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  1. While that lawsuit may have be difficult to win, the Meritage general counsel's comment, “We didn’t try to copy them in any way, shape or form” seems a little facetious to me. It doesn't take an expert in trade dress to see the similarities between the two.
  2. I saw two while biking east of Forest Hills Foods on the south side of the road, south of the sidewalk. they are kind of where the trees and bushes begin.
  3. It's about 20 or 30 feet away from the edge of Cascade Road. I always wondered if it was rail way or right of way. There's not a railroad track within miles these days so I had no idea how old it might be.
  4. Here's one... Hey, what's this?
  5. Perhaps a consideration is being given to having it look good to people passing on the highway or using the off ramp?
  6. Maybe it's a Project 1 installation? Is that a spot for something like that?
  7. If you ever visit NASA in Cape Canaveral there is a nice tribute to Chaffee, Grissom and White in the Apollo / Saturn V building.
  8. Who takes care of the restrooms at Rosa Parks Circle? While they aren't five star clean, they usually aren't terrible and there is often quite a diverse crowd in that area.
  9. Maybe Hibma's goal is to eventually connect the lagoon at his castle to the Grand River and have a medieval marina component as well? Haha!
  10. Meanwhile, in a post-apocalyptic Grand Rapids...
  11. So the theater will be the last thing constructed (tower A notwithstanding)?
  12. In the case of a downtown pharmacy like CVS, any ideas on how the breakdown of residents vs. visitors impacts the decision? IE: All the new hotels coming on line plus the potential Devos place hotel could result in a subset of people who may need to pick up various items that they either forgot or need that are part of the typical pharmacy inventory.
  13. Is that during the rebuild of the parking ramp at Blodgett or a permanent thing? If they have some guaranteed income from a deal with Spectrum to use the ramp for shuttle parking, it would be easier to implement a pay structure and not worry about a fall off from some punters now avoiding use of the ramp.
  14. A recession could be triggered by the fact that the average worker's pay has not grown as quickly as the economy and with the current occupant of the White House being a "tariff man" but clearly not understanding the mechanics of how tariffs actually work, should a trade war ensue and companies become forced into passing along some of the increased costs of importing both raw materials and finished goods, this will drive up prices on a wide variety of items for consumers, construction companies, manufacturers and others. The issue then becomes a decline in sales as customers pull back spending or ballooning debt due to a greater reliance on credit - or worse, a combination of the two. The trick will be managing a potential trade dispute into a modest economic slowdown rather than a full on recession. So if you are a betting person, it comes down to your confidence that the clown car currently driving around Washington D.C. has the acumen to pull off such a feat. Or, things may just work out fine and in the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation, the United States could look to lead with policies that advance the interests of all involved and economic stability is achieved for the foreseeable future.
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