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  1. Ahhhh - Good ole JT. Justin Timberlake…..LOL
  2. I agree that this is a good looking Rendering. I think something 8 Story is appropriate for the area. Pasted photos from the article.
  3. It’s this expansion plan/graphics still valid anymore for the planned expansions up to 2035/2040?
  4. UNC-Charlotte continues to punch above its weight/age with the newly released Expansion Plans for their Athletic Facilities. Take a look via this link. The plans seem to be very significant…. https://charlotteevergreen.com/
  5. Yes - Close-In Neighborhoods to Downtown Brooklyn have really been changed incredibly. My family mostly in Bed-Stuy got pushed out towards Crown Heights & East NY neighborhoods because the Brownstones they were renting were sold out from under them. Progress……
  6. Ha ha so true - but then again I thought nothing would ever change about Bedford Stuyvesant (Bed-Sty), Redhook or DUMBO neighborhoods. Those close in Brooklyn neighborhoods are very trendy and up & coming yet there’s always that gritty/dangerous nature to remind you/excite you that you’re still in the City though.
  7. I think OP boundaries/area may morph some (like NoDa) as it’s popularity grows. This complex will do well directly behind the Foodhall.
  8. Drove around Optimist Park/Villa Heights today and the construction going on is incredible!! It’s amazing how much is being built right now and what’s planned along this BLE Corridor. This entire area (vacant/under utilized lots) could literally be built out in a matter of just 5 or 6 years if things continue at this pace. Seems like there’s always a minimum of 2 or 3 Apartment Complexes under construction at all times in this area. Just amazing….
  9. Both of those Office buildings under construction are really beginning to give the immediate vicinity a very dense feel. Surrounding apartment complexes under construction will total have this area transformed in the next 2 years as they finish and lease up. I’m hoping the developer is patient enough to wait for the demand for Highrise Office as was rendered above.
  10. Wow - that Tower could be started later this year according to the article. I didn’t think there would be demand for large office space this far down in SouthEnd. Maybe from north of Remount Rd but I didn’t think south of Remount would pop with office until much later in SouthEnd’s adolescence.
  11. Anyone have any data, updates or knowledge on where to find info on the planned High-Rise near the New Bern Station area that was mentioned back about 6 to 8 Months ago?
  12. So LoSo Station #3 & #4 are both Office Buildings or Office & Hotel?
  13. I'm hoping that this Inflationary Spiral we are currently in doesn't get any worse or spark a deep enough Recession as the Fed battles Inflation to cause many of the planned Projects to Not Break Ground or go on Indefinite Hold (Such as Med School, Riverside or Cousins Developments). I think that if we go into a Recession later this year, the Fallon Project on South Blvd (Across from Lincoln Haberdish) would probably be suspended.
  14. Nice but I wish they (City/CATS) would focus on extending the BlueLine out to Ballantyne. That extra 5 Miles would open up a lot of development between Pineville & Ballantyne (Reimagined) plus If done right could include a Park n Ride to lure some of the Johnston Rd Traffic to Ride the Rails.
  15. Finally - need to start getting some 300’ buildings down there. I like the proliferation of Tall Buildings.
  16. I’m openly wondering if the previous 299’ Tower Height Cap approved by Council for the Northwood Metropolitan Tower will be the same/similar for this lot since they are close the each other?
  17. Dude - I don’t fly much but have been very impressed with MCO And TPA International Airport’s. The powers that be have spent a lot of money to make sure you realize that you have now ‘Arrived’ at some place important. Tampa Airport Is freaking Gargantuan. Destination CLT is a step in the right direction though… hopefully it’ll be nice once it’s completed in like 2030 lol….
  18. Actually excited for the upcoming AHL Playoffs. Go Checkers!
  19. Dang - I think that the original plan for Eastland would’ve been best. I wonder if this does spell the beginning of the end for the Panthers Rockhill Development?
  20. I know it’s disappointing but I think a 366’ Tower at this site (LU4) continues to move the needle forward here in Charlotte for densification.
  21. So it is within 1/4 Mile of the Lightrail Station. Do you think that proximity is driving the growth here?
  22. Last I've heard on this thread is another Office Tower on top of Podium Parking Deck. I think it was 17\18 Stories planned. Also - the Parking Deck may be built to support another Tower possibly Hotel or Residential.
  23. Is this Project within the LightRail Line’s Sphere of Development & Influence? Just curious if that is promoting growth in this area?
  24. I understand that new projects need to hype up everything but don’t you all think this statement is a Head Scratcher? Wasn’t BOACC a larger project? The two-block project includes a 40-story office tower totaling 750,000 square feet, as well as two high-rise apartment buildings and retail and restaurant spaces. “One, the sheer size and scale of the project is unlike anything Charlotte has experienced,” he said
  25. Interesting video - hoping I can afford to buy a townhome somewhere in Centercity soon.
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