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  1. I don't get why they made this building so close to the sidewalk.
  2. I have been trying to figure out what this as well, it doesn't seem like it's part of the development plan they shared. Putting a townhouse in front of a parking garage seems like a disaster from a noise perspective (screeeeeeeetching tires) for those poor folk. I'd guess it's possibly some kind of retail space with covered overhang you can walk under. Anyone have some concrete, pun intended, facts?
  3. Yeah, I am not really understanding that one. Who wants to live under or around a loading dock bay. no thanks
  4. The mixed-use development, which would include apartments, would be built on a platform over the loading dock along Rosalind Avenue, said Katherine Ramsberger, president and CEO of the Dr. Phillips Center. Ramsberger spoke Dec. 14 at OBJ's Doing Business in Downtown event at Camping World Stadium. The number of units still are being planned along with other details about the project. No timetable was given, but a more formal announcement could be made in mid-2019. "We're in the dreaming phase," Ramsberger said. Developers will be interested in building apartments near the performing arts center because the location is walkable and in downtown, said Orlando apartment expert Luke Wickham, senior vice president in the CBRE Group Inc.'s (NYSE: CBRE). There's high interest in downtown Orlando apartments where roughly one-third of Central Florida’s nearly $3 billion wave of multifamily planning and construction is occurring. The average monthly rent is $1,547 for an apartment in the central submarket, which includes downtown Orlando, according to Charlotte-based AptIndex.com. That compares with Orlando's average of $1,300 a month. A challenge for the apartment project will be space on the nine-acre Dr. Phillips Center property. It's difficult, but not impossible, to build apartments on less than two acres, Wickham said.
  5. There is a schedule, but I am told it's updated less than 24 hours in advance. So you can either refresh the page daily or write a script to notify you of any HTML changes (that's what I'd do) http://balfourbeatty520.com/upcoming-events/ According to this, there is a pour scheduled for the 21st You could threaten to Camden/420 about breaking your lease unless THEY put pressure on Balfour. Especially if many people in your building do the same.
  6. looks like the building will block the sun that shines onto the sanctuary pool deck
  7. This looks like a nightmare. https://www.xmiami.co/ I can imagine the board meeting "yeah, make it cool. say "EPIC POOL DECK" and "HUGE GYM" that will get those suckers...
  8. $400/m, try north of $950 for the what is considered the two top condos in downtown, more if you are the penthouse. But then again nobody feels bad for the penthouse owner eh? lol. There is so much more than just common areas. A condo building is basically a business and has to be run as such. It's very time consuming for the board to balance the budget.
  9. My wife and I moved to downtown Orlando, in a condo, bringing our business with it. Not everyone goes to the burbs or wants to be there. Right now rentals are hot because 97% of rentals are occupied and rent prices are going up, so that's where the money goes. Condos are slow to get built because there is risk on a single entity, the developer. Banks don't want their risk in one entity, they prefer it being spread across hundreds of people (renters). Developers in downtown Orlando have not had a good track record. Three of the largest condos went bankrupt after 2007. They have all recovered but this is what the banks look at. The only way to see more condos is to see lending lighten up with condos, as the financing is stricter than a SFH purchase. I will say in addition to that, it's not just an Orlando-thing. Nationwide, there are more renters than ever before. Micro-apartments, co-living, this is where the future is going. Like it or not (I don't!) https://www.wsj.com/articles/for-rent-98-square-foot-br-in-co-living-apt-community-included-1538053200
  10. The back of the tall part of this new structure is ugly as sin.
  11. Great work getting the stop signs approved, big kudos and a MUCH needed change.
  12. This intersection is wicked dangerous, somehow cars fly down it too.. on brick roads. One reason why they may refute it is by placing a stop sign it creates more traffic and more road noise for residents. If you let cars pass through there's less noise in general (example no bass thumping from a car playing loud music making a stop at a 4 way intersection) but still, I would like to see a 4 way stop there regardless.
  13. 13 floors, 360 apartments, 7K sq. ft. of retail space. It’ll be named Camden Lake Eola and include 6 floors of parking for residents. The amenity deck will be on top of the parking garage. Estimated completion date 2020, although construction should stop by late 2019. There may be construction noise from 7am-5pm, for the exception of pre-scheduled concrete pours, which can start as soon as 2am. Estimated rent is $2.25 per sq. ft.
  14. There will be a meeting about this development tomorrow for residents nearby. I won't be in attendance but will share what I can find out.
  15. The plot of land that The Jackson is on needs some help for sure...
  16. What location was P3 planned for? cross street? Thanks in advance...
  17. Here's a little bit more about 520 East http://www.multifamilyexecutive.com/design-development/construction/jag-camden-to-co-develop-100m-orlando-high-rise_o?utm_source=newsletter&utm_content=Article&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MFE_061418+(1)&he JAG, Camden to Co-Develop $100M Orlando High-Rise CONSTRUCTION June 12, 2018 0 0 0 Multifamily Executive JAG, Camden to Co-Develop $100M Orlando High-Rise LEED Gold, 364-unit, mixed-use Florida project to include 12 retail/live/work studios. McLean, Va.–based Jefferson Apartment Group (JAG) has joined forces with Houston-based Camden Property Trust to co-develop the 520 East apartment complex, a $100 million project in downtown Orlando, Fla. The 12-story, 364-unit project is the sister property to JAG’s 420 East complex, a $45.5 million, 299-unit community completed last year. The 520 East residences will feature high-end finishes such as custom-designed cabinetry, quartz countertops, wood flooring, and upgraded fixtures. Amenities include a resort-style swimming pool with sundeck, state-of-the-art fitness center, clubroom, outdoor lounge with multiple grill stations, and 24/7 concierge service. The project will be built and maintained to LEED Gold standards, according to the developers. The 520 East property will also include an integrated, 630-space parking garage and just under 7,000 square feet of ground retail, including 12 retail/live/work studios. Six of these studios include a lower-level workspace and upstairs apartment. The complex is located in the heart of Orlando’s Arts District, known for its art galleries and outdoor festivals. Residents will have easy access to dining options and entertainment and sports venues throughout the city. “The new community will be an exciting development project that will meet the strong demand for housing with proximity to local jobs, recreation, and entertainment in the downtown Orlando market,” Mike Mulhall, a senior vice president and managing partner with JAG, said in a statement.
  18. I get what JFW is saying about not wanting another glass box, but, this specific area needs (in my opinion) an influx of a bunch of people that only a mid rise can deliver. Once these people are living there, we can potentially expect more commercial activity on the first floors. More residents in SFH's will also come out to shop too, hopefully. We'll see.
  19. Glad to have found an active forum for downtown Orlando! My wife and I are buying into Star Tower and we look forward to watching the progress with 520 and providing updates where we can for the community...
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