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  1. I thought a true beltway was never possible due to some federally protected wetlands. Could’ve sworn I read that on the old Roads to the Future website, but it’s been awhile. As someone who grew up in Midlothian, I certainly recall the make 288 go West signs back in the day.
  2. Yeah, IIRC, the Stu is expandable a bit, but if you get too big you lose the snake pit atmosphere.
  3. Ohio is a sneaking populous state with some rather evenly distributed metro areas.
  4. Technically, Dayton belongs on that list but doesn’t really belong. UD Arena seats 15,000 plus and hosted the First Four for years.
  5. The Coliseum was built at a time when everyone else was doing it. You might say Dominion Energy Arena/Navy Hill likewise would be built at a time whenever everyone else is doing it except most did it 10-15 years ago. What inference to draw from that will be left to you.
  6. Perhaps of note here, my wife attended a talk Stoney gave this evening. She was skeptical about the Navy Hill plan but he won her over. Every person counts, but in full disclosure we’re Henrico residents, albeit a lazy fly ball from the city line.
  7. These things are always ugly. Not just a Richmond thing (that undeniable aspect is another story). Setting aside personalities and political stunts, monumentally big stadium/arena/ballpark village redevelopment type commitments should be difficult to pass through a representative council. They’re among the biggest commitments the locality will make; it would be strange and unsettled if they flew through. And this one, for all its apparent advantages, has one obvious and easily identifiable flaw: the single bidder issue. Not hating, just saying. I will say this: they darn well better build that second tower because they’re tying up half the lanes on 7th and 8th, in the middle of the GA no less, clearing out the old one to knock it down.
  8. Very skeptical we’ll see light rail any time in the near or distant future.
  9. Higher capacity busses would help during the PM rush hour. They get a little jammed up on the MCV to Government Center stretch to the point where you might get refused the first bus to arrive.
  10. Seems as though the reality usually is things go smaller, not taller.
  11. So we’re finally getting a Richmond Roasters!
  12. Let’s be honest: if you’ve got a stadium/arena development project, and you haven’t presented comically inflated projections, you’re not doing your job. It’s the way the game is played. You can read Andrew Zimbalist from the late 90: or him from today; it’s all the same. Still, I must say the proposed stuff looks cool.
  13. Not a fan of the move. Theoretically the AAC has a higher profile, but the A10 consistently gets multiple NCAA bids. Even this year, in a down year, the A10 was a two-bid league, although it took VCU getting upset in the tourney for that to happen. I don’t think football is in the cards for VCU, and also don’t think ODU is a particularly good comp (fairly ready infrastructure, enough clamoring for football, and a superior recruiting base).
  14. Not sure about height, but city hall is 315’ and I doubt this one is getting there.
  15. FWIW, DGS sent out an alert that the tower crane will be assembled from 6/21 to 6/24. It will have an initial height of 307’ with a “hook height” of 277’, and later will got to 340’ and 310’, respectively. I have no idea what that means for building height. The crane will be in place until early 2021.
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