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  1. Glass on top of glass! Looking great this afternoon!
  2. Saw these on Instagram! So The building is officially open? Also I love the huge video wall...!!
  3. Probably to cover the Bank of America logo up.
  4. Fahrenheit legit has one of the best views of the city!
  5. Happy 70th Birthday WBTV News!
  6. I like it lit up all white. It looks very classy.
  7. Saw these on Instagram! Really love this photographer. Also I guess you can walk up to the entrance and the lawn is open to the Public now?! Awesome!
  8. With Duke turned off it really show cases how bright Legacy is! I wish they would update Hearst Tower lighting. It looks very dim compared to BofA.
  9. The New Novant health building in Harrisburg’s Town Center!
  10. I would love to know what restricted them from putting the lights further down, maybe where the ledge wraps around? But the lighting looks great! Just not a big fan of seeing them protrude out of the building like they do.
  11. Very excited to see this building completed!
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