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  1. Not surprising that they’ve purchased this. I’ve seen multiple complaints on Reddit from 1200 Broadway residents about the 7/11 and the noise/crowds it attracts late at night.
  2. Living in Dallas, I can attest to the usefulness of choice lanes, or tolled express lanes. They are definitely helpful in a pinch if traffic is backed up.
  3. I love the drive through the tunnel under the bay going through Mobile. It’s a very cool drive.
  4. As someone who observed the Alcove foundation dig, they did this there too. It may be so that equipment can travel through the site, and the gravel is just temporary. I feel pretty good as they are digging the foundation and have all permits pulled. If I’m remembering the earlier conversation in the tread correctly, the tower will start in November.
  5. Per TDOT twitter, those are temporary planters until NDOT can install permanent ones.
  6. They are making pedestrian improvements to the alleyway. Once the second building is built, there will be a lot of activity in that area between this building, Pins, and 125 11th Ave.
  7. So Davidson County contributed a third of the local/state tax revenue related to visitor spending. Absolutely bonkers.
  8. The airport posted a sneak peek of the new marketplace on Twitter(X) today: https://x.com/fly_nashville/status/1700180063956750470?s=46
  9. Budget concerns killed the Music City Circuit.
  10. Attention City Lights residents, this is how you protect views.
  11. I’m personally pulling for Tishman Speyer also. Regardless of who wins the bid, it’s a big bet on the future of Nashville by some pretty large developers.
  12. If I’m interpreting it correctly, they just had their Final SP approved on 8/9/23. Fingers crossed this one moves soon!
  13. It’s the fill project needed for the Concourse A rebuild. If I’m remembering correctly, the new Concourse A will be double loaded, so it will have gates on both sides.
  14. Southwest announced it at a party at 6:30 PM with nothing but a news release. The governor posted about it today, but of course didn’t say anything about it coming to Nashville, and didn’t tag the BNA twitter account. He’s still unbelievably jilted over Metro Council saying “no” to the RNC.
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