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  1. I think it looks great! Truist certainly trying to make themselves known in the Uptown Marketplace
  2. There’s been some discussion on here and in recently published articles detailing a possible withdrawal of some major companies from larger cities (East & West Coasts), more expensive cities and cities heavily impacted by the Pandemic to smaller Cities like Charlotte, Nashville, etc. that have lower costs of living and some better measure of ability to social distance.
  3. No, there was a High Angle Rescue at the nearby Ally Building Site about the time that this building started construction. There was another High Angle Rescue just last week at the Portman Holdings Building Site under construction on Hawkins St. in Southend. CFD sure stay busy!
  4. I for one am glad to see this project still chugging along even though it is painfully slow. Once this is built it will be a one of a kind for anywhere else in the Carolinas at least.
  5. The Large Concrete Wall in the photo (There are actually a couple of walls, one on either side of the building) is actually a Load Bearing Reinforced Concrete Beam. It’s there to transfer the Load from the Vertical Columns cast in place (CIP) for the Residential portion of the Structure horizontally to the Vertical CIP Columns for the Office portion of the building. This is commonplace in some mixed used buildings where the uses/floor plates are vastly different like going from Office to Residential. Going from Hotel to Residential the difference is a bit less drastic.
  6. The new Aloft hotel in Mooresville looks pretty cool with the tasteful neon lights. Hopefully this one will be also. I love the light show. I’d be surprised though if they break ground anytime before next summer though.
  7. Anyone know when The Hawk will open for leasing?
  8. I doubt that Trump would try to meet in Charlotte for his acceptance speech. He’s a very prideful man and doesn’t want to lose face. Maybe it’ll be at a privately owned facility or golf course or something. I just hate that there will now be more protests in Charlotte due to everything being scrapped in Florida.
  9. This is why I like the new UDO/TOD Ordinance. We will see many more developments get taller over time due to the permitted density/building heights. I’d like for Charlotte to grow much taller in these key neighborhoods: Southend, Southpark, Plaza Midwood, Midtown & Ballantyne.
  10. So there are only 8 floors remaining to be constructed on this one. 23 Floors right....?
  11. What’s the completion timeframe on this again? I wonder if USL - CLT Independence will be playing here before the MLS Team at BOA Stadium.
  12. I’d be open for either option. In person patio or zoom.
  13. Well - At least the new lighting looks good. I think signage affixed to the Tower will not look good....
  14. I don’t know how people can afford them (Altura) - I guess folks are making serious bank here in the QC to afford high 600’s
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