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  1. the bus lane info is interesting, i can see what you are saying there. everywhere else in the city the path has wide turns to accommodate how much room it needs but the roads here are narrow/two lanes - during a site inspection either the city or lynx admitted the lymmo path should never have been placed on church st but prob for reasons like you said, it's not going anywhere. the corner of church/summerlin is bonkers, were these two roads always meant to support this much traffic ? over the past year during multiple city presentations they spoke of density and building density in the city core, but I don't think these roads were made/meant to handle traffic at the current volume let alone when the 520 is completed and hundreds more vehicles hit the streets with all the daily commuters and pass through traffic.. all this land has been rezoned for density without addressing infrastructure
  2. posted about this before and then the project stalled so, had honestly hoped they reconsidered. nope ! they've set up shop and appears they are in fact widening the lane at the end of the street - not making a turn lane which would actually help traffic, just wider for the Lymmo bus to get by ? opens the door for even more dangerous driving than we see here already.. but they've made up their mind to do it so kudos to them for sticking to it ? i guess ? has anyone seen a lane shift like this anywhere else in the city ? seems with all the development on Church St that there should be some level of community input to address this, the stop signs we had to literally fight for at Eola & Osceola, couldn't they simply reroute the Lymmo bus which they already do quite frequently ? what a waste of money and nobody would reply to emails, seems public service is only with whom you choose to serve.
  3. there are some really cool pop up beer gardens in/around boston that all disappear in the fall for obvious reasons, i think this is a perfect idea for us right now when you can actually spend time outside.. i'm in !! (even if that side of lake ave is technically CBD not SE lol)
  4. As far as Target goes, South Eola is perfectly situated that E. Colonial and SoDo are both 2.5mi away, it simply depends on which one has what we want in stock.. we go to both equally taking Summerlin down to avoid S. Orange & Robinson to avoid Colonial. The HD are both hit or miss, E. Colonial is closer but Lee Rd sometimes has better stuff. Somehow Orlando (the land of chain restaurants) has left downtown without an Uno's, TGiF or Friendly Confines.. places we like to visit either out of town or in surrounding areas. Tbh after moving back to FL/the South Eola neighborhood we didn't even own a car for 6mo bc it's the most walkable neighborhood in Orlando. Love that we only need 7min to walk to Publix, we have awesome restaurants here, bars, etc. Who needs a chain ??
  5. Have they taken actual sound readings ? If you call OPD non emergency to make a complaint they'll ask "would you like to meet with an officer ?" say yes and request they bring a decibel reader. If I remember correctly it shouldn't have to be taken by code enforcement. When they come (and have the equipment) ask to see what the reading is, and are they reading dBA? dBC? If they don't have the equipment or say it has to be code taking the reading, Eddie Crespo is the person who handles this area and he'll definitely return a call to talk to you about what's going on. For an entire year we had ridiculous bass coming through our walls from the Tsar nightclub, every time we called they said the level wasn't enough for a violation. I finally got a decibel reader and took video with imbedded date, time, geo location, showing the bass was 20dBC over the 10pm-7am sound ordinance limit. Of course then the story changed to "our equipment must be broken" so Comm Sheehan bought them new equipment. They finally cited the nightclub but what a process, legit robs you of the ability to enjoy your own home. So many sleepless nights.
  6. The DDB & Orlando Main Street are ignoring that what they're doing isn't working. Counter to their efforts to appropriate South Eola for Thornton Park (or turn SE into TPWest?) time itself will establish South Eola as the complete 'City Living' package it is, the only downtown neighborhood with a Live Work Play lifestyle that without a doubt blows the idea of being Thornton Park as a selling point out of the water. South Eola has a Publix, Lake Eola (!!) and the only dog park downtown in Constitution Green. Building a brand/identity for South Eola around these things alone would 100% draw more people and in the long term be better for business than any manufactured counterfeit claim. Is building a brand from the ground up more work than the TPD telling businesses to call themselves "Blank of Thornton Park" ?? Sure, but for as successful as the TPD is in promoting itself, I can count 10 businesses that have closed here in the last 3yrs. If the city, DDB, Main Street, etc. and SE neighborhood association could actually work together to tap in to the identity of South Eola, businesses could flourish (without a forced connection to something they do not identify with) that authenticity would lead the way for something to become the fabric of our community and live here forever .. like a Dexters, or Maxines. The Osceola corner GF retail in 420 that's never been occupied (or any of the impending 520 space) could finally be what it takes to draw people in/throughout the neighborhood - but then things like naming 420 "Camden TP" adds that drag on progress, the "that's our story and we're sticking to it" rubber stamp. Le sigh..
