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  1. Honeywell HQ replicas now for sale at your local Charlotte Target. Makes a wonderful Christmas gift! The updated rendering on the box explains the slightly sloped roof.
  2. This is truly terrible. What is BB&T (now Truist)’s obsession with signage anyway? They’ve always put signs on their buildings but this is next level. If they are determined to put their name on the building then why not just project it at night as part of the light show instead of strip mall signage?
  3. I took a night pic from nearly the same spot a few days ago...
  4. I’m not saying that everything is going virtual in the future (or even most things), but I think this has given companies the chance to experiment with new ways of doing things and in certain situations where the new way proves to be more efficient they may be hesitant to go back to the old way.
  5. Another thing to be considered is that the pandemic may have changed the business world permanently to some degree. Virtual meetings through Zoom, etc. may eliminate the need for business travel in some cases and the ability to work remotely may reduce the amount of office space needed (though I think most people prefer to work in person and will have cabin fever when all this is over if they don’t already). I read an article somewhere suggesting that we are never going back to the old economy but to an altered economy. That’s not to say that it won’t recover, but that it will be different.
  6. It appears that “Taste of the Season” is a scaled back version of WinterFest that will not have as many rides or events as usual. WinterFest has less rides open anyway, but usually Top Gun (aka Afterburn) and the new Copperhead Strike (last year anyway) were open for it. Not sure if any thrill rides will be included at all this year due to social distancing, but expect a few family rides.
  7. Got these screen grabs from the Thursday Night Football pre-game broadcast in which former Panthers WR Muhsin Muhammad drives around the city that he calls “the best kept secret in the South.” Bonus: Sir Purr doing Sir Purr things... “What’s that bear doing?” - Robby Anderson
  8. “While the Panthers negotiations are no longer part of Eastland, Charlotte Economic Development Director Tracy Dodson announced substantial progress over the Eastland site. That includes no longer having the Charlotte FC headquarters at Eastland in an effort to provide more public space at the property. Instead of the team headquarters, Dodson said that Tepper Sports would locate the youth academy at the property as well as practice fields that could host the MLS team and international squads coming to play in Charlotte.” Source: WBTV This seems to indicate that the MLS team does intend to use the Eastland site to some degree even if it is not the official HQ. Putting offices for the team at the stadium, Rock Hill, or elsewhere doesn’t mean that they won’t put the Eastland facility to use.
  9. It is also possible that the MLS team could use space vacated by the Panthers on the west side of the stadium along with the current bubble and practice fields, at least in the short term. With the financial commitment from the city for the MLS team I would be surprised if it is actually headquartered in Rock Hill (though some business will inevitably take place there due to overlap in management).
  10. From Monday morning. Definitely makes a difference driving down College Street...
  11. I found it comforting as well, largely because it represents a return to normalcy. Even though schools are still not back in full swing, seeing a school bus on the road gives the city the kind of life that it has been lacking throughout this pandemic. Here’s a link to the “Rhapsody in Blue” animation from Disney’s Fantasia 2000, which I think really captures the spirit of city life.
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