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  1. But its nomore 500 to 600!!! Its going to top 700 or even 800!!! Cheers
  2. Glad to see some intersest developing in this City!!!!
  3. Yeah yeah !!! Go dubai!!!!! Ill post another cool rendering of this tower thats already under construction!!!!! Cheers
  4. Its not only Carnegie mellon!!! In Dubai Healthcare city Harvard Medical School is starting their branch and lots of aussie unis have started as well!!!! Cheers
  5. First of all let me tell u that its a misconception that that the city or the state of Dubai lives on oil!!! UAE as a whole has a lot of oil!! But 99% of this oil is in the capital state of Abu Dhabi which does not help dubai in anyway!!! Its like New York and Illinois. Both dont scratch each others back!! Yes oil in dubai did help it to kickstart the economy but you would be surprised to know that unlike other rulers sheik mohammed already knew that he had to start building up on non oil trade!!!! Dubai is a trade hub!! It always has been one!!! It has the 2nd largest port in the world, the J
  6. I have added the pictures also in another thread..........couldnt get it on here!!! Sorry about that!!!
  7. The worlds Largest Entertainment Complex......2wice the size of DysneyLand and 100x the size of Monaco........almost the size of the present built up area of Dubai.......Ladies and Gentlemen i give you DUBAI LAND Construction has already started!!!! Dubai has launched one of the biggest construction projects in the world, the $5 billion Dubailand mixed-use theme park, a Middle East answer to Disneyland. To be built on two billion square feet of land behind the Emirates Road stretching from the back of Emirates Hills down almost to The Creek, the theme park consists of 45 separate
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