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  1. I think that’s a stretch indeed - maybe #4 behind Raleigh and then either a W-S/Durham/Greensboro/Columbia (1 of these) and then SouthEnd (SE). I think the only way an SE Skyline could possibly ever rival Downtown Raleigh would be if the Gold District (GD)started to take off with a lot of High-Rise activity in the next 2 or 3 years before the march of Mid-Rise construction eats up all of the available Lots. High-Rises in SE/GD/LoSo & nearby Dilworth combined could/may Rival a Raleigh of 2030 or beyond and would certainly overtake the other above named Carolina Cities.
  2. SouthEnd High Rise Construction is really taking off. Skyline of Future SouthEnd (In 2025 & Beyond) could easily Rival/Be considered in the Top 4/5 Skylines (Height & Density) in the entirety of the Carolinas.
  3. Oh man I hope not - those Sculptures are pretty Cool and help to give a sense of Place/Arrival…
  4. This part of Town around Radius is still known as Dilworth or his it been rebranded?
  5. Paint Job looks interesting - will probably be better when finished than the Grey Concrete…. Sort of a NODA Vibe
  6. Pretty sure he’s talking about the Homewood Suites already under construction as part of the Lennar/LMC Development. Just trying to spin the Glacial Pace of Development around 1st Ward Park as a ‘Win’ or momentum. His company is actually holding back/stagnating development around 1st Ward Park. Wish they’d just sell their holdings there…..
  7. Orlando (MCO) International is really stepping up its game with the new Terminal coming online.
  8. Could also mean more robust Express Bus Routes to the Region…?
  9. In time grasshopper….lol Once the Queensbridge & Crescent developments happen I’m sure they’ll be a lot of redevelopment pressure for that Biz Journal lot. May be in few years before that though.
  10. Thanks for the brochure - it’s incredible the amount of parcels sold and under construction/future development. That whole Sugar Creek Node around the Station could be transformed in the next 5 years from mostly industrial to heavily residential.
  11. There is no telling. NWR has a lot of ‘irons in the fire’ with projects. Seems like once a neighboring developer starts their project, then others nearby follow suit. It’s certainly more likely to happen though, now that there’s building momentum in Midtown with the Pappas High-Rise Building & Pearl District about to both break ground this year and next year.
  12. I think both have been approved to be up to 299’ tall but not sure how many stories until NWR & Pappas fully commit. I think the NWR was supposed to be like 20 to 24 floors originally.
  13. No - Just an extrapolation from watching the pace of Construction in Charlotte generally speaking. I do work in construction but not affiliate with these projects
  14. Wow - can’t believe NODA is on the 4th/5th page in the UP Thread. Anyway - does anyone know what is currently under construction adjacent to the Sugar Creek Station? Looks like Renovating existing Buildings as well as some New Construction. Also - midway between Sugar & Old Concord there’s an Apartment Complex under construction. Anyone know what/who the developer is? I hadn’t realized that Residential is beginning to creep between Sugar Creek & Tom Hunter Stations already. That’s truly amazing to see.
  15. Do you know the address of their project is?
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