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  1. stw52

    New Hotels in/around Uptown

    Was this not sold in 2017 and is being land banked by Linden Thomas? Or is it for sale again?
  2. stw52

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Not very exciting but construction signage up for Jimmy Johns going in beside Sabor on the corner of 6th and College. Would have preferred a Viva Chicken here but still something is better than nothing. Sabor looks ready but not open yet.
  3. stw52

    Who is going to buy all the Condos, (Part II)

    Aren't the Gold line streetcars going to be replaced by light rial, similar to the Blue line, once the construction ends? Then these areas will be serviced by a genuine transit option.
  4. stw52

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Any movement on the old McDonalds location in the Overstreet mall? Saw what looked like interior planners inside the unit during the week. Same with the old hairdressers unit beside Starbuck in Charlotte Plaza. Anyone know who is moving in?
  5. City Council approved a zoning change last night. Is it still thought construction won't start till late 2019 or even 2020? I'm hopeful this will help trigger more redevelopment on the adjoining lots.
  6. stw52

    Drinking Beer in Charlotte

    Just seen that Babalu in Dilworth has closed. Will reopen in Waverly in Fall 2019. Is a year closed odd? Also, rumors that the Rogue has shut. Pity, it had great food and a good pint too.
  7. stw52

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I know it was mentioned previously here, but maybe there is renewed hope for an all year round CLT - DUB flight. Irish airline is to expand with three new transatlantic flights. BoAs post Brexit moves to Dublin has increased this chance of happening. Aer Lingus to announce new transatlantic routes in weeks
  8. stw52

    The Good News Report

    The breakaway group of doctors from Atrium, Tryon Medical Partners, are taking one of the floors in Charlotte Plaza, previously part of the Charlotte School of Law. I believe it will be the first new tenant since the schools closure. They are taking floor 12.