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  1. I think we see at least three projects start full scale grading / demo (this includes the hotel on Rosa Parks) within the next 2 months, based on what I’ve seen in permit records and when driving around.
  2. Found some additional images and diagrams via a document uploaded to Development tracker. Source: http://maps.nashville.gov/MPC/2022DTC-006-001_plan.pdf Some diagrams, first the Church Street level plan: A bit of a missed opportunity to tie into Platform Way, but the landscaped barrier blocking the Porte Cochere will be nice. 10th Ave N level plan: Rendering of the Church Street level: Landscape plan of Church Street level with concept imagery: Some full building diagrams. Appears to be a slight taper of the "crown": Another full building diagram showing the different uses. I'd imagine the condos are on top, starting on the 41st floor, with a private amenity / mechanical space on the 40th floor. Also to note, the YMCA addition will be 9 stories and 110' feet tall. Based on this, the condos will have sight-lines that will start above the Prime residential tower, giving those owners truly un-blocked views: Finally, high-res versions of the renderings we already have. Love the neighborhood view:
  3. Almost as good a juxtaposition as the Hilton Conrad across the street from a Twice Daily and empty parking lots or the Ritz Carlton catty corner from the Rescue Mission.
  4. The new Concourse A finished in 2023 that was referenced is the fill project so that the apron can be expanded to facilitate the new Concourse A.
  5. I wonder if this is the new plan, they've flipped the position of the office and residential towers. I like the office tower, I counted 24 floors, not counting the fins on the top. It looks like the parking might be all underground as well. If that's a true 24 stories of office, that would put this around 370-400' depending on the height of the fins.
  6. Turnberry still owns it. They turned it into a park, supposed to be temporary until they move in the second tower.
  7. Capitol Hill is a blast on a sled or disk. Even the smaller bill between the building and parking lot is a lot of fun.
  8. It’s for a community plan amendment. I wonder if they are following the Monroe playbook, amass the land and get zoning in place, then sell off to a larger player / group of developers to implement the vision.
  9. What a year! Thank you @markhollinfor compiling all of this throughout the year! Special thanks also to @Bos2Nashfor keeping the Zoom meetings going,@smeagolsfreefor all of the digging and for being the heart and soul of UP Nashville, and to everyone else who contributes to the discussion here.
  10. Looks great! Hopefully the long term tenants will be able to stay within the upgraded Arcade.
  11. Tidal Development may build something on the parking lot and keep the existing building.
  12. An incredible development. These are some pictures I took on various days but hadn't posted until now. I love the greenspace and open area at the base of the building at 11th. This will be really nice when the other similarly sized building is developed to the south. The view to the west will be really cool once Nashville Yards fills in, such a cool little nook: Next, the monumental stair leading to the Church Street Viaduct: Wayfinding signage: Love the landscaped terrace between 11th and the stairs: The elevated plaza between the office space and 11th is very nice as well: The view from that plaza will be very cool once the rest of the Mid-Gulch fills in. Looking down Church Street. You can see the grade change of the viaduct along this area, it's too bad they couldn't connect this area to the viaduct and have a wider walkway along Church Street: Finally, way finding signage on Church Street. This is backlit and looks great at night:
  13. This one is starting to really have a presence when viewed from the roundabout: Also, I know it's been beat to death, but who in their right mind greenlit the design of the Haven?
  14. Starting with a wide-angle view of the entire site: Considerable progress being made on the excavation for the residential tower. Taken from the end of the walkway that fronts the Grand Hyatt: Pinnacle tower excavation: Amazon III:
  15. I texted my step mom who grew up in Iowa asking what she thought about the chain, and she absolutely raved about them. Said that Hy-Vee was her favorite store. Glad to have some additional competition in the area, hopefully this goads Kroger into continuing to step their game up and raise quality across the board.
  16. As someone who rents a spot in the attached parking garage, I wonder if any changes are coming there. Also, I hope that the new operators of the building are better than the previous ones. The street trees along 3rd Ave look really sad, and one is missing, and their lack of security is shocking considering the lease rates that people pay there.
  17. The concourses will be reunited when the new central lobby and international gates are completed and opened.
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