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  1. I've always wondered why Orlando and Volusia and/or Brevard never capitalized on each other's reputations and joined forces in terms of getting people to visit the areas. Specifically, it seems like Cocoa could make a killing advertising itself as Orlando's beach and Orlando could boost its own brand by associating itself with the Space Coast beaches. With regards to marketing, it's a no-brainer really.
  2. Society absolutely ruins this great view of the skyline.
  3. Does the crane being gone have implications on the building of tower 2?
  4. Ehh. Chicken Fire was great at first. I like JAM Hot Chicken better though.
  5. I believe I read something about groundbreaking Q4 of this year, but that is looking less and less likely.
  6. I don't mean to presume upon your age but I wonder if the 30s-and-younger generation have this mindset toward St. Cloud. I grew up in Orlando and barely knew anything at all about St. Cloud, except that it was far. Kissimmee I definitely knew about and regarded it as relatively undesirable. But any advertising effort is 100% news to me, and "household name" is definitely not what I'd call St. Cloud. Anyway, I have a vested interest because I bought one of those downtown bungalows (albeit in downtown St. Cloud) for cheap last month and am planning to hold for as long as I could and turning it into a rental when I move in a year or 2. It's about 15 min from Neo City and Lake Nona. Hopefully the investment pays off.
  7. Anyone know how tall this is supposed to be? Looks close to 400.
  8. Unrelated, but who do I contact to add an eye roll emoji to this site?
  9. So glad this thread is back on topic. I work right across the street from where Epic is being built and the transformation of that entire area is a sight to behold. Additionally, lots of apartments and housing being built in the area as well. My only concern is I shudder to think about the amount of even more traffic that will envelope Sand Lake, John Young, Kirkman, and I-Drive.
  10. I wish Orlando would do what St. Pete did and relocate the homeless shelters away from the city core. Sorry for sounding insensitive but it's an embarrassment to have a lot of homeless downtown.
  11. It looks like Art 2 Park is finally under construction.
  12. Does anyone know if this building will end up being 400 feet? It looks pretty tall
  13. From OBJ: Miami-based high-speed intercity rail Brightline may not be stopping at Walt Disney World's Disney Springs, but it still plans to get riders as close as possible. The multibillion-dollar passenger train project's plans to have a station on Disney property fell through after Disney confirmed to Orlando Business Journal that the rail line's configuration did not support such a station. Brightline's current route is expected to take it from Orlando International Airport along State Road 528 and Taft-Vineland Road — with stops in the Orange County Convention Center/International Drive corridor — and then down Interstate 4 toward Tampa. However, a potential station in the Disney area still is in the mix, a Brightline representative told OBJ via a prepared statement. "In addition to the airport, one new station will be located at the Orange County Convention Center and an alternative station will be placed near the original Disney Springs site, albeit not on land owned by Disney," said Ben Porritt, Brightline senior vice president of corporate affairs. "Together, the three integrated stations provide access to the largest economic and employment centers in Central Florida, and offer the best opportunity for the success of Brightline and SunRail [Central Florida's commuter train]."
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