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  1. Glass cladding being installed.
  2. downtownresident

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I ride them all over DT, Midtown, up to the Farmers Market, and out to Five Points on a regular basis.
  3. downtownresident

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    Spring Hill wins 25 Million grant from the federal government for the proposed Buckner Road extension and interchange.
  4. downtownresident


    There is also a Jimmy Johns in the Encore on 3rd.
  5. downtownresident


    It’s super convenient. A store set up like that would absolutely kill it downtown. They have pretty much everything you could need as far as household items are concerned, albeit a little limited for food items. They have decent grab and go lunch options as well.
  6. Apartment tower starting to rise above the honkey tonks. Taken from the pedestrian bridge.
  7. downtownresident

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    An iPhone pano from my walk this morning
  8. downtownresident

    Endeavor/1200 Broadway, 27 stories, residential/office/retail

    Glass cladding starting to go up on the parking garage.
  9. downtownresident

    The SoBro | 32 stories 345 ft | 3rd & Demonbreun

    They had their full opening this past Friday, can’t wait to check it out. It should do well, as it is one of the few non bar establishments open late at night.
  10. They took the chain link portion off of the section fronting eighth , probably related to the water main work mentioned earlier.
  11. I went past the site while running, and fencing appears to be coming down.
  12. downtownresident

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    @chris holman absolutely stunning!
  13. downtownresident

    222 2nd Ave. South, 25 Stories|305 Feet, 391,000 sq. ft., $100 million

    Signage is going up tomorrow.