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  1. 1 hour ago, popsiclebrandon said:

    Build that. Its just rich people who refuse to buy the land wanting the city to keep it empty for them.


    20 minutes ago, spenser1058 said:

    As long as they save the trees, I’m all in. It’s odd to me. given the retirement towers were built as affordable housing for seniors and were here first. Now, the johnny-come-latelys at Star Tower think they get to moan and groan.

    It’s like moving next door to a 50-year old airport and complaining about the noise.

    Who are you to say that "it's just rich people who refuse to buy the land"? There is a story behind this fight, and written commitments made by the city to keep this parcel open space. You guys are going off a whim here, and not understanding the issue which is fine, but please don't make stuff up. The pro development media of course spins it the story.

    The people in Sanctuary, Star Tower, Vue, helped all this development to happen by taking risks and investing their money into a city nobody had any interest in living in during the financial crisis. I am not sure why you are so harsh to somebody who you think is "rich" and because of that, deserves a wall in front of them.

    You guys let me down with your comments. Think whatever you want though, for anyone else, I would hope you support long term residents who believe in downtown. Let me be very clear on this issue. Nobody is fighting against seniors living here, this is about an improper use of the land, shoehorning a development that does not fit or is friendly to its neighbors.

    Sign the petition.


    At just 20 feet away, this building is trying to be crammed in.



  2. Very sad.


    It has been our honor to serve the people of Orlando for the past decade. Sadly, the impact of COVID-19 has forced us to make a difficult decision. Ceviche will immediately cease operations permanently in Orlando. The closure is very disappointing for all involved. From the bottom of our heart, thank you for the memories, loyalty and support over the past ten years. We are incredibly grateful to all of our guests and team members– thank you.

    We sincerely hope that your experience with us will always remain a cherished memory.


  3. 22 hours ago, Dale said:

    Just a minor point, but I find myself increasingly irritated with this seeming refusal to differentiate between the virus, and the reaction to the virus, as the cause of the lightening-swift and thoroughgoing demolition of the economy.

    No doubt that our hyper-connected world that we live in caused more fear than ever before, which caused governments to react in the way they did. It feels like a mistake to me, but what can we do about it now. Ever hear of the phrase "dig out of a hole?" that's what everybody has got to do now. Let's just hope we never have another global shut down again, otherwise we're going back to the stone age. 

  4. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2020/05/22/central-florida-unemployment.html

    An active Orlando-area bankruptcy attorney forecasts a depreciation in local real estate values as the pandemic continues to create uncertainty in businesses across the world.

    One indication is some developers are looking to sell entitled, undeveloped property due to the need for cash and due to concerns about lending for new construction that it's driving down values, said Scott Shuker, a partner with Orlando-based law firm Shuker & Dorris P.A.

    For example, he references a deal that fell through to sell an undeveloped but entitled Florida property for $30 million — the next offer was for $8 million.

    On top of that, more clients have already reached out about restructuring their debt than during the height of the 2008-2009 recession, Shuker added. "If we see lack of cash flow combine with decrease in property values, it will make '09 look like a puddle."

    So far, the pandemic has put pressure on landlords to go after rent from various leaseholders, which has pushed some to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    But Shuker said banks may become more aggressive in the coming months on loans related to various real estate properties. That may result in a "huge wave" of hotel insolvencies as these properties have struggled due to people traveling less.

    Shuker said he's working with three different local businesses with more than $30 million in liabilities whose lenders have extended time to these struggling companies to make loan payments. But the time for these firms will run out in the coming months. And, if lenders refuse to give more extensions, these businesses will be forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    "June and July will be interesting months," Shuker said.

  5. All the firms who leased office space without a proper drop ceiling will be crying like a baby post COVID19.  Not only does it make it impossible to have sound proofed private offices (which people will be BEGGING FOR NOW), everything is super loud with the HVAC going all day long. ... let's not to mention, nobody likes an open office anymore (nobody ever did)..

