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  1. They had a solid bronze color that looked nice in earlier renderings that would work well.
  2. I guess Antioch isn’t a neighborhood either. Also, whomever he has meeting with these people needs to be fired/reassigned ASAP.
  3. They likely asked about it and didn’t like the response. His comments at the rotary club were said around this time as well, so that likely played a huge part in Microsoft refusing further meetings.
  4. He was the former head of ECD under Briley. He left in December and has not been replaced, with Mayor Cooper taking on the majority of the recruiting responsibilities.
  5. So it sounds like the part of the Oracle deal Cooper didn’t like was a land swap between Metro and IMI. So unnecessary shortsighted.
  6. I imagine that this will be tossed out seeing as the state fair has committed to holding the fair at the new expo buildings. I remember reading that the state had said somethings may need to be tweaked, but that they should be able to iron those details out and still hold the fair.
  7. Despite the growth, the city’s government and budget has been a mess. Barry’s refusal to realign the property tax rate post the assessment, her affair, and then Briley’s ascension to the mayors office created the condition in which people who aren’t anti growth decided to vote for the candidate who pledged to fix the mess. Had Briley been more charismatic and able to properly message and frame things, we wouldn’t be talking about Mayor Cooper right now, imo.
  8. Newsflash: people who discuss development and development boosters don’t like city official that is obstructing development. As for the remark, a passing comment about someone’s eyebrows is hardly a hyper serious remark.
  9. No. He’s still meddling with sign permits and still rescinded promised money to two large employers and then childishly bragged about it. Kudos for getting the extra money, but that was allegedly agreed to a while ago in private, so all of this public spectacle could’ve been avoided if he’d just taken the money and started demo.
  10. We should know about the Carnival pretty soon as the sign package is before DRC this morning.
  11. Seems Mayor Cooper learned that being mayor isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and steamrolling people these past few weeks.
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