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  1. Den2Gvl

    Greater Greenville Economic Developments

    I wrote GVLtoday about it last week and they said they were going to write something about it in the coming days. Haven't seen anything yet though. It's really cool though!
  2. Den2Gvl

    West Greenville Village
  3. Den2Gvl

    Pete Hollis Gateway

    It looked like the were installing vacuuming stations when I drove past it the other day. That'll be good to have.
  4. Den2Gvl

    The West End

    Yeah I'm personally not the biggest fan of balconies on tall buildings like this. Probably because I associate it with the buildings in Myrtle Beach...
  5. Den2Gvl

    The West End

    This looks like the building that I saw in SGA's studio downtown that I wrote LaFleur about. It was also discussed in the "Greenville Highrise Index" thread.
  6. Den2Gvl

    Laurens Road Corridor
  7. Den2Gvl

    Augusta Road

    Why would they only require it to stay for 10 years though? I like the building and it's character too. I would like for it to stay. But the 10 year requirement has me puzzled.
  8. Den2Gvl

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    View from my plane ride this morning.
  9. Den2Gvl

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Are they on the last floor now?
  10. Den2Gvl

    New 160 Acre West End Park
  11. Den2Gvl

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    I feel like it's missing something. The white on the top two thirds just doesn't seem right. Seems incomplete. Wish they would get a little more creative with the design. Especially since this will be what everyone sees from Falls Park.
  12. Den2Gvl

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    GVL Today just posted this.
  13. Den2Gvl

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the setback requirement was only for buildings in the West End.
  14. Den2Gvl

    Proposal: 708 S. Main

    They sure spent a lot of money on the announcement of this project for it to just die...