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  1. This song and music video are totally tame compared to the absolute junk that kids today have access to. I say this all the time, the internet has ruined society. Anyway, not to derail this thread, so back on topic.
  2. I wasn’t gonna bother, it was way too easy and a little gratuitous but I’m glad someone else did.
  3. Agreed, it’s nothing special, but I think the larger focus is that downtown Orlando lured a pretty significant tech company. This is a major get for the city of Orlando, downtown, and whatever they’re going to eventually call the terribly-named Creative Village.
  4. Really hope these projects aren’t dead.
  5. Really exciting news!
  6. The sad thing is no one in Tampa Bay cares. The other night against the Sox, there must’ve been 4,000 people in the stands. I couldn’t believe it. And this has been going on for awhile. I’m not a fan of any city losing its team but the Rays need to get out ASAP.
  7. Uncommon

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    I appreciate the effort you took to get there. Please accept this like.
  8. Uncommon

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    I really really hate to be that guy but I’ll believe when I see it.
  9. Do you know if they’re moving from their spot at E Colonial or are they opening another location?
  10. The building looks pretty nice up close and from certain angles but I take the 408 eastbound to get home from Winter Garden and man, CSP looks awful right around the OBT and I-4 exits. It looks so fat and wide and it seems to block the view of almost all our other buildings. Sigh. I really hope phase 2 makes it look better.
  11. Yeah I wish the city would just annex the Sky Lake and Pine Castle areas to make it a little bit more rounded. That would probably add a couple thousand residents too. EDIT: In reality, the borders should go as far south as Hunter’s Creek and as far east as Avalon Park or even Wedgefield. Everyone I know and everyone I know that lives in these areas refers to it as Orlando.
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