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  1. Hushpuppy321

    MLS in Charlotte?

    That's very true - I think it was a missed opportunity. The Memorial Stadium upgrade. Hopefully D. Tepper will have a better business plan/model for an MLS Expansion team. I think the Midtown site is best also because it's besides a dedicated rail line. Hopefully the stadium will be renovated in a way that allows future expansion into an MLS worthy stadium.
  2. Hushpuppy321

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Probably talking about playing 2nd fiddle in every way possible. Only been in CLT a few years now (4) and seems like we get passed over a lot.
  3. Hushpuppy321

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    Does anyone think if Charlotte is awarded the 2020 RNC that this would provoke more development or the acceleration of certain projects? Does anyone in the 'know' think the 2012 DNC contributed to any commercial development?
  4. Hushpuppy321

    MLS in Charlotte?

    OMG - downloaded and was just reading the Bid Book for the North American bid for the 2026 World Cup. Nashville (and Atlanta) are amongst a lot of other Host Cities for the 2026 World Cup. I guess CLT will always play 2nd fiddle to Nashville and Atlanta.
  5. Hushpuppy321

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    For what it's worth - Wikipedia now has Tryon Place at 27 Stories and 393' Max Height which is a revision to the original. I'm sure CharMeck Accela is more accurate but I haven't been able to establish access to that yet.
  6. Hushpuppy321

    CATS Long Term Transit Plan - Silver, Red, Airport Lines

    I've been studying other cities transit maps and think that once the Silver Line is built (hopefully in my lifetime) that it'd be prudent not only to extend the blueline into Ballantyne but also to construct Spur lines into other parts of the city like a spur off the blue line into SW CLT and/or the Redline could spur off the northern section of the blue line into Northend. Sort of sharing an existing ROW with the Blueline/Silverline Main Trunks at some point. I think these options would limit costs of purchasing ROW and make it more feasible to build.
  7. Hushpuppy321

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Hosting The Republican National Convention would put Charlotte in the company of only 11 other US Cities that've hosted both Major Party Conventions. Do you think this would be enough (as well as Charlottes welcoming attitude) to outway any negativity/negative events that may be broadcast during the Convetion?
  8. Hushpuppy321

    Charlotte area population statistics

    City/County Population is increasing due to tremendous growth last 20 years but does anyone think the Charlottes Population Density will actually decrease some due to additional acres being annexed into the city limits?
  9. Hushpuppy321

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    Hasn't been awarded yet but very close. I'm partially happy for the City and partly nervous about the State of the Republican Party in 2 years and the partisan divisions in the country being thrust upon Charlotte.
  10. Hushpuppy321

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Anyone think that the David Tepper comment on MLS is more better or serious than Marcus Smith? Basically it'd be either dual owners either way (NFL/MLS or NASCAR/MLS). Which do you think would be better? Should've proofread that comment/question better....
  11. Hushpuppy321

    Scaleybark Station Area Projects

    You would seem to think that something Midrise (Office/Residential/Hospitality) could be a good fit for the Scaleybark Station area because of the very good views of Uptown. Even something 8/9 stories would have awesome views from most floors (maybe except the first 3)
  12. Hopefully we should have some initial construction activities at this site within the next 60 days or less. The Lennar Pepsi site project looks like it'll start lease up by early next year. Seems to be good timing of these two projects.
  13. Hushpuppy321

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    May have been already addressed by this group - if it has then Please excuse my ignorance but where could a MLB Stadium be built in charlotte? What's currently most feasible?
  14. Hushpuppy321

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Really sucks that CLT missed out on the opportunity for MLS Team in town. Anyone think that Nashvilles entrance into the fray and the existing Team in ATL has all but ended Charlottes chance just due to geography?
  15. Hushpuppy321

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Also special mention to : The Carolina Crawdads, Carolina Mudboggers, Carolina Stingrays (Hopefully due to relocation of the Devil Rays from Tampa)