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  1. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Obviously there is a lot against VB and Norfolk for Amazon to pick either city, but it is smart for Norfolk at least to strive to meet those goals because these goals will make them more attractive to people and companies looking to relocate in the future. VB on the other hand, who knows when this whole anti transit mentality will go away. It seemed strong back in the 80s and 90s, and I am sure it is just as strong today.
  2. Block 9 Progress

    It is turning into a cool little block development. I really wish the Pembroke Mall site would just get cut up into blocks to be developed with a new urban mall built along VB Blvd. That would at least make it feel like VB's downtown had a legitimate direction to expand.
  3. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Honestly, I think Denver or Portland will end up being their location choices. Denver makes sense because they have become a tech hub of the midwest, have light rail, and a major airport that is centrally located within the US. Why I think Portland has a shot is because we are close to their headquarters in Seattle, and this second headquarters could just be treated as an expansion since they are running out of space in Seattle, thus it is very easy to get to and from Seattle to Portland within a few hours. Of course these are the two obvious choices and this is Amazon, for all we know, they could plan on this headquarters being a main hub for a smaller city in the US and basically take over that city's entire downtown, much like what Bank of America did to Charlotte.
  4. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Hopefully they don't mess it up, Alternative 7 is the only good option now.
  5. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    That depends, the new line could start in Fort Norfolk, run through downtown and then to the base. It would be a little longer, but not by much and give two lines running from Fort Norfolk and downtown.
  6. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    That is my thought as well, Church and Monticello are great areas for redevelopment to happen and for an urban TOD neighborhood to develop.
  7. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Or keep the bike lanes and make it a multimodular route, I didn't know you guys were getting bike lanes, good for Norfolk. Has anyone been using them? Or has anyone been commuting by bike in general there?
  8. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Alternative 5-8 should be the only four choices, they are the best for expanding light rail in Norfolk. Alternative 9 and 11 would be good for a third for fourth line at a later date. Alternative 1-4 isn't good options for this expansion; it would make more sense to just extend the existing line a stop or few into Ghent and maybe up to ODU at a later date as well.
  9. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Actually the Amazon towers are clustered together, they do have other office space in shorter buildings spread out in the city. This second headquarters would be a similar magnitude 3-4 towers that are 400-700ft tall, and numerous other buildings in the 10 story range.
  10. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Buildings, plural, Amazon is currently constructing a multi tower headquarters in downtown Seattle. That combines with all their other properties they have in Seattle. It is pretty massive and very urban. My bet is that it is going to end up being Philly, though Amazon has been known to push what is possible and could pick a more midsize city much like what Bank of America did with Charlotte. They could in turn push for whatever midsize city they plan to move to to have to push for an expansive rail project and basically be the centerpiece of the city. So who knows, a friend also thinks that Amazon already has a place in mind and possibly land bought and is just using this as a publicity stunt that could result in smaller satellite projects. Like, you don't get the headquarters, but how about a warehouse.
  11. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Amazon would probably build towers over a sprawling campus, I would think either Norfolk of VB downtown would be a great option for Amazon. I am really rooting for you guys to be where they end up.
  12. Virginia Beach off-topic

    I hope so, it would be fun to one day go back and visit there and be amazed at how much more developed Norfolk and VB are. Amazon is looking for a 2nd headquarters in the US, it would be awesome to see them pick Norfolk or VB and build an urban campus in either city like they have done in Seattle.
  13. Virginia Beach off-topic

    That is funny to think about, both were done to revitalize the areas that are considered to be city centers for both cities.
  14. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Hahaha, actually yes, a pro soccer team would be awesome in Norfolk, plus it would mean the city would need to build a MLS specific stadium for a team.
  15. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Fair point, though in the US, thanks to urban renewal, most downtowns are surrounded by parking lots, freeways, and then suburbia. I was more referring to the small footprint of VB's young downtown. Which I do understand that it is still a young downtown, I just don't see it expanding too much further than its current footprint when you look at those that own property around it. (I am looking at you Pembroke Mall and old HQ site.) I am not discrediting the second paragraph, that is all amazing the all that has been done. I was referring more to the list below that paragraph because many things on that list I have heard in various forms over the past 30 years. So I have earned my skepticism. The Cavalier renovation and expansion on their proper is a no brainer, I am happy that is being done, but I am not surprised. Also I am happy the Hilton in downtown Norfolk finally happened, Norfolk deserved that building, from what I have seen of it, it looks fantastic. The arena may be one extension away from getting started, but that one I will believe it when I see the construction. I have heard about this arena in various forms, just like I have heard about a pro team. Neither of which I am holding my breath for because I would be dead if I did. I hope an arena does get built, but you can understand why I might be skeptical. I am happy about Block 9 as well, overall the Town Center is turning out more dense than I ever imagined it would get. It is also good to start seeing a variety of architecture happening. I was originally worried that one architecture firm would get to design the whole area. The Dome site, I wish they would have left the Dome in place. That way it would have still been a quirky place to see concerts at the beach. I hope that whole area gets redeveloped one day, but I doubt it will look anything like what I expect it to look like. I am happy you guys have been going strong with keeping this site updated with all that is going on. At this point, you guys are my only connection left to Hampton Roads besides a couple of friends that I still keep in touch with.