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  1. MNAA announced the winner of the Satellite Concourse bid today: https://flynashville.com/news/airport-authority-awards-contract-for-new-satellite-concourse Starting Fall 2021 89,000 square feet $75 million to construct “The contractor for this project, Atlanta-based Holder Construction, is a commercial construction firm with a 60-year history in sectors including aviation, corporate, data and technology, higher education, hospitality, interiors and other construction. Joining Holder on the design-build team are respected firms Corgan (lead architect for this project and master architect for BNA® Vision) and Gresham Smith.”
  2. Honestly that’s what I’m worried about. I’m not worried about it passing. More worried about the various amendments and such that may poison the deal.
  3. More coverage from the NBJ. Bob Rolfe views upcoming Metro Council vote as “make or break” to Oracle officially committing to the campus: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2021/04/20/oracle-metro-council-incentive.html?ana=twt Key quote: “"I think it is make-or-break, in my professional opinion," said Bob Rolfe, commissioner of the state Department of Economic and Community Development. "If the city and the Metro Council approve it, I think we stand not a 99% chance but a 95% chance that we will be selected. But I think anything short of that approval — or any tinkering with it or tweaking it — may not be the direction that company may choose to go."” I know Director Rolfe wanted this to be communicated quietly because it’s not a done deal, but what did they expect? The public notice went out on the 13th, and the NBJ/Tennessean were able to get details/comments and put their stories out on the 14th. I’m curious as to why they would line up the public hearing and council votes without everything being officially agreed to.
  4. There are a few smaller lots across KVB that could be used, but I’d rather see towers on those.
  5. Mayor Cooper (finally) hires a new ECD director, Courtney Pogue, who previously served as the Dallas ECD director. Biz Journal article: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2021/04/19/cooper-hires-courtney-pogue-ecd.html City Press Release: https://www.nashville.gov/News-Media/News-Article/ID/10792/Mayor-Names-Economic-and-Community-Development-Director.aspx “ Mayor John Cooper today named a jobs creation veteran as his Economic and Community Development Director. Courtney Pogue brings decades of experience, a track record for 18,000-plus job creation commitments and a specialty in housing development to the role. “This is a big moment for Nashville, as we embark on a major rebound in our city – including with the largest economic development deal in Nashville and state history,” Mayor Cooper said. “Now, we move forward in creating a Nashville that works for everyone – and Courtney will be central to that work.” Pogue will develop a master economic and community development plan for Nashville to boost the city’s small, micro-and minority-owned businesses; attract and retain quality jobs and leverage economic opportunities to support equitable, sustainable development in all Nashville’s neighborhoods. He joins the Cooper team following a national search. “We know major industry wants to be in Nashville,” Mayor Cooper added. “Our job is to spur economic development in our neighborhoods as we also invest, more than ever, in Nashville’s students – ensuring they are ready for the quality, high-paying jobs we’re creating here.” About Courtney Pogue Prior to joining the Cooper team, Pogue led economic development for the City of Dallas, which is sixth in the U.S. for real gross domestic product (GDP). He secured $3 billion in investment and 16,000 job creation commitments there. Pogue directed economic development in Georgia’s Clayton County, implementing the county’s 2013 Economic Development Plan to generate more than 2,014 jobs and $170 million in investment. He also served as deputy director of economic development in Cook County, the nation’s second-largest county, and was founder and president of the Waterworks Group, a Chicago-based economic development and real estate advisory services firm. Pogue is a certified economic developer (International Economic Development Council) and holds Economic Development Finance Professional and Housing Development Financial Professional designations (National Development Council). He has a master’s degree in business from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and a bachelor’s degree in finance from Howard University in Washington, D.C.”
  6. Someone at Airliners.net mentioned that Breeze follows the Nashville tourism Instagram page. I wonder if we have room for them.
  7. I haven’t seen official numbers, but I attended and there was a decent crowd. Great game!
  8. Thanks for sharing! Love the picture on 6th Ave under the MCC.
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