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  1. Flying back from Columbus OH.!!
  2. Literally, building are artwork. I could understand if I was inside the corporate lobby, but founder halls? It threw me off ! Lol
  3. Got yelled at by the security guard in Founders Hall. Life’s a too short not to pull out your phone and take a picture of this marvelous open area.
  4. The video wall in Tryon Place is so cool! Got asked what was I in there for and I said “checking it out ;)” and kept walking!! Lol
  5. Percent Tap House in Harrisburg is fun and very lively!
  6. When is the Lynx station at the Publix suppose to break ground?
  7. Welcome to Harrisburg!!! Lived here my entire life basically!! It’s sad, but this rendering is old of Farmington, the theater part of Farmington is gone. But the rest of it for the most part stays true to the original rendering!
  8. Once the distribution center in Greensboro opens up later next year, expect a huge influx of Publix's in not only North Carolina, but Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia!
  9. New Publix’s coming within the Charlotte Area!
  10. It does! It was sad seeing one of my stores close! And it only leaves four left in the entire state. But when it comes to our Hollister Co. stores, they are strong and making money. Abercombie & Fitch Co. as a brand is no where as popular and mainstream as it used to be, but with the influencers from social media and especially tik tok, the brand is definitely making a strong comeback. The brand is nothing like it was a decade ago. The stock alone proves it! Lol from going from $7 to $40+ within the last two years is very telling and promising! That’s awesome! And Abercombie is mak
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