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  1. Isn’t this video from last March? I could be wrong but I think any agreement is currently on hold until a route can be agreed on.
  2. Is that taller or shorter than previously reported?
  3. What young, talented players do you speak of? Because for the better part of this decade, once Dwight Howard left, the Magic largely relied on veterans to build their team, not hotshot rookies. Vucevic, Fournier, Aaron Gordon, Arron Afflalo, and Terrence Ross all come to mind (if you don’t know all these players, I seriously doubt your ability to answer objectively and with any kind of credibility). They weren’t aiming for young, talented players and they weren’t aiming for a mix of veterans and young players. They were just bad, and the mismatched pieces came together out of sheer accidence. Starting in 2014, a year or two A.D. (After Dwight), the Magic weren’t tanking at all. They were desperate to regain relevance and heal from Dwight’s stinging departure. And for that, they were rewarded with annual 30-40 win teams not quite good enough for the playoffs and not quite bad enough to receive high lottery picks. They tried their damnedest to win, hiring veteran, win-now coaches like Scott Skiles, Frank Vogel, and Steve Clifford. Hell, they even traded away promising young players in Oladipo and Tobias Harris for win-now players in Erasmus Ilyasova and Serge Ibaka. Clearly, they have been hell bent on competing and winning since at least 2015. It just hasn’t worked out. This is why I take issue with exceedingly stupid comments about the Magic tanking for a very long time, like @spenser1058 has asserted. Even a casual Magic fan will maintain the franchise has TRIED to win for most of this decade; they’ve just had poor results. Only recently has the team decided to lean completely into young, unproven talent as a springboard for future success. Yes, it has come at the expense of the present and at the expense of wins. But focusing on the present when there is nothing but mediocrity on the roster will merely continue to mire the Magic in a middling, purgatorial treadmill of meh. All in all, the Magic have not been a successful organization post-2013. But it is not because of tanking, and it is not because of the Devos family, no matter how much @spenser1058tries to force his annoying political viewpoints down our throats (I truly love his writing but I’m close to blocking him). Team management has just made stupid decisions, and then been fired and replaced. I applaud Weltman and Hammond for taking a measured approach to future success. Cutting corners is why the Magic have been irrelevant for close to 10 years. We are finally doing it right: building through the draft, making shrewd financial decisions, and operating with patience.
  4. It’s honestly shocking how little non-NBA fans know about the Magic. You can have an opinion because that is everyone’s basic right, but my god, when people know next to nothing about the sport, it is abundantly clear.
  5. Legitimately, for the first time in almost 10 full years, the Magic have discernible, franchise-changing talent on the roster, including at least two (or perhaps more) All-Star level caliber players and people are whining about losing? Rookies lose. Very young players lose. That’s literally the way of the basketball world. Only a total simpleton believes otherwise. Did people really expect the Magic to be a contender while having its 3 best players under 22 years old and with having the 2nd most games lost to injury in the entire league? How shortsighted and clueless is that? The Magic are finally on the verge of assembling a winning roster that has a chance to actually compete in the next several years and @spenser1058is crying about things it’s abundantly evident he has no clue about. When people with clear agendas run their mouths on topics they have zero business commenting on, it is the height of taxing, annoying, eyerollworthy, irksome, exasperating, and grating speech. Even more troublesome, it severely undermines their credibility and persuasiveness. Whenever such people post about the Magic, all I can see is bias, political agenda, and irrelevancy.
  6. This is honestly the most absurd, overly-simplified, nonsensical take I’ve ever seen about sports from someone who very clearly knows absolutely nothing about what he’s talking about. Even if the Magic won a championship tomorrow, you’d still find some way to discredit the team merely because you don’t like the owners. Similarly, even if Buddy Dyer single handedly managed to lure enormous companies to town with exceedingly high paying jobs, you’d manage to find some way to lambast him and continue to make this about your silly, tired agenda.
