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  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see it be developed.
  2. Doesn't it have to be approved by the City?
  3. Den2Gvl

    The West End

    Awesome thanks!!
  4. Den2Gvl

    The West End

    Looking forward to seeing them! Thanks for the update on it all.
  5. Den2Gvl

    The West End

    Are there any renderings online that you know of?
  6. https://greenvillejournal.com/news/greenville-sc-unity-park-construction-budget/
  7. I kept getting these texts from various sources about the national quarantine. It seemed a little fishy to me with how many copy/paste messages I got, so I googled it. The news reports are saying that it's a hoax. https://www.newsweek.com/coronavirus-national-quarentine-shutdown-texts-1492440
  8. https://greenvillejournal.com/news/convention-center-update/
  9. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/business-news/reids-fine-foods-taking-over-old-caviar-bananas-location/ https://gvltoday.6amcity.com/reids-fine-foods-greenville-sc/
  10. Great view of Camperdown this morning lol
  11. Hoppin' opens today. I've seen some negative social media posts from Pour Taproom against Hoppin'. I'm excited to try it out though
  12. What wall exactly? I may have missed something
  13. I submitted an "Ask LaFluer" question a couple years ago about this building to the Greenville News. I was told that there were no plans to remodel the facade of this building and that this was the original design from the 1960's. It's such an eye sore imo. Hopefully it will be remodeled one day.
  14. Den2Gvl

    The West End

    Gather Gvl opened today. Excited to try it out!
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