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  1. My friend posted this on his story yesterday and all I can say this is a great representation of Charlotte rising. Aim for the sky CLT!
  2. I love love love LU2 but man do I wish it had a couple (well maybe 5-8) more floors
  3. Very gorgeous day here in the Queen City
  4. Adds a splash of color, wish it could be brighter! Wonder how long they will keep it purple!
  5. “What’s your favorite building in Charlotte”:
  6. It hurts me so much that Deloitte Tower is so short. I wish they would have decided to make it taller.
  7. Cold and clear night here in the Queen City! Noticed that LU wasn’t lit up tonight??
  8. Fun fact: I took this while driving, the risk we take for HQ skyline pictures
  9. Saw these on Instagram, they are from yesterday’s official ground breaking!!
  10. Not even going to lie, I Have seen them been put up all over the place and truly thought they were like Tornado or emergency sirens.
  11. Silhouettes of our city are some of the best shots!!
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