  6. This is not something we wanted to do and we did not take making this decision lightly. But in an effort to keep our community safe, we've decided to host a virtual Fireworks at the Fountain on News 6 WKMG / ClickOrlando, instead of our regular event at Lake Eola Park on July 4th. Public safety was our chief concern in making this difficult decision - this event annually brings more than 100,000 residents to Downtown Orlando. And while we are disappointed, we feel this is the right and responsible thing to do. We will still celebrate our nation as a community, just not in person.


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  7. Interesting, and I remember you stating that a couple times. You know, one could argue that before all the residential buildings got put up (and continue to be built) that the bars made sense. People would drive INTO downtown to party, mostly college kids. Maybe people with $500 in their bank account. Now, people live in downtown, and they are paying a lot of money to live in downtown. Modera residents pay $3k. Hell, even people in 420 (3bedroom) pay that much. Does Buddy think somebody who spends $3k/mo goes to a crappy bar for underage drinkers? 

    Time to move on! I agree. It's time for the establishments in downtown to REFLECT the people who live here. 

    I would put money behind this movement if there was an organization pushing this agenda. 

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  8. I had seen a review in 2018 of a resident in 420 who posted photos of the issues that his apartment had. Since they are doing work under EACH WINDOW I assume this problem exists all over the building and has been around for a long time. The extent of the issue is probably extremely bad. Not only do they have to make exterior repairs, but interior too. You can see here: 


    The somewhat hilarious yet sad thing is they chose to do this repair during a time when essentially everybody is working from home, and they close their pool. I think I already mentioned this, but it's just too screwed up.

    BqKnight. Do you live there? 



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  9. "It may be last call for some downtown bars, nightclubs"


    I'd love to see lots of these crappy, dingy bars close for good and perhaps we can get some classy establishments (that earn more revenue per customer) popping up after the crisis is over. It's time for bars to end their reign on downtown, who effectively have seized control for decades. It's unfortunate because it's not like restaurants are doing any better, but what could be better than a restaurant row in downtown?

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  10. Say Yes to donuts!

    A new doughnut shop may come out of the oven soon in downtown Orlando.

    Orlando-based Pattie-Lou's Donuts LLC wants to sign a lease with the city of Orlando for an 835-square-foot space at 139 E. Pine St., city records showed. The six-year lease is expected to start May 1 and the tenant would pay $1,541.97 per month to lease the space. City Council is expected to vote April 27 on the lease agreement.

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  11. Florida hit another benchmark when it comes to unemployment claims filed due to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The state had more than 505,137 first-time claims for the week ending April 18, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. That's up from the previous week's revised total of 180,419. Claims made during that week broke the previous record for the state. Florida had a revised total of 228,484 claims for the week ending March 28, which originally was the record holder.

    Florida had the largest increase of claims among any state.

    The Sunshine State has struggled to make unemployment benefits available to people as it has had issues with its website and problems with the large volume of people who have filed for benefits. The state has paid just 108,216 people, or only 15.9% of the 679,197 confirmed unique claims submitted between March 15-April 21, according to the state Department of Economic Opportunity.

    Orange County has seen 45,871 claims related to Covid-19, the third-highest number in the state.

    Meanwhile, metro Orlando's unemployment rate rose to 4.2% for March 2020, up from 3.1% for the same month last year due to the impact of the coronavirus, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. The rate came in below the U.S. unemployment rate of 4.5% and the Florida rate of 4.3% for March.

  12. 7 hours ago, JFW657 said:

    A few weeks ago, I was screwing around with this cheesy Windows 3D Paint program, or "app" as everything in computer software is referred to nowadays, and I was thinking about what kind of slightly scaled back building I'd like to see on that corner. Something with a smaller footprint that wouldn't require the demolition of the neighboring building and with an accommodation for the tree, of course.

    These two. very basic... "designs" (or design attempts) are the kind of thing I think would look OK there.

    These just show the general shape of the pedestal base and the tower.




    Anyone think I should copyright these renderings just in case? :lol: :P 


    The Waverly might be mad 

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