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  1. Each evening they have the 5:30 kickback that is free for guest. Usually salads, appetizers and a taco or hamburger bar. They have other things for kids as well like hot dogs. They don't have a true bar, but you get two drink tickets per adult for a beer or limited liquor choice. (a lot of people not drinking usually are handing out their tickets as well, which is good because you can't buy drinks)
  2. Initially I agreed with your point then I said this to myself a time or two. It's time for the "Cowboys vs Hound Dogs" or "Jets vs Hound Dogs". It quickly becomes obvious that "Hound Dogs" is and Arena League or XFL name.
  3. Question, with the Holiday Inn being only 15 or 16 floors I believe, why is the The Joseph Hotel only going to appear about a one and half stories taller at 21 floors. I don't see that much elevation change and can't believe the floors could be that much shorter. What am I missing? I may be way off on the number of floors at the Holiday Inn.
  4. One or two more buildings and then the Hyatt Place will disappear completely unless you drive right up to it.
  5. Took these two at lunch today. This appears to be the first wrought iron balcony installed. Someone asked about the brick a while back and it is definitely fake. As for the residential tower they are pouring parts of 32 now with I think two to go. The commercial building in on 11 in parts. Nothing going on in the Apple spot yet.
  6. I'll give Four Seasons a pass as they are apparently wanting it to look like they will be the only hotel in town, BUT it does drive me crazy to see the NFL, ESPN, NBC and a host of other major networks use graphics from 10 years ago. Especially when in a live broadcast where they could simply point the camera across the river. Not to mention it is only recently that our own local networks updated most of their graphics. I am assuming there is a huge cost associated with updating a photo that I am just not aware of.
  7. It is due to ride share. The reason you go that way is because you are not allowed to make U-Turn where the blue circle is and they direct you this way. This is only for cars who dropped someone off and get another pickup. Your position in line is held, but you cannot get the ping until you enter the ride share lot. (The crazy thing is people go sit in the ride share lot and turn off their app off to block other from getting in. (Hmm, wonder if anyone pays them to do that).
  8. I am also skeptical about 600+ thousand over the three day and Mark makes logical sense on a lot of the numbers. I can agree with 350 to to 450k (not that makes it any more correct). The difference I see comes partly from the honkeytonks (300 is low. The fire marshals could have had a field day if they wanted). Also, how do the intersections fit in on the block estimates? The lines were certainly way more that 50 abreast. I can clearly see the lines of well over 100 abreast at some intersections. At any rate, it is a record for the draft and a record for Nashville.
  9. what record did it break? I hear only 70K showed up
  10. Correct, no one can state the exact figure but 70K is not even close. 70K could easily be the number of people in bars and on rooftops along with behind the scenes people in trucks tents and production booths.
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