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  1. SoDoSoPa


    Any reason to link to the "Charlotte Ledger" instead of the WFAE article he is just re-hashing? That Ledger site looks to be on par with "Charlotte Stories"... https://www.wfae.org/post/brooklyn-ballantyne-story-behind-charlottes-affordable-housing-crisis#stream/0
  2. More good news on the MLS front; Could also point to an expanded Ally presence here with the new tower and more brand exposure.
  3. I think it's mostly a matter of cost. A promoter can rent Bojangles or half or even less than the cost of Spectrum, so if there isn't a huge draw it just makes sense to go with the cheaper option.
  4. Outsourcing to GenPact, just another reason not to shop at Walmart.
  5. SoDoSoPa


    For the city to have a diversified economy, you need several types of sub markets for office space. Not all companies can afford or want the premium office space that's offered uptown, doesn't mean we don't want them to relocate or expand here in Charlotte. The best way to keep Charlotte from becoming another Houston or Atlanta is updated zoning and better transit options I think.
  6. Love the media mesh at this location, the area has so much potential for large events with the Mint, Bechtler, and Avenue of the Arts right across the street. It would be great to close down Tryon one year for the NFL draft like they did in Nashville this year, that was great press for the city.
  7. Shelby Co. is huge, it extends all the way out to Collierville, while Davidson doesn't include areas such as Franklin etc..
  8. SoDoSoPa


    Agree on South Park > Ballantyne , but Stonecrest is one of the few reasons I still drive down there. It's much nicer than Philips Place in terms of seating and screens. I'm really hoping the new RH building will drive them to update the theater also, because it is very aged at this point.
  9. Unfortunately more officers normally doesn't impact domestic type homicides, which made up 19 or the 25 murders so far in 2019. No doubt CMPD is understaffed, but just hiring won't help in this area I'm afraid.
  10. From what I've heard, they are moving it down South into the Community Blood Center Building after they remodel the building. It should give them about double the space they have now.
  11. Just remember it could always be worse
  12. I don't know "Highland Park" sounds like a subdivision out in Ballantyne to me. For midtown and uptown definition/meaning, it really depends on the city. For instance in New Orleans, uptown is technically west of downtown, but it's "up river". Midtown is north of both downtown and uptown. In Houston, midtown is south of downtown, while uptown in out off the 610. It seems like a lot of cities are trending away from "downtown" and more toward "City Center" or something similar also.
  13. Not sure where the 4,700 number for Indy comes from, but it's actually more in line with Nashville with 7,500 rooms. https://www.downtownindy.org/do-business/
  14. I think it's the whole block sans the "King' Tower" building. "The site proposed for the project takes up most of the block defined by Luther Street to the north, Cherry Street to the east, Baxter Street to the south and South Kings Drive to the west. Roughly the southeast one-quarter of that block is not part of the project, Goode said."
  15. I think a lot of the growth and sustainability has to do with the amount of corporate HQs and jobs in the area. Coca Cola Bottling, Lending Tree, National Gypsum, Nucor are all HQ there. I think the short commutes to Uptown and to Ballantyne helps a lot also, most people that I know that live in the area either work in there, or in one of those areas. The surrounding neighborhoods seem to finally start working together in the form of SPAN. They have some interesting ideas and projects, I think they one that was approved will be similar to the Culture Loop in Indy, which is very cool. They used CIP bonds for funding, but in the future, I don't think turning the area into a MSD would be a bad idea. I put a link to the other projects they've been floating below. https://charlottenc.gov/charlottefuture/CIP/CNIP/Documents/SouthPark-Proposed-Projects.pdf
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