  7. Having heard what they paid for the land they'll prob be pretty pricey. There's a website for the project but it doesn't say. www.theoliveth.com Just like 'The Brownstones' down the street, they're relying pretty heavy on the lie that this is all in Thornton Park, presumably to jack up the price.
  8. I was told they tried to include the Pine St duplex & Summerlin bldgs but the owner wanted nothing to do with it.. it's really unfortunate bc at this point, like you said, unless there is rear access from the Olive driveway what can they ever do to maximize those lots ? A townhouse garage would prob never be approved facing Summerlin, would be absolutely ridic for a car to pull in/out on such a busy street.
  9. Not exactly a 520 thing but got this notice today of upcoming lane widening/permanent traffic change for the Lymmo bus at the end of the block, Church & Summerlin. With all the rush hour/speeding/traffic problems on Church & Summerlin the Lymmo path could be redirected or real multi faceted solution to the problems at this intersection be explored. Widening the lane *just for the Lymmo bus* feels like bringing a nickel to the dollar store - gonna need a lot more and should've known that walking in. From Lynx "Per your request, the permit number for Church & Summerlin is ENG 2018-11736" ... but idk what any of the info in the permit means
  10. Since most everyone is brainwashed that South Eola is Thornton Park we literally asked the city to change the name and absorb us into Thornton Park to be done with it. Thornton Park said no. There is/will be no such thing as TPWest. TP is doing just fine "claiming our location & businesses" as it was put by City Hall, and I assume TP does not want the responsibility of dealing with resident issues like crime, safety, etc. so South Eola lives on but it will take a lot of work for anyone to notice or care.
  11. I was at the original ARB meeting for this and everyone loved it. I mean if they could've given the architect a hug on his way out.. I think they would have. I wasn't completely sold on it at that point, but since they had them remove the backlit/neon sign I've grown to love it. As for the number of units and whatnot, the city said there is a step down system starting from CBD to Summerlin so that Summerlin Ave doesn't become a tunnel overshadowed by huge buildings. Still, I kind of wish they had been able to take the duplex on the corner and incorporate that lot somehow. Other than Central & Summerlin there are really no other "entrances" to the neighborhood that make a statement. It would have had more visual impact at the corner/border of the neighborhood and defined one of the main paths used to access the residences and businesses on S Eola Dr.
  12. Will have to link to video bc the files are too big. Lots of people out on the sidewalk taking pictures..
  13. After being approved by the city in .. 2016 ? and the project stalling out, the land went back on the market and was eventually bought together with the plans which were at that point approved a second time and now we've finally reached demo/construction. While nowhere near as big as 520 Church also being built in the neighborhood right now, this project will still have a huge impact on this block of E Pine St and the neighborhood's image. The buildings being taken were functional, but the townhomes will bring more residents and a breath of fresh air.. extending the newer look of South Eola from S Eola Drive all the way out to the border of the neighborhood at Summerlin Ave. I'm just as excited to follow this construction as the 520 Church project, they're so different but both bring new residents to South Eola and enhance the image of the neighborhood. If anyone has comments or pictures to share I thought I'd start the topic. Thanks !
  14. I've seen both of these before and find it odd that when we're not being marketed as Thornton Park by the DDB, all the projects listed here call South Eola "Planning Area: Eola Heights" or simply "Planning Area: Eola" as if South Eola is that which must not be named. I would say I understand if the Eola/Eola Heights planning area is something large that overlaps South Eola but projects in Eola Heights like Fountain Vu5 are actually listed as "Planning Area: Eola Height Historic District" so either the DDB is just all over the place with how they choose to refer to things (and never acknowledge South Eola exists) or I'm missing something.
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