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  1. Yes, good explanation. In short, the developer just takes the ez route and puts monstrous looking black noisy cubes on top of their properties.
  2. That's how it works for us. As long as the unit is working properly it should in theory be cheaper, but there are some things that can make the payment spiral out of control as bqknight suggested. There is some complex math (multipliers) in the billing that can trip a building up if they are not aware of how it works.
  3. Yeah maybe, though, the Chilled Water system can be expensive too. The roof HVAC system is down-right ugly. In the picture above they are still in their "boxes" but they will eventually be black like 420. No doubt that these take a beating with the sun and heat hitting them all day long. Before 420 there weren't any buildings in downtown with this setup, but now 520 will be another. This is a bad trend. Truly ruins the top-down view for sure.
  4. Do you know if they plan to add any accent lighting up top?
  5. With thousands of people sitting in their high rise apartments with nothing to spend their money on, my hope is we'll get some better retail/shopping opportunities too.
  6. What? You don't like the posts like "Do I need a job before I move to Orlando?" lol Some bright folk there, let me tell ya.
  7. 4 pages of Citydata posts describing how ugly this building is https://www.city-data.com/forum/orlando/3118995-hideous-new-building-downtown.html
  8. With all the new residents this will bring, I wonder if somebody will have the smart idea to add a stop sign on S Osecola when driving down E Jackson. Its been an accident waiting to happen for too long and I don't predict it will get better. Further, Summerlin is about to get very, very, very backed up during rush-hour once this building is complete. I wonder what they plan to do about it. I'd say you almost need a traffic light at the terminating end of Mariposa st and S Summerlin or perhaps E Church St and S Summerlin, because during rush hour you cannot get onto Summerlin as nobody will let you turn left or right. onto it.
  9. I'd like to see you defend what 520 did in their respective forum.
  10. Yes, how does one exactly get to this magical website?
  11. Have you seen this video? It's one of the better ones out there...
  12. What downtown looks like when you're 19 and drunk as hell.
  13. That is such a perfect spot for something. What a shame all these years. I agree, the time is now though.
  14. That's a nice shot. This view gets direct sunlight for essentially the entire day though, but one good thing is you get to see the sunrise from the left and set on the right.
  15. The 20K figured I got was from from this page http://www.downtownorlando.com/newsroom/facts-statistics/#.XioHp1NKhE9
  16. chicken or egg problem. There's hardly anything to spend your money on in downtown during the week that isn't food. Hoping that changes. (games and performance don't count, as those are the obvious ones)
  17. I wonder if they plan to give Ph2 companies who signed leases (they claim 90% leased) a discount on the side where Ph3 will be built. Most serious companies sign a 5 year lease. If it were me, i'd negotiate it... but who knows. Gonna be lot of noise there for them.
  18. One of the very best things about downtown for me is the ability to drive in any direction quickly.
  19. The reason why household is more important is because that's who is writing the check for rent or on the hook for the mortgage. Anything else is pretty meaningless as far as important economic stats. *edited*
  20. Went to Luckys on Colonial when it opened with my wife. We were laughing our ass off. Every little tiny bottle of small package on the shelf was $5. Yes, five even. Like somebody just slapped dozens and dozens of $5 dollar labels on everything. They couldn't even give a little thought about the pricing, such as $4.89. or $4.95. Nope, $5.
  21. pretty sure the number for downtown orlando is 20-25K. But nobody has provided actual data so we won't ever know. Now I know where I got my 25K number from, the house hold number, which is more important in my view. http://www.downtownorlando.com/newsroom/facts-statistics/#.XidOgFNKhE8
  22. Both 420 and the new upcoming 520 (even more so) are big echo chambers. It's all about getting the most usable sq. ft. and not about comfort for residents.
  23. Yes that does looks pretty good as is.
  24. Glad you guys/gals caught photos because by the time I got my phone they turned it off. It appears that they can use lots of colors. Looks great and I wonder what took them so long. Small things add up in a big way.
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