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  1. Modera isn't on OUC either, I only figured that one out after seeing a photo of the roof area.
  2. I didn't notice it either at first, but someone here posted the link to the architect website and it states it there: https://www.coopercarry.com/projects/capital-plaza-iii/
  3. Hah. Thanks. It's an interesting mix. Not sure i'd want to buy into a condo where there's a bunch of hotel guests though. In Miami, there is a hotel (forgot the name) where it doubled as a condo. So just hotel on one side, and condo on the other side. One day, the hotel pool was cold and they let people into the condo pool which was warm. Just one example of this criss-cross happening which would annoy the heck out of me. Then if you throw retail in the mix, now you got a loud restaurant under you. The only thing this benefits is the developer to convince either investors or the bank for the financing..
  4. Never really hard of an office building, hotel and condo building all in one. Where does that exist?
  5. More info and photos attached from this URL. Some of the info is not consistent, such as the renderings and story height. Can't find a rendering of what it looks like from behind. http://www.showcase.com/property/270-E-Pine-Street/Orlando/Florida/380689 https://www.highwoods.com/find-your-space/detail/72/capital-plaza-three-prelease Capital Plaza Three offers an outstanding Class A professional office location in downtown Orlando. The 14-story building will consist of approximately 200,000 square feet with structured parking on floors one through seven of the building. Large efficent floor-plates, exceptional lobby and common area finishes, free WiFi, connected 7 level parking structure underneath the building. Full service bank, ATM, high-end restaurant, deli, and fitness center in adjacent Capital Plaza buildings. When completed, the project will contain Capital Plaza Three and a 150-room hotel. image.bmp
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    Ok I will bury this one.
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    Ah, maybe. There doesn't seem to be a dedicated forum for CSP2. I'll delete it if there is.
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    No rendering, but a mention about it here https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2020/02/11/2-proposed-downtown-towers-seek-record-setting.html Lincoln Property plans to build a 32-story skyscraper with 210,000 square feet of office space, 228 hotel rooms and more northeast of South Street and Garland Avenue.
  9. According to BizJournals, "Highwoods has dusted off plans for its 15-story Capital Plaza Three project at 270 E. Pine St., which originally was proposed around 2006." https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2020/02/11/2-proposed-downtown-towers-seek-record-setting.html This project would rent for $40 sq. ft. (office space)
  10. Yes, good explanation. In short, the developer just takes the ez route and puts monstrous looking black noisy cubes on top of their properties.
  11. That's how it works for us. As long as the unit is working properly it should in theory be cheaper, but there are some things that can make the payment spiral out of control as bqknight suggested. There is some complex math (multipliers) in the billing that can trip a building up if they are not aware of how it works.
  12. Yeah maybe, though, the Chilled Water system can be expensive too. The roof HVAC system is down-right ugly. In the picture above they are still in their "boxes" but they will eventually be black like 420. No doubt that these take a beating with the sun and heat hitting them all day long. Before 420 there weren't any buildings in downtown with this setup, but now 520 will be another. This is a bad trend. Truly ruins the top-down view for sure.
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