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  1. Let us know if you need more people emailing the city to ask this question, if so, what is the email recommended we use? I really want to find out too. Thanks!
  2. Got it, thanks. I did get confused and the church in the thread you linked to is what I was referring to.
  3. I concur to this, please check out the screenshot from the live-camera. The arb report is a nice joke or dream, and then the company does whatever they want after-the-fact. LMAO. There doesn't look like there will be ANY livable units on the ground floor per the rendering, only on the Sanctuary side. Even there own website is a lie, check out the homepage then look at the image above
  4. I heard some music coming from that greek church. I thought it was abandoned. The music didn't sound greek though, more Islamic. Front gates were closed but lots of cars in the back parking lot. What's up with this place?
  5. I believe there is just one more floor to build out, along with the roof and then the height should be complete on this place.
  6. Baldwin Park, Winter Park and DTO would never let it happen
  7. Looks like a great ledge for rain to sit on and leak into the building. Dumb idea.
  8. Huh, you want commercial flights out of the tiny airport downtown? Even if that's a joke, it's a terrible idea. Please do me a favor and never mention it again lol.
  9. I see, it's just hard to visualize now since it looks like a parking lot Here's some other images that help
  10. Would you mind sharing the entire ARB report/PDF, DreS0803?
  11. According to the rendering that is on their website, there is supposed to be livable units on both sides. The rendering and the built building does not match. The garage is inside and the units were supposed to be wrapped around. That's what it looked like at least, is it a con job? I don't understand.
  12. The Ustler Group, the parent company behind Creative Village, has announced the latest apartment tower that will come to their downtown campus. The Julian (Instagram | Website) will be a $108 million, 14-story, mixed-use apartment complex that will feature 409 units and 6,000 SF of groundfloor commercial space. This will be the first market-rate apartment building on the property with balcony views of the soon-to-be-installed Central Park. Other amenities will include an array of large collaboration spaces on each residential floor measuring about 1,000 SF a piece and some with bleacher-style seating for presentations, noise-canceling privacy pods, as well as a rooftop pool. https://bungalower.com/2019/09/22/new-apartment-project-announced-for-creative-village/ The Julian is expected to open in the summer of 2020 on the corner of West Amelia Street and North Terry Avenue [GMap], next to the UnionWest building.
  13. Is the phase 2 project that is supposed to be built next to this building approved? If so, is there a forum for that now?
  14. One thing I did notice just now is there doesn't seem to be any livable units below the pool area as the render shows. There's just the parking garage
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