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  1. For what it is worth - My wife and I have lived in midtown for a couple of years now. We got rid of one of our cars about a year ago. At the moment, it doesn’t make sense to get rid of our other car, but I know at least a handful of people who are in our building that are doing the same thing and just having one car that they share with their significant other. I also know there are at least a couple of people who live by themselves in this building and don’t have a car entirely. Obviously, the vast majority of people that live in our building do have one car per person; but it is slo
  2. Excited that Cooper and Nashville SC finally reached an agreement! I know the articles I have read say that demo will now begin pretty much immediately. But will the ongoing lawsuit that was brought by the Save Our Fairgrounds people impact the the start of construction on the actual stadium?
  3. The past couple of days there have been crews taking loads and loads of junk and old furniture out the old Suntrust Bank building... there has also been a crew clearing landscaping and removing some pavement from around the building. It feels like they are prepping to demo the old bank building... Is this project still on the table? I figured with no news and no movement for well over a year this one was dead.
  4. The sign at night looks really good! This building is so much more incredible than I ever imagined.
  5. I believe they are enclosing the entire garage portion (or at least most of it) with glass. Driving by this morning it looks like they’ve started putting the glass anchors on the building. Hopefully that means they’ll start covering that section with glass soon!
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