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  1. Definitely not the reason anyone would want to bump this thread (and apologies if this should go elsewhere):
  2. It might be cheaper but that doesn’t mean it would be the better long term decision.
  3. I agree but it’s also not free to convert it to developable land. Would that investment be better than this one?
  4. I don't think that's true in this case. There are plenty of other cities willing to bend over backwards to accommodate whatever it takes to land an NFL franchise. On the other hand, Nissan is an old stadium that would not lure anyone here. It hardly gets used as/is and is sitting on valuable property. If the Titans leave what would happen next? I don't really think either side of this is in a bad spot right now but if we had to pick one or the other I'd say the Titans are definitely not in a bad spot. Whoever has to figure out how to deal with that stadium after the Titans leave is in a bad spot.
  5. I appreciate that Mendes put something together that addresses the proposal. It doesn't cover the other side of this though. What is a "first class" stadium and how much does it cost to get there if that is truly a requirement of the original agreement?
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I'll look for it this weekend. I kind of gave up on even trying since it seems like anytime I looked even the big events were not being broadcast in 4k.
  7. Large TVs plus the Red Zone channel for me. It really feels like a product that is better at home than attending in person, at least in my opinion. Now, about those 4k broadcasts... am I missing those? Because I've yet to find a Titans game in 4k. Or basically any game. I don't even think the Super Bowl has been in 4k in the past 2 seasons.
  8. Your opinion on Lower Broadway, it's perceived source of "local pride", etc. are basically irrelevant in the larger picture of whether it is a competitive advantage vs. other markets or not. I don't really enjoy that area anymore either but to dismiss it as a business draw is a mistake.
  9. New stadiums will be built. Most don't have the most powerful factor in Nashville's favor... The proximity to lower Broadway alone is sufficient to keep Nashville in constant contention for all of these events.
  10. it would be a massive failure. this is why they checked. There is no way that these guys are building a stadium that the league would not deem ok for a Super Bowl. The league wants a Super Bowl here. Hell everyone wants everything here (right now).
  11. This is fantastic news. I might be more excited about the potential for activation of the river front area after the current stadium is demolished. The idea of getting some major events like a Final Four mean more to me than even the Super Bowl. Oh and my prediction (to only myself) is finally coming to fruition: I figured at some point the seat count in stadiums would start to come down for a variety of reasons. Personally there is just something about football where I started to prefer watching at home unlike hockey where I prefer to be in the arena (Preds full STH). Probably something to do with the product itself (perfect for TV, lots of downtime, etc.) coupled with the reduced cost of massive televisions.
  12. I just want to add a note of appreciation to this thread. We're Preds season ticket holders and drive from Murfreesboro to downtown Nashville typically via 440 to Nolensville Rd. The other night we noticed construction on the corner of (roughly) 2nd/4th at that triangular piece of property and had no idea what it was. I told my wife "Don't worry, there's an internet forum I visit for this type of thing, surely someone has already posted about this." You guys always deliver.
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