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  1. I’m placing this here for lack of a better thread - I searched high and low and couldn’t find an appropriate one but here goes... Atlanta Towers over 400’ = 39 Total (Between Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead) Charlotte Towers over 400’ = 19 Total (including 3 of them under construction now) Nashville Towers over 400’ = 11 Total (including 2 under construction now) Jacksonville Towers over 400’ = 5 Total (Downtown) This is very impressive Statistic for Charlotte right now. Very much punching above its weight and with the current rate of growth (if it continues) we could have another 3 or 4 towers over 400’ between 2022 and 2025. Seem to have 3 or 4 announced & under construction every three or 4 years.
  2. Just noticed that someone placed this Tower on Charlottes Wikipedia Page. Hopefully this is one that’ll move from the ‘proposed’ column and into the ‘under construction’ column within the next year... one can wish
  3. I’m guessing that they’ll start the 2nd building sometime later in the Summer in order to pay more attention to getting the 1st building up and running for their tenant.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the coming Report. I’ve recently been reading / studying plans for Commuter Rail in the Triangle (Wake/Durham) and am jealous for the Charlotte Region because Lightrail is good (For local Transit & Development) but largely a Mecklenburg County only Line. Commuter Rail is good for the growing suburbs and outer rim communities to get into City Center helping to strengthen the Region. The Planned Silver Line is a very good and needed Transit Project and seems like it’s in good hands (CATS = ) supported vociferously by City Council and now under substantial Engineering Design. The only question regarding Future Lightrail is Funding (Voter & Government Support). What my concern is about Regional Commuter Rail for the Charlotte Region, it seems like Wake/Durham is a lot further along in the process. It seems like it’ll only get done if we have support from Legislators in NC/SC in order to form an Interstate Compact - An agency that can build across State Lines and levy taxes & fees to build this type of infrastructure all at once. That’s the only way I see it getting done. Raleigh/Durham regionally has the benefit of being wholly in one state where Charlotte regionally straddles the line - sort of like KC. (RideKC is an Interstate Compact serving their Metro, MO & KC). I know there was angst about the death of DOLR but the Triangle development patterns seem more suited to BRT & Commuter Rail. I just don’t want Greater CLT to be left behind in that regard. Does anyone else have other ideas for robust Commuter Rail for York, Lancaster, Gaston, Iredell, Cabarrus, Union & Rowan? Could forming an Interstate Compact help?
  5. Did Orange or Durham counties actually levy a tax and collect on them to fund this? If so - will it be returned? Seems like LightRail is dead in this region. I wonder if commuter rail would be a better option in the longterm
  6. Do you guys think High Rise Construction (Office, Residential or Hospitality) will ever proliferate into Plaza Midwood? 10 story or more would have great views of uptown. Surprised something like this hasn’t taken shape yet in PM
  7. I’ll be glad when we can have a mini downtown Greensboro skyline along Southpark or Ballantyne. I’m hoping for Uptown and SouthEnd to grow tall and dense to the point where it’s unrecognizable that we’re even in NC. This is truly the urban Mecca of the Carolinas!
  8. I agree with you - Owner would be a fool to spend money on remove & replace without plans to build it to support a future Tower.
  9. FYI - Was reading CAHA (Local hotel association) and was impressed with the hotel room numbers within Uptown: Mecklenburg County is home to 225 hotels, accounting for 28,372 rooms. Of those, 26 are in uptown Charlotte for a total of nearly 5,800 rooms, according to information from the CRVA. Five additional lodging options are under construction and expected to open in 2020. That will add another 1,582 rooms. Total of 31 Hotels containing 7382 rooms Uptown alone by the end of 2020. Quite impressive. This may slow down some due to the advanced level of Hospitality interest in Southend. They’re definitely going to get hotels that would’ve been built within the loop but It’s a good problem to have though. Its a real possibility that there could one day be 10,000 rooms within the I-277 Loop in short order (before 2030) especially if there’s ever a Convention Sized Hotel (1000/1500 rooms) on the drawing board. Heres the link; http://www.charlotteareahotels.com/news
  10. I second that notion. Only problem is that Northwood Ravin (NR) hasn’t released building height information on this 14 floor Apartment Tower. Getting that would take someone on here being able to access the actual building permit/plans from the City/County. I haven’t been able to do that. All I know is that this (14 floor - Uptown) will be under 200’ in height - probably closer to 160’ or 180’ max. The apartment tower (16 floor) NR is building in Ballantyne should be right around 190’ to 210’ tall. The Panorama Tower (Office/Hotel) in Ballantyne is 14 Floor but probably will be in the 195’ to 210’ mark. Ballantyne could have two (2) 200’ towers by this years end. Crazy. Anyway - If someone is able to get the building plans and shows 200’ or taller then also Wikipedia needs upgrading.
  11. I wonder if the city will include funding for more Lightrail vehicles (LRV) as well as more buses. They need more LRV and Buses in order to increase frequency (15 min headway’s for bus routes, 7.5 min for BlueLine during rush) - The Mayor and City Council seems very motivated to do something with all the lip service had during their annual retreat. Hopefully increased funding will follow.
  12. He’s awesome!! Wondering out loud which organization is going to sponsor the Belk Bowl if any?
  13. Is this Tepper Sports doing or another organization putting this game together?
  14. Great Picture - I can tell from this that they’re still at least 3 to 4 Weeks out from pouring all of the Bridge Deck minimum. They’ve got to install SIP Forms, Reinforcing Steel, Tracks, Conduit, etc. Looks like They will make an April Reopening but it might be late April.
  15. The only thing that’ll slow down Charlotte (except another major nationwide recession) is bad planning and lack of transit funding. These things as well as out of control violence really hurts livability and causes people and eventually jobs to leave. If we as a region can invest in expanding transit, keep areas beautiful/livable this region will thrive. Many many people are coming here from other major cities mostly due to cost of living as well as employment opportunities. Cost of living brought me and my family down from NY.
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