  7. Aren’t you in Jacksonville now or something?
  8. Noooooo. This is terrible news. Just when the weather was getting nice too. This is awful.
  9. He claims he would be surprised if Orlando didn’t receive win its World Cup bid. I call BS. Regarding Beep supposedly coming to downtown, it’s long overdue, since Tampa already has Beep operating in its CBD. Considering Beep is local and homegrown, I’m disheartened they didn’t choose downtown Orlando to pilot its technology sooner.
  10. The top 4 places for young professionals in Florida are in Orlando and 5 out of the top 10.
  11. Name needs to be changed to The Village; absolutely nothing creative about it so far. Maitland Village would also be a fitting name. Nothing at all wrong with it, but I just don’t think the name suits the area.
  12. I would love to see the property owners make whatever the needed repairs are and then repurpose this mall into a gigantic food hall and entertainment area, similar to Armature Works.
  13. Thank you for a logical, sensible post devoid of emotion, cynicism, and inherent negativity.
  14. I’m guessing solid is approved, dotted is planned.
  15. Jesus, get a life lol you clearly have way too much time on your hands. How long did it take you to dig all of this up, all for nothing since I won’t even bother reading it? Pot meet kettle? You’re the one that typically stirs up drama, arguments, and consternation on these forums. If I’m not mistaken, you have had several contentious discussions with just about every single poster on UP. I just have happened to be the untimely recipient of your boomer wrath today. Who will it be tomorrow? Don’t answer that. I’m not interested.
  16. Now who’s emotional? It seems I struck a nerve, what with your stark change in tone a clear sign that you are the one who is failing to keep their emotions in check. I typically don’t like agreeing with prahaboheme but it’s hard not to co-sign the notion that your inherent posting style (sarcasm, constant, unnecessary challenging, veiled insults, a refusal to admit when you’re wrong, an ability to see the opposing argument, and frequent bickering) has devolved to irksome from plain old tiresome. Hell, I can already predict your response because you’ve used it so much and with so many people: “if you don’t like what I have to say, then put me on the ignore list.” Whatever. I’m not interested in continuing this discussion. Final salvo: yes, save the tree where reasonable. Move the tree where financially feasible. But overall, high density housing in Orlando should be the priority in a region that surely lacks it. End of story.
  17. So let me get this straight: You decree without a shadow of a doubt that the “city was going to pay for the move” of the tree but absent definitive, undeniable proof, then say “you’ll have to go find [the evidence] yourself.” Then, despite the original plans calling for market rate condos, you say that Zoi House is “high density housing for millionaires” and won’t benefit the citizens of a region that is among the fastest-growing, rent-burdened in the nation, before pivoting to why hundreds of homes should not be built because they don’t suit your personal tastes. Finally, you imply that despite your faulty reasoning and lack of sensible arguments, those who disagree with you are being emotional and need to “realx.” Did I get all of that? If so, I can assure you, I am not upset or annoyed. The only sentiments here are pity and incredulity.
  18. That’s my point exactly. Zoi House is nothing special. It isn’t luxury apartments or high standard living. Last I heard, it was condos, similar to 55 West. No millionaires would be living there; that’s absurd. It likely would house the same income levels of the towers I previously mentioned. Not wanting to have 300 units of market rate housing built because of a damn tree, or even worse, because you want a smaller, scaled down version with a different design is the height of lunacy.
  19. Yes, because there are many millionaires living in downtown Orlando in Vue, 55 West, Modera, and the other residential towers downtown. Like I said, more multi family housing is a net positive. If you seriously can’t understand that, then this conversation is over. And I call BS that the city was planning to foot the bill for moving the tree. If that’s true and there is undeniable evidence there of, well then it just makes what the developer did silly, unnecessary, ill-conceived, and fiscally stupid. Not sure why the developer would pay themselves to trim the tree when the city was willing to pay to relocate the tree. Something isn’t adding up.
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