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  1. Beany

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Pedestrian bridge would be a great idea but I think very expensive.
  2. Beany

    Triad Off-Topic

    Remember the good ole days of City council before it was invaded by county commissioners when everyone got along?
  3. Beany

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    More downtown apartments are needed.
  4. Beany

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I like the angle of your DT shot. I was driving down Market yesterday heading into DT and I was surprised to see how quickly the jail addition has gone up and how big it looks coming from the west.
  5. Beany

    Civic Plaza 100 W. 4th St.

    Thanks for the update.
  6. Beany

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    I know where city will be hanging out on New Year's Eve.
  7. Beany

    Triad Photo of the Day

    Man, I can't wait to see some good Boro and Winston snow pics! hint... hint...
  8. Beany

    Greensboro Coliseum Complex thread

    In a perfect society no one should be taxed for something non-essential for which they do not believe in--e.g. swim centers and coliseums. Ideally citizens who support these endeavors would petition among themselves to pay for it and those who don't won't be burdened against their will for a non-essential item. However, nothing in our society is ideal so we all get to be angry and bitter at times.
  9. Beany

    Greensboro Coliseum Complex thread

    I am for the swim center just as I have always been for the coliseum however the methods which were used to get this swim center were not clear and honest. Attaching it to the parks and rec bond was sketchy but then when you find out the true cost to be 6 million higher than the voted bond people have a right to be angry. This was a slick political maneuver to get it built. 'Let's slide it in a P&R bond at $10 million to give it the best chance to pass then we'll pick up the rest of the tab outside voter approval. From my seat that is how it went down. On a personal level I am excited about it. These are the types of venues which help to make a city prosperous, attractive to companies and people, and hence possible job growth. I know conservatives will argue that low taxes is what is attractive to companies, but if that were exclusively the case you wouldn't have companies relocating and expanding in places like Charlotte, Raleigh, and Atlanta. Instead you would see them opening up shop in towns like Pleasant Garden which epitomize conservative principles. Again I am for it but those against it have a very good case for argument.
  10. Beany

    The Dash Downtown Ballpark

    The park looks great. This Summer should be fun for the Dash and their fans.
  11. Beany

    Redevelopment of High Point Rd/Lee Street

    Thanks for the photos. I really like the new stuff on Lee. UNCG opens up a lot of opportunities in this area.
  12. Beany

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Thanks for the photo updates of Elm. Regarding the South Elm St. Redevelopment website: 'That is what I am talking about.' How would that hotel fit into this plan? I liked the hotel idea but it would have had to have been rendered much differently to fit in with the way the neighborhood is being drawn.
  13. Beany

    Triad Business Notes

    Good news on the job front. Thanks for the updates.
  14. Beany

    Downtown Greensboro Developments

    Thanks Raleigh for sending investors our way!