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  1. I’m glad we are in agreement on some things but I think you’re either misinterpreting or misreading my statements. I said we should definitely do the $60M upgrade and I never suggested abandoning or “giving up” on the stadium. If giving up equates to $60M in upgrades, I wish someone would have given up on me a long time ago lol. I just think the $60M should be all that’s spent on CWS. And like I said, if funding becomes available later, do some minor upgrades. Otherwise, eventually having a “nice stadium that pulls in fancy events” could easily cost another $60M, and then another $60M, and another, and before you know it, we’re right back at the $200M we both agree is worthy of punching someone in the face over. My point is, it’s never going to be a “nice” stadium without a significant amount of cash invested into it. Not worth it. I truly believe after this $60M upgrade, it’s going to be as nice as it’s gonna be. It is what it is. Sinking more cash into it is just stupid.
  2. I think you know what I mean Spenser. This doesn’t have to do with city limits. The tourist part of town is just that: for tourists. When friends are town and ask me to show them Orlando, that does not include I-Drive or anything touristy. Often, they want to see the “real Orlando” anyway, not the plastic parts. Putting a stadium on International will cater to the out-of-towners, not the locals who don’t want to sit in 45 minutes of traffic on I-4 to be surrounded by Europeans and Canadians with fanny packs and Hawaiian shirts.
  3. What’s your definition of major upgrades? I think the $200M upgrade we got a few years back was pretty major, and after all of that, CWS is still a dump. How many more of those do we need to have a semi-decent stadium? Might as well just put that toward a $1B new, state-of-the-art NFL quality stadium as opposed to trying different shades of lipstick on the pig, but only if we get an NFL promise. Otherwise, perform the $60M upgrade and call it a day. And if more funding becomes available later, perhaps do some more minor improvements here and there. But putting a significant amount of money into this stadium in the heart of a blighted hood is not a wise investment, especially if it won’t be in use often enough to justify the amount.
  4. No point in building it right if there’s no promise of an NFL team. Until there’s some discussion about moving a team here, Orlando should just keep the status quo and continue to use minor upgrades to lure events here. Now if the NFL wants to expand or gives us assurances that a team will move here, then sure, construct a billion dollar stadium. But short of that, it’s a gigantic waste of money. FYI IMO nothing sports-related should be on I-Drive. That’s not Orlando, not really. It needs to be somewhere in or near the CBD.
  5. Just got back from the Pro Bowl, and while the game itself was great and the actual field was solid, the stadium’s parking, surrounding area, and infrastructure are downright embarrassing. There were people with me visiting from Tampa and I was ashamed walking around and into CWS. I’d only been to the stadium once and don’t remember it being as bad as it was today. But man, those $60M upgrades can’t come soon enough. This is humiliating and I’m shocked the NFL kept this game here for 4 years.
  6. Anybody know what’s up with the Cobb theatre downtown? Not showing any movies today. They’re also mysteriously closed and are not accepting phone calls. Really hope this theatre is not closing. That would be a huge black eye on downtown Orlando.
  7. Thank you so much for doing this! I’ve lived in St. Pete and Tampa and have only been to Jax once and all of this occurred at least 4+ years ago, so I welcome your insight! Tampa and St. Pete must have changed drastically since 2015. Tampa’s downtown was always pretty nice but sort of dead. I would put it squarely behind Orlando as a city and as a downtown, but Water Street must be transforming it. I wouldn’t mind moving back once all the construction is done. On the other hand, I hated living in St. Pete (expensive, ugly homes for the cost, not a beach guy, and too segregated) but I always liked St. Pete’s downtown. Very classy and the waterfront is beautiful. Lots of bums though. No one wants to talk about that. Jax has LOADS of potential. It’s sad how much the leaders of that city are failing its residents. Once they do something about The Landing, I hope downtown improves. Right now, Jax is just totally suburban. Nice buildings, but literally nothing else. I forward to seeing how each city continues to evolve into the 2020s. Thanks again!
  8. People here hate Avalon Park. What will be significantly different about Lake Nona?
  9. Lucky’s was awesome. Very sad about this. I was a huge fan of their meats, especially their seafood.
  10. After you visit Orlando, please do a quick comparison of the 4 downtowns you visited and rank them in terms of vibrancy, skyline/architecture, cleanliness etc! I haven’t been to the 3 other cities in a couple years so I’m curious to see how they are improving their downtown in relation to Orlando.
  11. Yep it’s for the NFL Pro Bowl.
  12. So you’re telling me this wasn’t meant to be condescending or off-putting? This comment is literally dripping in sarcasm and snark. Or maybe you thought you were being cute or funny. Instead you came off extremely immature. I’m not going to go back and forth with you on this because frankly it’s boring. Got it?
  13. Oh it’s obvious? I’m sorry. Excuse the ignorance. The feasibility, ease, convenience, and benefit to Disney to expand was just a little lost on me. But feel free to save your condescending and off-putting remarks next time.
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