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  1. “By the light of the silvery moon...” “Like a ship at sea, I’m just lost in a fog...”
  2. Hey Kenan, where is the silver line going? In no way do I think this was a random roast line. One of SNL’s writers must have been reading up on Charlotte transportation.
  3. Appropriate given how transformative the railroad itself was in Charlotte’s history!
  4. Looks like it is part of the Gantt Center from this angle. Nice view coming in on College street. Couldn’t get a photo but it is also starting to fill the gap between BOAT and Ally from the Wilkinson Blvd. angle.
  5. Part IV: Marty McFly visits 1950s era Charlotte
  6. The Charlotte Skyline briefly makes an appearance in an NBA on TNT video in between the bookends of DaBaby (who says “and my city, Charlotte”) and Dua Lipa (who seems to invite people to visit, lol).
  7. Amazing how similar the two look. Besides the people, the biggest giveaways are that the rendering butchers the top of BOACC and the photo butchers the top of Hearst (which is no fault of the photographer).
  8. All I can think about when I see a First Citizens commercial is how close they are to the camera. You can see all the pores in their faces and everything. A little too intimate...
  9. Here are some more from the actual ACC Championship broadcast. Aerials were taken using the Goodyear Blimp. I don’t think there is another stadium in the nation that could give you a shot like the last one with two skyscrapers towering over it so close.
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