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  1. All pictures are from this morning Pouring concrete for the elevator shaft: Progress on the foundation walls: Welcome to the neighborhood, Gibson Residences!
  2. The grading plans for the office tower were approved yesterday. Looks like we are losing the sidewalks along Lafayette/8th Ave S during construction, but keeping the sidewalk along the roundabout. Document is here: https://epermits.nashville.gov/download.aspx?id=626292
  3. What’s actually on fire here? Is it the restaurant at street level? Edit: nvm. I found the twitter post. It’s the decorative light at the top of the stairs. Hopefully it can be replaced soon.
  4. This is really going to loom large over Church Street. Hopefully this kicks off a wave of revitalization down the corridor.
  5. The penthouse units get a second mezzanine floor that is about half the size of the main floor. Those units are going to be absolutely massive.
  6. She posts from her neighborhood that has entirely flipped to HPRs. Sorry the planning commissions job isn’t to protect your property value above all else. This site is a half mile or so from downtown, this is the textbook perfect lot for increased density.
  7. I watched part of the deliberation last night. Didn’t see the vote. If it passed, which looked pretty likely, it will be the 8 story version. The backlash is coming from NIMBYs who live in the HPRs near the site. I get the traffic concerns, but that can be dealt with through traffic calming and other measures.
  8. This is a great plan, and could be the start of the revitalization of 1st Ave. I'm sure Historic Nashville will balk at anything beyond replicating the exact facade with their preservation easement intact.
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