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  1. Got one in Pittsburgh.. I’d say they’re probably 2nd tier
  2. I’m still pissed off about it!!!
  3. All this talk about how we want Richmond to grow…. But ask yourself, what are u doing about it? I moved here two years and I have produced two children. I also persuaded my kids mother and her mother to move here. That’s a +5!!!! Let’s do this organically… Men can produce into their 70s. Let’s get out there and have some fun! edit: think about it.. the more babies we are having the need increases for 30+ Story hospital… win win!
  4. Here is my BIG prediction for the 2nd half!!! We will have at least 10 more bizsense articles about this dude. Who are these people? The Kettlemans from “Better Call Saul”? I think for every post about this guy… Co-star adds a floor to its planned tower
  5. I don’t know man … did u see that the Sweet Frog yogurt dude is opening a spicy chicken joint? Or that shady financial guy is getting sentenced? Big things coming !!!!
  6. I wouldn’t even do that girl because she was probably talking crap about Richmond.. RVA 4 Life!!!!
  7. I’m still extremely disappointed with Navy Hill being voted down Any chance green city never happens and comes back to the city ?
  8. I bet they saw my question on the board and said we better release something so the people on urban planet forum don’t lose faith
  9. Is it true that Carytown exchange is now abandoning plans to build along cary st?
  10. Unbelievable... I thought this was Richmond city not Brandermill. How many projects have city council and these whiny neighborhood associations killed this year? This is beyond frustrating. If you are afraid of progression then don’t live in a growing city.. MOVE!
  11. Do you all think there is any way that Green City arena gets scrapped and it goes back to original plan of downtown? Im not really liking this arena in the suburbs thing. Especially since we do not have good mass transit. It made so much sense to have it near convention center. Maybe tear down arena and build a bigger better convention center? Scrap ballpark at the diamond and build it at arena space?
  12. How embarrassing for the city of Richmond! Hoping this doesn’t happen and causes city council to wake up. Most arenas in the suburbs don’t work well. Look at the palace at Auburn Hills, MI outside Detroit for example.. They all move back downtown eventually.
  13. Yeah and I am tired of hitting singles.... I get stuck at first base enough in my personal life... I am tired of Richmond and myself getting friend zoned.... We want the end zone... I WANT TO SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Its been a pretty tough pill to swallow facing the fact that I am now reading articles like "Chase Bank opens a new location in SHort Pump" or " three Sisters take a Bite out of the Fan with the opening of Sibling Rivalry Bakery".... When we should of been reading articles with renderings that would excite us like Co-star hdq bldg - 20story tall, Hyatt hotel - 22 story and etc... Even the fact that we are still having a conversation about comparing ourselves to other cities shows how slow things are. Big disappointment! and guess what... I am one that does care about sports teams an
  15. I am originally from Erie, PA (280-300k metro) with one arena but double A baseball, OHL Ontario Hockey League, Arena Football and NBA G-League team... I would think Richmond could support all those teams and a lot more
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