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  1. A nice big distraction for people driving on i4
  2. Jvest55

    Lake Eola Neighbourhood.

    re: Coco Cucina: After I saw crickets and worms on their menu, I decided not to ever visit this place.
  3. Jvest55

    Creative Village

    I'm interested in seeing what an additional 6,000 of what is essentially teenagers injected in downtown will look like.
  4. The back side if very ugly, that is not being negative, it's just a fact. I am closely watching to see what they end up doing. Even blank/fake windows would be a good idea.
  5. Jvest55

    Central FL Roads and Highways

    Coming directly from NY just last year, Orlando beats NY proper with very aggressive drivers. On my ass in any lane, and I am not driving slow.
  6. Jvest55

    Lake House - Ivanhoe Village

    Orlando is very spread out, many people would like to live downtown but can't. I think that problem of "how to fill these buildings" is not an issue at all. Downtown has the majority of the billions allocated to development in orlando for a reason
  7. Jvest55

    409 North Magnolia [Proposed]

    Well said
  8. Is 7 eleven really coming there?
  9. Jvest55

    Radisson Blu | Mixed Use Hotel/Res./Comm [Proposed]

    This kind of project is an interesting way to finance a building that can hold condos instead of rentals. $2.8M for the property is a good price too.
  10. Hey, thanks for sharing that. First time seeing a top down view. Any more goodies you can share? Am I wrong to presume that the pool will face the sanctuary? It's not really clear. The town houses face the sanctuary but where's the pool?
  11. Is there a rendering of what the back-side of this ugly slab of concrete supposed to look like? The renderings seem to be broke on the first page of this thread. Is there a PDF somewhere? They are welding something to these patches:
  12. I don't get why they made this building so close to the sidewalk.
  13. I have been trying to figure out what this as well, it doesn't seem like it's part of the development plan they shared. Putting a townhouse in front of a parking garage seems like a disaster from a noise perspective (screeeeeeeetching tires) for those poor folk. I'd guess it's possibly some kind of retail space with covered overhang you can walk under. Anyone have some concrete, pun intended, facts?
  14. Yeah, I am not really understanding that one. Who wants to live under or around a loading dock bay. no thanks
  15. The mixed-use development, which would include apartments, would be built on a platform over the loading dock along Rosalind Avenue, said Katherine Ramsberger, president and CEO of the Dr. Phillips Center. Ramsberger spoke Dec. 14 at OBJ's Doing Business in Downtown event at Camping World Stadium. The number of units still are being planned along with other details about the project. No timetable was given, but a more formal announcement could be made in mid-2019. "We're in the dreaming phase," Ramsberger said. Developers will be interested in building apartments near the performing arts center because the location is walkable and in downtown, said Orlando apartment expert Luke Wickham, senior vice president in the CBRE Group Inc.'s (NYSE: CBRE). There's high interest in downtown Orlando apartments where roughly one-third of Central Florida’s nearly $3 billion wave of multifamily planning and construction is occurring. The average monthly rent is $1,547 for an apartment in the central submarket, which includes downtown Orlando, according to Charlotte-based AptIndex.com. That compares with Orlando's average of $1,300 a month. A challenge for the apartment project will be space on the nine-acre Dr. Phillips Center property. It's difficult, but not impossible, to build apartments on less than two acres, Wickham said.