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  1. So if STL and Sacramento get named then does Charlotte even have a chance? Or is it over?
  2. You guys are so knowledgeable about Airport Flights and Operations. Anyone know the best way/carrier to get cheapest flight (round trip) to JFK from CLT?
  3. Yes - the High Rise portion of this project will have its own Tower Crane. The existing Blue Tower Crane is to complete the Low Rise (6 Story) Apartments with Retail Frontage Along the Lightrail Alignment. Not sure when Hotel construction will start but it’ll probably be sometime next year.
  4. Anyone know roughly how many total apartments are under construction or recently opened in the Noda/OP area? Just curious becuase I’m sure we’ll see Major uptick in vehicular Traffic and foot traffic through this area in the next year or two as Apts lease up.
  5. You are correct in that assessment. The Toll Lanes pricing increases as congestion increases. This is to keep the Toll Lanes moving at least 45 MPH while others languish in the General Purpose Lanes.
  6. Wholly cow! So UNCC was the 2nd largest University by undergrad enrollment. Anyone think there’s a chance it could grow to the first largest by undergrad enrollment in the next few years? What’s fueling its enrollment growth?
  7. Developer is Panorama. Anyone familiar with them and their past developments? Looks like they’re breaking ground in Ballantyne Village within the next month on a hotel/office high rise.
  8. Can someone here please inform me on the impact of this ‘Town Center’ Proposal. I’ve read the following: Phase 1 = 1,200 Multi-Family Units and 300K Retail roughly Phase 2 = 1,000 Mutli-Family Units, 300 Townhomes, 400K Office roughly Im trying to understand what Development currently In Charlotte compares in size/scope. Also - how does this proposal compare in size & scope (# of units & SF Office/Retail) to the long range plans for River District, or Waverly or REA farms? I do understand that to achieve this in the space between Ballantyne Hotel and Aloft that Northwood is going to need to get Vertical quickly.
  9. Do you guys know if the Honeywell Sign will be visible from within the Stadium? From the rendering it looks like it’ll be close.
  10. Can someone please show me? This site next to those big Silos and Train Tracks?
  11. Southpark is in a great location but I believe they’re pretty saturated with current projects and dwindling land. I Still believe Ballantyne is the next frontier in developing a decent skyline outside of Southend/Southpark (12 to 20 Stories) due to all the existing land and infill there can be. Hopefully Northwood will See to this soon. The AC Hotel at Ballantyne Village has started construction and the 11 Story Office (Northwood) could be starting as soon as Sept/Oct timeframe. It’ll be interesting to see the rendering on the planned 16 Story Apartments (Northwood). My guess is that won’t start until next year. It’ll be nice seeing Cranes in Ballantyne & Vertical Development in preparation for the densification of Ballantyne & Lightrail Extension.
  12. Uptown Charlotte seems like one giant construction zone. I been following uptown developments for months but just got to experience a Friday Night Uptown and it’s practically everywhere. My development nerd side is excited by the growth but traversing around town is such a pain in the rear! Growing pains...
  13. Dang - You (or anyone else) know if the other White Point Partners Bid or Cresent Communities Bid would be any better? I’m more asking which of those three are the better proven mixed use developer?
  14. Honeywell already has sitework activity I saw with my own eyes. I would estimate any grading, foundation and underground utility work to take 3 or 4 months at most (without any unforeseen issues) and vertical work starting somewhere in the November 2019 to February 2020 timeframe. From all accounts it seems like this project will move quickly.
  15. Looks like it’s being reported in the CBJ that BPR Partners (Developer of Moxy Hotel) was the original unsolicited bidder. Anyone know if they do quality mixed use developments?
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