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  1. Time to get this thread out of the coffee house!
  2. Time to drop the question mark from the topic title!
  3. Tepper seems like he is just as excited about development as he is the sports teams. He basically said that he looked at the area as a blank canvas and is excited about the train station as well. With the Rock Hill development, the Eastland redevelopment, and the planned Entertainment District / Gateway development, I think it is safe to say that Tepper has thrown himself in the development game. This says to me that Tepper is committed to Third Ward for the stadium site whether it be extensive renovations to BofA or a new stadium at the Pipe & Foundry site. The argument for funding is much stronger now with the additional events going on... A year-round vision for the Stadium: - At least 10 NFL events per year (8 regular season, 2 preseason, possible post-season, not to mention FanFest) + Super Bowl bid? - At least 17 MLS events per year + additional soccer events. - 3 NCAA Football events per year (Kickoff Game, ACC Championship, Bowl Game). - Multiple major concerts, including 3 already booked for 2020. - Occasional NCAA Basketball (Final Four) if a roof is added or if a new stadium is built.
  4. What are we getting for $110M? - Stadium renovations for MLS team - Eastland redevelopment - Entertainment district development - Connection to Gateway Station Yeah, we’re spending more than other cities, but we’re also getting more than other cities.
  5. Don’t worry. That tower is about to be the most talked about thing on these boards for the next couple years. We’re just warming up.
  6. Speaking of the Outer Banks, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was moved further back from the ocean 20 years ago this year.
  7. It would be cool if they cut through the building Cinderella’s Castle style with an arch with the steps going down to Mint. For that matter, Lincoln Harris should just build “Charlotte’s Castle,” haha.
  8. Surely there would be some kind of arcade connecting the promenade to Mint Street?
  9. The Promenade side shows some promise. The GarageofAmerica entrance side not so much. If the stadium is indeed replaced in a decade or so and the grid is fixed like you have suggested then that could make a difference with more space fronting the straightened out Mint Street.
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