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  1. I could look very foolish in a few months’ time, but I think this project is different. At least from my outsider’s vantage point, this is far more competently run and presented (at least so far) than any in recent memory, such as the Bottom ballpark, Navy Hill, the casino push, etc. As for Bethesda, with any foresight, that’s what Short Pump should have resembled.
  2. Gotta admit that I skimmed more than read and may have missed it. There is a reference to the arena, but it’s more general.
  3. Green City to break ground early next year. Somewhat surprisingly, at least to me, the arena does not appear to be part of the first phase. Maybe I misread the article?
  4. We need a Nats farm team! My boy was the perfect age to get into them in 2019. I was fortunate to go to an NLCS and WS game that year. After driving home from the NLCS game, I found him asleep on the couch (mommy had let him watch the game), and as I carried him to bed all he said was “Howie Kendrick.” (Kendrick, a veteran player, had so many clutch hits that postseason including the game-winner homer in WS game 7.) Truth be told, though, the Giants are a good parent team here. They sent lots of game-used balls and merch to Richmond. My son had a fe of their game-used balls.
  5. Whoops, the article actually says it would go to council in “the fall.” I guess I read September into that but it could mean October or November, I suppose.
  6. Richmond BizSense article It says the selection team will announce the winning bid next month for presentation to the city council in September.
  7. To be very frank, Westchester Commons is kind of trash. It was billed in the beginning as upscale, but … it isn’t.
  8. Green means go, which could be interpreted as a sign that it’s ok to be there. Unless, that is, you are using Michael Scott’s coding system for details on a rolodex card. “Green means go, which means go ahead and don’t mention that.”
  9. Pardon my lack of optimism, but I don’t think red paint is going to deter the horrendous driving on Broad Street.
  10. Scott’s Walk has to be RVA’s crappiest (planned) development over the last decade, right? That thing stinks.
  11. I’m probably reading too much into this, but it seems the focus has been on professionalism here. That is, let the subject matter experts get out on this and be the face of it. I’m shocked at how many people I know, who don’t know each other, and who’ve all said they’ve interacted with Maritza Pechin and say she’s amazing. Gotta be at least six. And that’s shocking to me because I figure I don’t know anybody!
  12. This morning’s article on the ballpark process feels like the city floating a trial balloon for the ballpark opening mid-season 2025 or something.
  13. Yeah, no plans now or ever probably. Also, if I’m understanding what you’re suggesting correctly, giving 895 an Interstate designation can’t happen under current law given it’s a toll road and $8M or so of federal funds went to early prep work.
  14. I work around here. For some reason the trees don’t feel as intrusive in person (at least to me).
  15. When we’re done converting all the other buildings into residential high-rises?
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