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  1. Just an update on what they've done. They tore out everything in the stadium and it looks like they are grading it but keeping the same general shape as the old stadium
  2. Yeah that's what I meant, I get my colors confused sometimes, and the vehicle is similar to the current ones but a little lower and has a different paint scheme that is mostly silver
  3. It was dark and I couldn't get a good picture but there is a silver line vehicle at the north maintenance station
  4. Also in that data NC still has the 2nd largest rural pop in the US with 34% of residents living outside of cities. This probably account for our poor showing on some metrics like life expectancy and GDP per capital despite all of our recent progress
  5. In the first screenshot is where the new in campus hotel is being built. In the 2nd screenshot though there is a large construction project going on between Snyder Road and the football practice field. I have tried finding out what is was on my own but cant find it for the life of me. Does anyone have any ideas on what it is?
  6. This has literally never happened before, I've been on trains with people who have puked, and twice someone peeing in the train itself onto the floor and the train just kept on rolling and all of us went to the other side of the car
  7. /s When Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and Chase announce they're moving here within the next few months y'all are gonna lose your minds. This will all be due to companies leaving coastal cities as to not worry about sea level rise
  8. Yes the school has a large block of land zoned for institutional land use across mallard creek church rd. The only problem is there is a house and a small apartment complex that both (from what I've heard) are refusing to sell out or want a ridiculous price and without those 2 peices it would be hard to connect that side of campus to the current
  9. Cant forget Trump Towers Charlotte. Massive set of towers that would have supposedly included retail, office spaces, hotels, and residential, in a 90+ floor new tallest. This never happened, but Trump Jr as recently as late 2017 says the company is still looking at expanding into Charlotte apart from the golf club already in Mooresville
  10. The #1 Fortune 500 company, Walmart, moving its corporate headquarters and its technology division to the 704 /s
  11. http://chng.it/NGJR8QSYw6 Hey I dont really know if this is where this belongs but this petition is to name the new rec center after the two students who were murdered in Tuesday's attack. I was in the room where it happened when it happened and thought that this is a good way in which they could be remembered. It's not my petition but I have signed it and encourage ya'll to take a minute and sign it as well.
  12. From Roy Carroll via Twitter, looks like a skyscraper of some sort with mid rise apartments
  13. One day until this now. I'm pretty excited to see what he has in store for downtown
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