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  1. I've been to an Independence Soccer game at the New Memorial Stadium last Saturday Night and it was awesome. I do hope attendance continues to grow and this region supports both local teams in the coming years. I couldn't agree more!
  2. I read a report yesterday (forgot the source) that's now saying the Planned Transit Tax Referendum may not be put forward in time for the 2022 Midterm Elections. Folks are trying to get more Municipalities on board in a Regional Style focus to providing better mobility to the Region. Not sure if this spells the beginning of the end of the Future Silverline and Blueline Extra Extension...?
  3. Wow that's aggressive and dense sounding, can't wait for renderings if they release any. Is the new TOD Zoning Designations the reason that seemingly so many High Rise buildings Planned for Southend are not being discussed or voted on in City Council? For the record it seems like anything proposed for more than 100' in Height along the Cherry\Midtown\Elizabeth area stirs up a hornets nest of resistance and requires heated debate & grandstanding in City Council, meanwhile SouthEnd is chugging away at Dense\Tall developments like its a regular thing\business as usual affair.
  4. Alright You Folks that know Southend quite well - What are the Pro's & Con's for the New Blue Line Station Option 1 or Option 2?
  5. Politics does have an effect on where some companies choose to go or stay but Texas probably will not pay too a heavy price due to their excellent business climate & cheaper real estate. Anyway - How did PayPal turn out & where did they land since snubbing Charlotte?
  6. So everyone here is in general agreement that this Corner Lot at LU4 where subsurface investigative drilling is ongoing, is\will be some type of Office Tower? Not Residential or Hotel or Mixed Use?
  7. This picture reminds me... Has anyone gone into the Convention Center to see how the Expansion has turned out?
  8. I wonder if people coming to town for the Games this Labor Day Weekend will ride? Also - Not sure how the new StreetCar Line will be affected by Hornets Games when they let out? Usually prior to the game it's not been that bad but after a game it seems like everyone pours out all at 1 Time. 20 Min Frequency does suck though. I agree with the person that said it may increase in the Future once people are working Uptown again and hopefully by the time they start asking people to pay for service.
  9. That is interesting on it's face but also is a bit upsetting. Charlotte never (recently) seems to get Speculative Projects of that size to actually Start. I wonder if we (CLT) are truly a more risky prospect than our 'Peer' Cities like Denver?
  10. Patiently awaiting details on phase III of Gateway Station….
  11. The StreetCar Opening soon is a very exciting development. I plan to ride it from time to time. I am sure interest will wane once Fares are required though.
  12. Wow - if any of those did materialize I think it would definitely take some wind out of Legacy Unions Sails for future high rise residential or other office towers for quite some time. I mean there’d need to be some serious anchor tenants and/or Deep pocketed Multifamily Developers.
  13. I wonder how the Medical School will play into / affect Atrium Capital Improvement & Expansion at their main campus. Anyone remember that new Patient Tower (12 Story) that is/was supposed to be built?
  14. Because of the Federal funding deadline (8/31/21) CATS probably will open the Streetcar for Ridership a day or two beforehand. My guess would be the Sunday prior. (8/29/31).
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