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  1. Special Community Groundbreaking Celebration on Friday From Noon until 2 p.m. on Friday, July 25th, you're invited to the new Orlando Events Center groundbreaking site (on Church St. between Hughey & Division) to take part in a variety of celebratory activities. Highlights of the community open house will include: Complimentary Kodak Photographs with a groundbreaking shovel A souvenir groundbreaking dirt give-away Autographs with Orlando Magic Dancers and Magic Community Ambassador Bo Outlaw Interaction with the Orlando Magic JetBlue Crew entertainment team Children acti
  2. CHCTRescue2

    The Plaza

    Can you resubmit? The link didn't work.
  3. Tower crane delivered and set-up yesterday and today at Disney's Contemporary Suites. I'll try to upload picks. The crane is very short at this point, but will grow in time.
  4. Administration 407.996.1706 [email protected]otels.com Rosen Hotels & Resorts 9888 Universal Blvd., Suite 500 Orlando, FL 32819
  5. CHCTRescue2

    The Plaza

    From the site: Movie Theatre Grand Opening Labor Day 09/03/07. Really??
  6. ...except the Rosen part (unless I am missing something). I have 0 interest giving him one red cent after the ballyhoo he has been pulling lately on this venue thing!
  7. I have no idea how you guys got onto I-Drive from the Church Street topic, but here's something to get back on track. Kuhn is possibly looking for retail tenants for a yet to be detailed Church Street project, and H&M is looking for it's first Orlando location, hummm......... Just a little something from your friend who brought you the 'Ikea story'.
  8. CHCTRescue2

    55 West

    I have never seen one person add then delete so many posts in my life!
  9. Just went to two concerts at the O-Rena (Jimmy and Billy), and a play at Bob carr, those venues are a joke. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but if you are saying we don't these facilities, then you have never (or at least recently) been to an event at the current facilities. For Heavens sake, can we just do something and not make a damn mountain out of a mole hill!!
  10. CHCTRescue2

    The VUE

    Orlandonative: what gives? It seems like the glass on this project has taken a very long time. I am not sure if you have elaborated yet, but I am truly interested. Looking at it from Lake Eola today, didn
  11. You have to admit that those "obsessed few" really do have a loud voice. It is almost creepy in a way how into height some people are. I think the building could like an industrial prison from the sidewalk, and lit up using flashlights, but if it is over 500 feet tall, it would be the best in Orlando. Kind of weird if you ask me, but then again you didn't ask me.
  12. No, it's not you.... I can not even believe this "I-Drive" idea is even being seriously considered.
  13. Now imagine this similar view (albeit from another angle) while sipping a martini at Sky 60 the other night. Striking to say the least.
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