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  1. It was Palmer Plaza. They had caution tape around the area.
  2. I would say it isn’t bad at all. Google fiber internet is staying here, and I’d imagine this will happen in other cities.
  3. Honestly, I kind of like being surrounded on all sides by high rises. Can’t wait for the Asurion lot to be developed, which will complete the neighborhood.
  4. Work has FINALLY started on the mural facing Demonbreun. From this morning:
  5. This interchange could be fast tracked, much like the interchange at McEwen was built quickly to accommodate Nissan.
  6. I forgot to add, my guess as to the surprise County/location is the Medical Center Pkwy/Gateway/The Avenue section of Murfreesboro. There’s a ton of land available, it would give Oracle an opportunity to partner with MTSU, and be Nashville-adjacent. Edit: If Oracle lands in Murfreesboro instead of Davidson county it’s 100% on Cooper. If this happens, I’m glad the metro area will have landed a tech giant, but Cooper should be ashamed that he fumbled the opportunity to transform the Cowan corridor.
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