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  1. Although this is correct, I think the broader statement is true and will prove so here.
  2. The labels are getting confusing. I know DD is just to drum up interest in the RFI, but is the broader area still considered Scott’s Addition Extended (or whatever)? Not to be confused with Scott’s Addition 2.0 in Henrico.
  3. John Vithoulkas gets things done.
  4. I can’t speak to youth hockey particularly, but one of the commenters there made what seemed to be a good point about the “two sheets” demand, and color me skeptical on the sports tourism angle. That said, sometimes you’ve got to pick a project that sparks an interest and go with it. Beaufont was a nice little complement to Cloverleaf Mall back when I was a kid, but unfortunately I haven’t been a kid in ages. That property has been stagnant for a long time, so I could think of worse places to put this thing.
  5. If it’s anything like the sports books, the benefit received will be less than advertised.
  6. The Virginia Beach tower is a bit of a cheat, right? As I recall, Monroe is still taller if you take the highest point capable of being occupied. FWIW, totally anecdotal, hearsay and the like, but I was talking to someone sort of in the know as far as the GA is concerned, who had talked to someone else with DGS, and the impression I got is it would be very tough to find a buyer for the thing. Not exactly super reliable info, I realize, your mileage may vary.
  7. My wife refers to a term called “vague-booking” when someone posts something on Facebook that lacks detail. This article is vague-reading because, notwithstanding Parney’s very enthusiastic quote, I couldn’t understand what had even progressed here.
  8. My family of four finally went to see the Dirty South exhibit today, and it was really something. We are lucky to have such an significant fine arts museum here. Also, my wife and I love to come back to the Marble Hall, where we had our wedding reception.
  9. Yup, Burger Chef (kind of/sort of predecessor to Hardee’s).
  10. Wasn’t there a comment here a year or two ago that discussed how cost compounds the taller you build, i.e., the cost of building a 700 foot building isn’t just 1.4 times the cost to build a 500 foot building? Maybe I’m misremembering. But it seems from a layman’s perspective like there’s probably a chicken-egg problem with wanting to go really big (say, 700 feet), and that is no one has any incentive to do it or finance it.
  11. On the subject of a shopping district, anyone here been to Santana Row in San Jose? I think the plan was to put it downtown, but … it wasn’t. My uncle works in a Cushman-Wakefield office building that is as suburban as can be. All he has to do to have at lunch at SR is walk down a small hill. He jokes that he would slide down the hill but is already past retirement age. :-)
  12. Hopefully the workforce there doesn’t come fr too far south, or otherwise the employer subsidizes the 700 million dollar toll on Pocahontas.
  13. Fair enough, although I’ve never found the building inviting to pedestrian traffic, but won’t most of the cost go on the guts? From what I understand (again, just a layman), it’s both archaic and a monstrosity. If the Dominion building wasn’t worth renovating, I’m skeptical too many people will think Monroe is. But again, the height is very nice.
  14. Monroe Building has one thing going for it: height. I have no idea why anyone would want to (a) buy it and (b) spend the money on a conversion, but I’m not in that business. Maybe it will be repurposed as the world’s tallest storage facility, which at least would give us a World’s Tallest.
  15. It was. The vault, with famous bullet hole, is still in the sub-basement. I love the building. They’ve been looking at ways to renovate it for over a decade, but I can’t blame them if they just threw their hands in the air. It’s a dingy and inefficient building. The courtroom is nice, but the interior is not. I’ll just leave it at that.
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