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  1. I believe that changes to the Terminal Access roads are planned as part of the New Horizons expansion.
  2. Will be able to handle 6 narrowbodies or 3 widebody planes at once.
  3. I’ve seen these surveys included in Blasting permit applications so I’d say that is pretty likely. I wasn’t at Encore when the Sobro and Bridgestone were built, but I’d imagine that these surveys were completed prior to blasting on those projects.
  4. Those trees do wonders for the pedestrian experience downtown, particularly during the summer. The shade offered by them / the buildings makes walking Church Street much more pleasant than say, Broadway and Demonbreun. I’d love to see more landscaping along the lines of Church Street downtown.
  5. Based on the Final Site Plan it will have LED lighting. The south face will have accent lighting running the entire length of the building, going to be really impressive if built to plan.
  6. Tony G posted this video to his website, titled "The Corridor," showing what Church Street will look like once his various projects are completed. Also included are some recent projects, such as the Federal Courthouse, Amazon 1 and 2, and renderings of towers being built / proposed at Nashville Yards. Source: https://www.giarratana.com/the-corridor
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