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  1. Don’t leave us. I’m in Spring Valley too and love it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Waterbean Coffee confirmed to open up in the Novel Montford apartments
  3. All State signage was up this morning, on the north tower wall facing uptown. WeWork signage looks good, better than their uptown sign. All States could be a lot better.
  4. What is going in here? Restaurant / retail?
  5. or CATS can expand the trains to 3 carriages and run more frequently. Oh hang on... its CATS ...
  6. You are right. Just researched it and "The flashing red indicates to drivers that they are to stop and yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk, and can proceed once pedestrians are clear." https://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/ped_bike/tools_solve/fhwasa14014/ I always waited, but now I know. Just saved myself 30 seconds!
  7. There is one outside the YWCA on Park Road too. I've observed people wait during the 30 sec cycle and people proceeding. Nobody seems to know what to do. A lot of confusion which is a danger.
  8. Thanks. They seem to update their feed after the fact. I can't find anything listing upcoming scheduling.
  9. Question rather than a comment. Anyone know where i could find a list that has the scheduled lighting schemes for events on uptown buildings? Thanks
  10. I hear Bentleys on 27th will be closing in the Charlotte Plaza building and are planning to reopen in South Park Piedmont Town Center.
  11. Mmh, Blacow Burgers are great. Only had them at the Moo and Brew festival last year, but they won best burger!
  12. How many parking spaces will this have? 9 of the 16 floors will be office. Are the others parking and for who? Seems like a lot for a development adjacent to light rail.
  13. Is this solely a tower on Tyron and parking deck on College. No Hotel?
  14. I do agree, and your vision is what i want to happen, but developers seems to be focused on office right now, presumably as that is where the money is, and that is how older cities have panned out over the years. Only more people residing in Uptown will attract retail and some more entertainment. We really need condos and cheaper apartments (but I'm aware of the complexities of trying to achieve both) to build a Live, Work, Play, environment.
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