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  1. Willy18

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Ain't gonna happen but I agree 100% !!!!
  2. So it's a chartered bus service, basically? One that only goes to two places, very creative Mr. McWaters. I'm sorry but this just sounds like the city just wasted my money to help former Senator McWaters provide a "neat experience". What's next, a "luxury style" long car service that drops you off in Times Square? It's kind of like a limousine service, only you provide boba tea and back rubs.
  3. No, was running behind and didnt have time to stop.
  4. Has anyone been by this thing recently? It's design is nothing short of a giant warehouse in Suffolk. From VB Blvd side has the multiple HVAC units at ground level and blank metal paneled wall....just awful. The metal panels are different colors (light and dark gray) and randomly placed, I'm assuming that's their design but wow! The field house at Princess Anne looks waaay better than this thing and that's not saying much. Why not incorporate some tinted or mirrored glass panels? Guess we will have to wait and see how this turns out but right now it looks like a cold storage facility. Not what I would expect from something so near the heavy tourist/convention area.
  5. Honestly, I could see this development in the suburbs as well as on the edge of a downtown. It looks like something VB TCish. I'm not a fan of it at all. Like most projects in this area, it has very little thought put into it. Ive said it before, our cities approve just about anything. They don't force these devlopers to be creative with their projects. Like Ive said they see any devleopment as good development. Norfolk is running out of land and you cant keep building these types of buildings and continue to grow in population. You have to go up.
  6. Willy18

    New Arena

  7. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/norfolk/j-crew-and-3-other-stores-leaving-macarthur-center-but-more-stores-are-on-the-way-in/ Saw this article on Wavy about even more stores leaving MacArthur. Good news is that I can now play putt putt in the dark and get pictures taken with my dog all under one roof....truly tough to watch this car crash. Gonna end up like a 3 story Military Circle.
  8. The whole St Paul's project is a huge missed opportunity to increase the footprint of DT. They had a "do over" where they could build a better DT and not make the same mistakes of the previous administrations. Up until this point I see nothing but failure. The proposed plan? Fail. This mess above...Fail!!
  9. Maybe it's just my age...but I never understood the lure of Starbucks. I only go there after I receive the typical holiday gift card.
  10. Well, these restaurant owners better get creative and stop trying to play the "whoa is me" game. This is what capitalism looks like. These same owners that are whining and crying probably shop at Wal-Mart and get restaurant supplies at Sam's Club. Remember, Wal-Mart basically ate ever little locally owned store from coast to coast when they first opened. Are there still stores in business in this country that aren't Wal-Mart...yes. Maybe you have to lower prices, maybe raise wages or maybe provide a better product/environment. Just saying "If the casino opens, I'll close", doesn't sound like a very good business owner to me. You're just not gonna try...just close up? First sign of competition and you close up shop? Sounds like these owners have zero faith in themselves, their staff and their product.
  11. Do the stand alone restaurants in Vegas know about this lil piece of food service insider knowledge? Someone get them all on a conference call quick....tell 'em they're gonna go out of business.
  12. Agreed 110%. Where is this Starwood proposal? Where is the new arena? Where are we at with the Gateway? Where is the building boom other metros are having? These mayors and city leaders need to grow a pair and start making things happen. Stop just filling the position and make real economic changes/decisions for our cities and region.
  13. I fear this thing will just be an empty shell in the near future. The city will have no vision or plan, they will just try and piece together something for the next 10-20 years. If a large "glossy" plan does arise it will get stalled with studies, questionnaires and townhall meetings. Spend countless years and millions of dollars trying to figure the best way to redevelop. Once it's finalized it will be a watered down very large enclosed strip mall with small start-ups. Like I've said before, get in a damn car or get on a plane and see what other cities are doing!!!! Stop thinking, "Well that wouldn't work here". Ya know what doesn't work here...what we are currently doing. Like I said, we are where we are because of us. Can't blame the economy...it's booming. Can't blame the military...look at Jacksonville or San Diego, they're doing great. This goes for every city in HR!!! I mean even much smaller cities are making us look bad. They are growing and reinventing themselves all around us. Yet we want to figure out what we should call ourselves....757, Tidewater, Hampton Roads, Coastal Va., COVA. Who effing cares!!!! While we are laser focused on our identity other cities/metros are blowing past us. They are MAKING a name for themselves. So, just keep doing what you're doing. Let's continue to fight each other for the next 30 job warehouse expansion and the new cosmetology masters school program and check back with us in 20 years. We'll see how this all ends.
  14. There has to be another reason. That cant be it, hehe.
  15. This metro just continues to prove why we are where we are when compared to others our size. So disappointing and typical. Before all said and done it will be a 2 story Rosie's with an attached Super 8. This economy is freakin booming...and we get projects that are stalled, downsized and nothing new thats substantial.
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