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  1. Scooters are okay but i'm mad they got rid of the E-Bike which are much safer and actually provide exercise. I have friends who had never ridden bikes in years but loved riding the Lime Ebikes. Scooters are fun but I never feel safe on them personally.
  2. I would be more wiling to blame citizens if the Mayoral election was held during Federal elections. Holding them in a year with no state or federal elections means turnout will be low and incumbents will almost always win. I'm tired of hearing Buddy's voice on the MCO APM too, believe me.
  3. It's downtown Orlando, residents shouldn't have to park anywhere. We need to eliminate parking requirements!
  4. Seems like another downtown park would be competing with Lake Eola, personally I want them to expand Lake Eola for more downtown green space, the paths in particular need to be widened, it is always super crowded! Trees are always great of course, we need shade trees everywhere!
  5. Orlando Sentinel is officially leaving their downtown offices. Hopefully it expedites redevelopment of the parcel. Sad to see them go however!
  6. The problem with LYYMO now is the route sucks for the Orange Line and is usually slower than walking and the Grapefruit line doesn't have dedicated lanes. Lime and North Quarter lines are even more useless. They need to consolidate and reconfigure the lines to actually service downtown effectively
  7. I wish they would rezone Lake Eola Heights for more retail and apartments instead of offices so it became as vibrant as South Eola or Thorton, it is the most underutilized side of Lake Eola by far.
  8. No opinions on the building itself but developing surface parking lots is always a win in my build. Hope to see the day Downtown has no Surface parking lots at all.
  9. That 80K estimate probably includes the highly populated Brickell which is a quick and free Metromover trip away from the CBD, 40k is definitely an exaggeration for Orlando unless you include neighborhoods like College Park, Ivanhoe, SODO in addition to directly adjacent neighborhoods like Thorton & Paramore. The phrase Downtown is nebulous as this classic Seinfeld scene makes clear. Comparing specific neighborhoods is more precise imo but not as fun
  10. Depends on your boundaries, Tampa's CBD has basically no residents but adjacent neighborhoods which could possibly be considered downtown like Chanelside, Hyde Park, Harbor island, ect, are dense populated and have relatively high populations. I used SocialExplorer.com, which gives pop. density and total pop. for each census tract to compare downtowns. Orlando's CBD actually has residents interspersed with office buildings, but no adjacent neighborhood as dense as Channelside or Harbor Island, but Orlando's downtown flows naturally to the connecting neighborhoods like Thorton Park unlike Tam
  11. In that time span approximately 8,000 people have died from cars in Florida. Also most of the deaths were ruled suicides which are still tragic, but most deaths involving automobiles are definitely not suicides. The new story states," "Psychologist Lanny Berman, who studies train suicides, said it’s likely the velocity of Brightline’s trains, their bright color and newness that attracts the suicidal. “It would be noticed that it has faster speeds and that it is more lethal,” said Berman, a former executive director of the American Association of Suicidology." So hopefully the amount
  12. Self-checkout lanes have such high rates of theft, something like 20% of items aren't scanned, that even at $15 it will make more economic sense to employ cashiers. Self checkout lanes are mostly used to accommodate peak hours so customers don't get satisfied at long waits. I used to work at Target and lines are supposed to be no more than 2 people behind the person checking out so we were overstaffed for busy hours but outside the peak the cashiers did menial busywork like organizing and restocking the items in the checkout lanes. With self checkout lanes they can staff accordingly but still
  13. Reminds me Calatrava, too bad Orlando couldn't pay him to design it like the Oculus at Ground zero in NYC
  14. Naqiy90


    True those are valid points, it's just a conspiracy theory of mine but I was 9 at the time so I don't know the full story. I just know Jeb! was anti-transit like most Republicans and Mel switched his vote suddenly I believe after Jeb! canceled the Florida Overland Express so I assumed there was a connection but I may have the dates wrong. I know the light rail would have used CSX ROW partially but not entirely on it like SunRail which definitely resulted in a larger check to CSX then the light rail would have. Regardless the light rail was a missed opportunity whatever your politics ar
  15. Naqiy90


    https://ufdc.ufl.edu/UFE0024547/00001 Here's a Master thesis about the whole sad affair, there's a map of the planned project on page 60. my opinion is Jeb Bush was the ultimate cause of the light rail cancellation. At the same time, Jeb canceled true HSR Florida was developing under the ol He-Coon Lawton Chiles called the Florida Overland Express( FOX)that the state had already spent something like $40m on; probably told his boy Mel Martinez to flip his vote against Orlando's light rail too at the bidding of his Texas oil donors. Very Tragic how close Orlando was to having real rapid transi
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