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  1. More great news for Roanoke- Carillon Roanoke Memorial hospital is building a new $300 million tower. Looks like a pretty sizable building, not sure if the design is 100% final yet though.
  2. Was in downtown Roanoke briefly over the weekend and was able to get a couple pictures of the Heronimous building renovation and what I believe is an apartment building rising near where 581 cuts through downtown. I was hoping to get out and see a few more of the large projects currently happening in Roanoke, but just didn't have time this weekend. Also... Roanoke Regional Airport has seen great passenger numbers recently. https://www.wdbj7.com/content/news/Roanoke-airport-adding-more-cheaper-summer-flights-to-tourist-destinations-in-Florida-507714231.html
  3. That's a great view, the tower looks so tall from that angle.
  4. https://www.roanoke.com/business/news/roanoke/more-developments-taking-shape-around-the-core-of-downtown-roanoke/article_68756c8e-1960-5145-a1b2-acfa13da5d96.html A great article about all of the new development happening in downtown Roanoke. Mentions the new Mast General Store, which will be a huge draw for downtown, and a possible second location for Black Dog Salvage downtown, which would also be a huge draw.
  5. Just read an article stating that a fight broke out in the MacArthur Nordstrom, which led to a shooting on February 14th. While no one was killed, an incident like this is usually a nail in the coffin for a mall.
  6. I will be moving to the Roanoke/Salem area from Richmond in May, and I will be making frequent trips out there in the meantime. I will try to post pictures/ updates as much as possible.
  7. Was just in Roanoke this past weekend, lots of new apartment developments. The old Heronimous store downtown is being turned into apartments with a new Mast General store location. The new Hampton Inn hotel downtown is open and seems to be doing great. I walked around downtown and the streets were bustling with people and there were very few vacant storefronts. Virginia Tech/ Carillion is expanding its facility just east of downtown.
  8. Near Chesterfield County Airport/ Courthouse, at 288 & Ironbridge
  9. On the theme of airport growth, I recently was on a flight from Denver to RIC that was completely full, with some people having to give up seats. The plane was an Airbus 320, so it was a decent size plane too.
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