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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos, Baronkim. Thank you for these wonderful posts!
  2. I’m thinking this why the state is upgrading 109 as part of the Improve Act. They are widening it to 4 lanes, and building a bypass around Portland.
  3. I went digging around on the e-permits website, and found the demo-permit application. https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/3726352?page=2&searchText=1101 grundy&searchCode=ADDR&searchType=permit&orderBy=fullAddress ASC,permitNumber ASC Of note, there is a noise mitigation letter from JE DUNN attached.
  4. Briley isn’t a complete bypass for either 65 or 24(the freeway portion ends after 40)so it doesn’t work well as a N/S bypass either.
  5. Amazon, the Grand Hyatt, the Embassy Suites, and 805 Lea will have the western edge of the skyline filled in quite nicely.
  6. The new facade on 231 Public square looks great! I need to get to downtown Franklin to check that and Harper Square out. Thanks for the pictures!
  7. I lived in Wessex Towers for a few years, and loved the building.
  8. Not sure how many Charlotte has, but my quick count shows that Nashville has 18 10+ story buildings under construction, not including the 2nd Amazon tower or Drury hotel.
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