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  1. Yeah and I am tired of hitting singles.... I get stuck at first base enough in my personal life... I am tired of Richmond and myself getting friend zoned.... We want the end zone... I WANT TO SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Its been a pretty tough pill to swallow facing the fact that I am now reading articles like "Chase Bank opens a new location in SHort Pump" or " three Sisters take a Bite out of the Fan with the opening of Sibling Rivalry Bakery".... When we should of been reading articles with renderings that would excite us like Co-star hdq bldg - 20story tall, Hyatt hotel - 22 story and etc... Even the fact that we are still having a conversation about comparing ourselves to other cities shows how slow things are. Big disappointment! and guess what... I am one that does care about sports teams and entertainment . and I am not afraid to admit it!.
  3. I am originally from Erie, PA (280-300k metro) with one arena but double A baseball, OHL Ontario Hockey League, Arena Football and NBA G-League team... I would think Richmond could support all those teams and a lot more
  4. Gray and Reva at it again!!! Need to vote them out in November
  5. He wants to refurbish the coliseum ... Not really feeling this one
  6. My prediction.... She drops out due to exhaustion
  7. Ok I’ll start... My name is Gary and I have been diagnosed with NHLS. It seems just like yesterday I was dreaming of seeing wild acrobatics at a Cirque du Soleil show or rocking out at an Reo Speedwagon/Cheap Trick world tour. Those dreams were wiped away from me on Monday and put my soul in a dark deep abyss full of pain. As I sit here now listening to my The Cure albums on repeat, I find it hard to go on with my life here in Richmond . Will I need to move to a new city with an arena to get over this ? Am I just having withdrawals for not seeing a Navy Hill ad every time I turn on tv or get on social media? Or does time heal all wounds of sorrow caused by city council member Reva McEntire? Today I don’t have the answers... All I have is hope that one day Council will get enough rest to be able to make decisions and lead Richmond though the channels of success like our peer cities. Make City Council Awake Again !
  8. Richmond has not seen the sun since Doomsday on Navy Hill..: just saying
  9. Ok cool .. but I was promised Beyoncé ! none of these projects are going to do that pffffft!!!
  10. She will be too tired to run!!
  11. So does this mean Beyoncé is not coming ?
  12. What time is this going down?
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