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  1. That’s my point... the yellow area doesn’t look big enough for the rendered towers without the northern part of Yeehaw Brewing.
  2. Does this parcel include the Yeehaw Brewing location that just recently opened right there as well as the police precinct? The part along KVB to the north of Yeehaw looks way too small for the tower in the rendering.
  3. I think what you're seeing is remnants of one of the walls from the original building. Check out the cam during a different time of day with better lighting and you should be able to see.
  4. They took down the old roof completely and installed a new roof. The section in the photo without roof is designed without roof as seen in the original renderings. It will be a courtyard. The entire building is also black now as of a few days ago.
  5. It is definitely a valid argument considering all of the activity in this area from Endeavor, Asurion, Grand Hyatt, and even the Pins Mechanical warehouse build-out. I live right there in the Gossett and it has become a nightmare between all of the construction equipment, road closures, construction workers taking up all of the street parking, etc. Now that the sidewalk is closed on both sides of 12th from Porter to Broadway, my walk to work has to be tripled in length. I hope they at least wait until Endeavor is finished to get going on this one. But I do know that the buyer (Highwoods) is waiting for more than just that reason. I'm sure they're wanting to make more significant progress on Asurion across the street before they go full steam on this,
  6. Barricades going up for demo of Tennessean building. Not sure how I’ll be walking to work now that the sidewalks will be closed on both side of 12th Ave between this and Endeavor across the street?? Side note: is there a separate thread to differentiate the Tennessean building site from the asurion headquarters?
  7. Those columns are just for the "crown" going on the southeast corner of the building.
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