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  1. I am glad that I am not alone Again...the stand alone poles are handsome even, so this isn't a case where there's no workaround. Perhaps this is a pet peeve of mine as I grew up in NY, and in the 70's-80's, many areas within NY gave very little attention to their infrastructure.
  2. This truly is a pet peeve of mine: the integrated 5G/streetlamp fixtures that the City is ALLOWING are the ugliest things that I have ever seen! CLT spends *so* much time and money to make the area an attractive place, with handsome facades; roadside plants and beautiful flower beds within medians. Why are they permitting these FUGLY things? If the City is going to permit 5G to be installed, why cant they require the freestanding nodes model that's employed on Rea Road? The freestanding units are handsome enough. I wish that the City would do something to GET RID of these HIDEOUS fixtures. So much money, time, and effort, is made to make CLT the beautiful City that she is, only to her efforts mitigated by ugly lighting fixtures. Borrowed off of the Ballantyne thread:
  3. Are there any new developments regarding the River District? Has the project been put on the backburner? I truly hope that the development will be built around light rail
  4. I think you nailed it as to the cause of narrow sidewalks, yet I can't believe how slack the City was in the development of Stonewall St. Between Stonewall, and the promised Brooklyn development, will come hundreds if not thousands of residents - largely going to work at the same time, with a similar destination (Uptown/in town). Meanwhile, Stonewall street is not very accommodating as it is, so there's zero chance of widening sidewalks in the future. Finally, wide sidewalks permit for sidewalk cafe's, which not only serve residents and visitors, but (sidewalk cafe's and restaurants) add a lot to the atmosphere of the City, it's charm, and the City's brand. All of the above are missed opportunities in an extreme blunder. I really hope the City gets it's act together in this regard - especially as Uptown and South End continue to develop. Stonewall Street's commuter pedestrians will likely be forced into the street during rush hour.
  5. Agreed. Powerlines are unattractive, and in certain placements (e.g. South End) remain a mystery, as many of the buildings are powered by underground wires. UDO? I am not familiar with this. And yes, the thought of being separated by a small median is disconcerting while pushing a baby carriage.
  6. Regarding the new development that's spanning the City, one extremely great blunder is the width of sidewalks in Uptown, and near Uptown, neighborhoods. There literally isn't any room for people to walk, nor is there any room for the installation of sidewalk cafe's, etc. What could the City possibly be thinking? Unless, of course, sidewalks are being given the same attention given to many other infrastructure pieces: "Build first; correct after." Sarcasm aside, the issue of extremely narrow sidewalk widths are going to present a huge problem in the future; pedestrians will be forced into the street. How could the City have been so short sighted?
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