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  1. The spirit of Elvis has not been at rest since his mural was defaced...
  2. This is where I would like to see the tallest tower... Thanks to @NCMike1990 for sharing the new ClearSky images. Imagine the density when the remaining surface lots are gone!
  3. BPR Properties: White Point & DART: Option 1 Option 2 I like White Point & DART’s Option 2 the best. I would honestly like to see buses disappear from there (at least for the most part). I think the blue line, silver line, and streetcars on Trade and Stonewall should be the primary mode of transit Uptown. Everywhere in Uptown would be within a reasonable walking distance of a light rail or streetcar station. Have the majority of the buses go to Gateway Station or somewhere outside of the 277 loop. I do support affordable housing, but I don’t know if this is the best place for it or if BPR’s proposal would be enough to make much impact on the problem.
  4. I’m all about alliteration. Truist Tower has a better ring to it than Truist Center or Truist Plaza if you ask me, but it’s still going to be hard to stop saying Hearst.
  5. Cabarrus could still extend it further if they wish, but it’s hard for me to imagine a lot of people taking the light rail to the speedway. The tracks are already pointing more towards 49 from UNC Charlotte Main Station and could meet up with 49 around John Kirk Drive.
  6. I wonder how feasible it would be to take the blue line up 49 and have it terminate there if Cabarrus County would contribute? This would provide better Amtrak access to the University area.
  7. Charlotte Observer: Bank of America moves into new tower, the latest milestone in uptown corridor growth
  8. I know this is a ring cities thread, but speaking of clocks...
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