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  1. I used the Beyoncé reference due to the corny way the arena proposal was given to us through several news outlets... something to the effect ... “Beyoncé will come.,.” Read the headline I am not a fan and don’t care if she comes but I definitely agree with you... especially if Richmond keeps growing
  2. Don't we want Richmond to be the destination ???
  3. I agree with Downtowner. I dont understand how a metro of 1.3 million does not have an arena. I am from Erie, PA that has a metro of approx 300k ... but they have Double AA baseball, OHL hockey that produces several NHL Stars such as Connor Mcdavid, Arena Football team and an NBA G-league team. Richmond is also missing out on several entertaining tours for young families like Disney on Ice, Harlem Globetrotters and Cirque du Soleil... So is it a given that this proposal is now dead? Should we give up hope? I know its a long shot but was hoping that the new arena may bring an NBA team down the road... Revive the Virginia Squires franchise!!
  4. I thought they said Beyonce was going to come!!!!
  5. It kind of seems like things are slowing down ... Not a lot of new projects or proposals to get too excited about... I want some new tall shiny buildings to look at downtown! Is Navy Hill dead? Has Richmond peaked? maybe the rainy/cold weather just has me feeling some type of way... Lol
  6. https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/02/14/breaking-news-local-developer-submits-alternative-proposal-coliseum-rehab/ Thoughts?
  7. what are your thoughts on this article? https://www.richmond.com/business/local/panel-richmond-region-lags-similar-cities-in-population-growth-could/article_b8f277ef-5336-58ca-9c9c-916aa4f7a5f2.html
  8. Looks like this project is going through http://www.nbc12.com/2018/10/23/city-gives-developer-million-tax-break-add-affordable-housing-public-improvements-manchester-development/
  9. Sorry, I should of been more specific in saying metro instead of city... It would be awesome all around though if this becomes true. I am just skeptical and dont see Richmond Metro area going from 1.2 million to 2 million by 2030... I hope I am wrong though!!!
  10. That seems a bit aggressive but I would love it!! Love to keep city growing and less sprawl.. Developments building up and maximizing space instead of building out!!!
  11. Sorry I'm late to the party on this but Just read through this thread.. Its a shame the original proposal did not go through.. Way better than what is in progress Better than nothing I guess
  12. Thats enough chance for me to hold out hope.. LOL!
  13. Virginia needs a team! Any possibility of Richmond and Hampton Roads teaming up to get a team to the area.. I think I read the Squires used to play some games in Richmond and some in Norfolk. I would love to have an NBA team
  14. sorry man... Im a Cubs/Bears & Celtics guy... If that makes any sense... haha!
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