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  1. Dang that's a lot. Do you (or anyone) know what a healthy balance of Multi-Family Units vs. Single Family Units for a City is? Seems like there will soon be much more apartments in Charlotte City Limits than Single Family Home\Townhomes at this pace. 50\50 or 60\40?
  2. Hey Crowd FYI - Last night I looked through the City Zoning Agenda for fun (really looking for any details on the NWR Midtown Tower), checking on what projects were seeking approval and I was blown away by the sheer number of Apartments/Multifamily Projects. I didn’t keep any specific count but it was like nearly 2000 Apartments up for approval. Most of those were not along the LightRail Corridor like we all are so often happy to discuss. I was very surprised indeed.
  3. I would agree that if they get approval this would probably break ground by the end of this year. That would give them 18 to 24 months for their Ballantyne & 4th Ward developments to lease up before this would begin lease up. Timing seems appropriate for NWR.
  4. Yes - It's Typical for Major Towers (500'+) to have 24 hr activity. Usually big concrete pours at night and Formwork Stripping & Assembly during the Day Shift. Probably true for some smaller Towers too, just depends on the Contractor if their able to coordinate such undertakings.
  5. From the rumblings they have been putting out I would suspect that Both the Stiles (110 East) and Centre South Projects (S. Blvd) will both be turning dirt by the end of this year. South End is a very attractive market and a Safer Bet than any Spec Office starts Uptown at the moment.
  6. Charlotte is really fortunate to have a 500'+ Tower under Construction as not many other US Cities do currently. Seems like there a lot of talk about Companies reducing the need for Office Space and that will be reflected in Developers building less SF.
  7. How about that - CBJ is reporting on an Apartment Complex (221 Units) set to break ground around the July Timeframe adjacent/nearby the Tom Hunter Station. I think this would be the first major Apartment Complex under construction near this Station unless anyone else know different?
  8. I believe that the Capital Towers Office Buildings are also Lighted out there in SouthPark. I do believe that SouthPark and Ballantyne will both be Submarkets in Charlotte lit up with Accent Lighting on their tall structures soon, similar to Uptown and SouthEnd.
  9. I agree with your assessment. The City needs to get Sidewalks extended throughout Southend as soon as possible.
  10. Oh - I'm going to call it, I'm sure CLT population as of 7\1\2020 will be more than 900K. Probably like 905K to 910K....
  11. Openly wondering where in the above three (3) photos of Gateway Station under construction that there would even be space for the Silver Line Rails? I’m sure Amtrak & Lightrail use different Gauge Rails so doesn’t look like any future space reserved for Silver if it ever gets funded?
  12. The Atrium-Wake Forest Medical School is one - What are the other two you're referring too?
  13. Is anyone here on UP planning to attend\defend the 2040 Plan at tonight's meeting? Seems like a lot of people might be lined up in opposition to the SFH Zoning Amendment allowing for density on existing Lots
  14. Is the NCDMV HQ in Rocky Mount only temporary until Hazard Mitigation can be completed on their existing building in Raleigh?
  15. Is there a place we can go to find out roughly how many apartment units have delivered in Charlotte 2020 and how many are under construction now? I remember during the boom days (before COVID-19) there was reporting on over 12,000 units actively under construction.
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