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  1. She is talking about the buildings that are behind the future Flank Hotel, currently an empty warehouse and 12th and porter. Additionally, I don't know if any of you spend much time in this area, but the 12th and Grundy intersection really needs to be realigned. It is a traffic and pedestrian nightmare and cannot safely handle all the traffic it is now getting since development has moved into this area. 11th avenue has been closed today, and the detour sent cars over to 12th avenue and once again this intersection made it a nightmare. This could easily be fixed by taking 12th and curving it to connect its current location through the current Chauhan/Tansuo/Mockingbird parking lot. I know that requires private land being used, but something definitely needs to be done. Is there somewhere that we as citizens can put in requests for things like this to be considered? None of the streetlights in this area work either...
  2. I've heard some rumblings on Highwoods's plans for the Tennessean HQ site but am not allowed to share yet. Otherwise, Asurion is the only one announced.
  3. Do you know any specifics? My hope is at the entrance under church street it just continues all the way east to the train tracks and then turns south there, running along the tracks.
  4. rjgo

    The Gulch Projects

    Brasfield and Gorrie is covering the fencing around the lot at 11th and Church (behind the future Pins Mechanical) with their logo this morning. Anyone know what's happening here? The lot has been used recently by the 1200 Broadway concrete crew but they cleared the lot a couple weeks back. The lot is owned by REH Investments who lost out to Somera Road in buying the Gibson building. I'm sure they were trying to combine the two lots.
  5. rjgo

    The Gulch Projects

    Yeah and it's really ugly too. I live in the Gossett and am not too convinced this will feel as great as it looks in the renderings. The frontage on 12th avenue feels really dark and dingy under that elevated parking and the other side (where the rendering is showing a biergarten) is in a really dirty alley and doesn't feel as wide open as the rendering suggests. I'm hoping they prove me wrong and are able to clean up the surroundings of this building and make it feel great, but I wish they would just knock it down and build something much nicer. They also have yet to start on the Pins Mechanical Bowling they have going in the warehouse across the alley. How long ago was that announced?
  6. rjgo

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I actually was walking behind him and his group of friends as they were heading to World Gym in the Gulch. He picked up the scooter at 12th and Grundy. It was a Lime!
  7. rjgo

    Nashville Public Art

    This is actually Tansuo, which shares the building with Chauhan.
  8. No. This is what the first level floor plan is.
  9. Love the videography but the dude talking in these videos is just.... awful. Stumbles over all his words... and he doesn't know the name of actually anything in Nashville really. John Steamantheimer Bridge, Ralph and Daughters??? He called Sylvan Park Sullivan Park the entire video. He probably moved here last year... definitely not qualified to make an informational video about the city. smh. These videos could be really awesome if the commentator knew what he was talking about.