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  1. SoDoSoPa

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    Just remember it could always be worse
  2. SoDoSoPa

    NoDa (N Davidson St Arts District) Projects

    I don't know "Highland Park" sounds like a subdivision out in Ballantyne to me. For midtown and uptown definition/meaning, it really depends on the city. For instance in New Orleans, uptown is technically west of downtown, but it's "up river". Midtown is north of both downtown and uptown. In Houston, midtown is south of downtown, while uptown in out off the 610. It seems like a lot of cities are trending away from "downtown" and more toward "City Center" or something similar also.
  3. Not sure where the 4,700 number for Indy comes from, but it's actually more in line with Nashville with 7,500 rooms.
  4. SoDoSoPa

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    I think it's the whole block sans the "King' Tower" building. "The site proposed for the project takes up most of the block defined by Luther Street to the north, Cherry Street to the east, Baxter Street to the south and South Kings Drive to the west. Roughly the southeast one-quarter of that block is not part of the project, Goode said."
  5. SoDoSoPa

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    I think a lot of the growth and sustainability has to do with the amount of corporate HQs and jobs in the area. Coca Cola Bottling, Lending Tree, National Gypsum, Nucor are all HQ there. I think the short commutes to Uptown and to Ballantyne helps a lot also, most people that I know that live in the area either work in there, or in one of those areas. The surrounding neighborhoods seem to finally start working together in the form of SPAN. They have some interesting ideas and projects, I think they one that was approved will be similar to the Culture Loop in Indy, which is very cool. They used CIP bonds for funding, but in the future, I don't think turning the area into a MSD would be a bad idea. I put a link to the other projects they've been floating below.
  6. SoDoSoPa

    Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    It's a Brownfields site, so not sure if anyone will want to deal with cleaning it up.
  7. SoDoSoPa

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    They have been re-signing 1 year leases for the Colony Apt. so I wouldn't expect it anytime soon unfortunately.
  8. SoDoSoPa

    The Good News Report

    Seriously, not sure how Asheville made the list unless it was hospitality careers only.
  9. SoDoSoPa

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    List of active and upcoming projects from the last SPAN meeting.
  10. SoDoSoPa

    The RailYard SouthEnd

    From what I've heard, they'll be moving the staff from 615 S. College to here.
  11. SoDoSoPa

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    That's what I was thinking and just re-used the old videos and media. For a cool million each, I think they deserve their own 3D fly through video.
  12. SoDoSoPa

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Some shots from around South Park today. 1) ZOM apartments 2) Liberty Southpark