessness, I assume you are referring to NYC. I will say one thing really unique with NYC when it comes to homelessness is the ability to hide there. There are so many tunnels under the city that there is literally a homeless city under Manhattan. SF has a unique history with dealing with homelessness within the center of their city by concentrating them all within the Tenderloin. I do wish Norfolk would see investment in infill projects throughout the city by small time developers, similar to what we saw in Portland during our last couple booms where small 3-5 story apartment buildings started popping up basically creating new urban neighborhoods within existing larger neighborhoods. We have had a number of new micro neighborhoods spring up over the years that have all come from the population growth we have been experiencing. I am not sure what Norfolk could do to make itself more attractive, but it would seem like it would make sense to expand the urban grid outward from downtown with plans for incoming developers to build into an urban fabric rather than relying on suburban developments and ideas to be the fill in developments.
  7. Norfolk Off-Topic

    The homeless issue is something that has become a larger problem all over in this country, Norfolk would also have an issue with that if it didn't have so much public housing projects to hide the underlying problem. In regards to the homeless, Portland had an awful mayor for 4 years that didn't put any effort into the issue and now we are playing make up as we try to fix his mistakes. Though, this is the northwest, we will always have some grit to us, even a cosmopolitan city like Seattle has some northwest grit. I hope that in that time you got out of downtown and really got to see the city and what it had to offer. I am not saying Portland is for everyone, just pointing out that if Norfolk isn't seeing growth during a growing economy, then there is something wrong. As for the Town Center, building a downtown from scratch, it has definitely come a long way in a short period of time, I had some personal issues with the urban planning and overall design for the area, but that is a different topic. I just feel like for the size of Hampton Roads, it should be much further along than what it currently is at, and I can see why anyone would have frustrations with that living there. I know I dealt with those frustrations growing up in Virginia Beach and seeing so many missed opportunities happen. I truly hope that changes for Norfolk and VB, but I also wouldn't hold my breath. Keep in mind, I am not trying to down talk the region or try to say which city is better, I am just speaking in the sense of the overall economy and how metros have grown in the US.
  8. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I definitely feel ya, it is kind of painful to keep following what is going on in Hampton Roads for so many years. Here in Portland, we have so many projects going on that I can't keep up with all of them. Every time I am in a part of the city I don't usually get to I am often times wondering when a building got built. Heck, Seattle is exploding with new developments, last time I was up there an area that use to be surface parking lots that I use to park in had all been developed into towers. When I look at cities in the southeast, even smaller cities like Raleigh, it seems like they have so much new going on for them. It just blows my mind that a region as big as Hampton Roads can act so stagnant to new development beyond suburban developments. In the past 15+ years since I moved away, it feels like not much has changed in Hampton Roads beyond a few new buildings and a few new wider streets and sort of a light rail line.
  9. River Tower

    Official boundaries don't matter to the average person, the only place that really matters is when it comes to zoning and guidelines. While they may not be technically downtown, all the districts could easily be lumped together into a City Center label. Another thing to keep in mind is each of those places has their own identity and lumping them all into downtown simply takes away that identity.
  10. Scope Renovations

    Seattle is basically building a new arena, they just happen to be keeping the roof structure of the original Key Arena. It is really impressive with what they are doing, it will probably score them a NHL and/or a NBA team.
  11. Scope Renovations

    Try again, it was designed by Pier Luigi Nervi, one of the best concrete architects and he only did a handful of buildings in the states and somehow Norfolk managed to get one of his stadium designs. The few buildings he has in the US should all be protected pieces of architecture. You really should study up on his work, it is an impressive career and a style of architecture that needs to be preserved. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pier_Luigi_Nervi
  12. Scope Renovations

    Shame they can't figure out how to get 1000-2000 more seats, that would put them on par with the NBA on the low end of capacity, though that doesn't count box seats. It is unfortunate the Scope wasn't built to be a larger arena to begin with because it would be terrible to lose such a great piece of architecture by one of the best concrete architects.
  13. Scope Renovations

    How many seats would option one have for basketball?
  14. Premier Apartments Progress

    It is looking good, a solid urban development.
  15. Beach Dome Site Proposals

    This looks like a more realistic proposal, though I also agree with everyone else, lets see when construction actually begins before thinking this will happen. There is a reason why much of VB looks the same as it did when I moved away in 2001.