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  1. So many surface lots...should be interesting in the next 10 years.
  2. Willy18

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I don't have a problem with them...just another way to get around an urban area. If adults don't want to wear helmets or safety equipment then that's their decision. I personally wouldn't ride without those items. Can't blame the scooter on his death....there was a person on the scooter and driver in the car. One of them was at fault. As for the kids, they will zoom past on bikes, skateboards, hover boards or what ever mommy and daddy buy them, so again can't really blame scooters.
  3. I come here for development news and updates....and you ALL failed me.
  4. Looking at the numbers...I would figure we will end the year with 4.05 to 4.1 million. Maybe a little more.
  5. Representatives from the mall approached him this year about the idea. At the time, he was considering opening his second location in downtown Norfolk. He was skeptical of the mall at first. "I thought, 'Man, that mall is dead,'" he remembers. It still is, went there last week for the first time in about 5-7 years. Saw roughly 10-15 people on a Saturday afternoon and this was with a carnival in the parking lot. He better market heavily to Optima and Movement....cus he isn't getting business from retail customers that's for sure. Horribly depressing mall that needs to be redeveloped ASAP.
  6. But why dump millions into this land to make it look like a city park...it's not? Only for developer(s) to come along and rip it apart for high-rises. Like I said, clean it up so the developer(s) have a clean slate and hold their feet to the fire with the citys vision. While we wait and the grass starts growing people can walk their dogs, play frisbee and take selfies until the earth movers arrive. Then Norfolk can work with the developer to incorporate green space into the construction design. I do agree, a river walk connecting Harbor Park to Waterside and FN is a very good plan. That doesn't have to happen now though...let's get some big developers on the hook first. There's zero tax revenue coming in on a walking path and big azz park...just sayin.
  7. Walking paths, dog parks and jungle gyms...and a couple of giant 1-2 story government buildings. What are we doing? This is a downtown not a county government operations campus. Just scrape the area of all buildings and concrete. Throw some soil and seed down and maintain the lawns....that's it...nothing else. Put the property up for lease/sale. Market it for high rise/high density ONLY. Let the developers come to you and come up with the plans.
  8. Willy18

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    What I find strange is that 13 didn't even speak about those two proposals. Is it just lazy journalism/reporting or are these not really on the radar anymore. I know the casino is pretty far down the road...but I would imagine the museum would happen a little sooner.
  9. Willy18

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Well, the proposed museum and casino would be a huge boost for the Harbor Park area.
  10. I'm all for citizen suggestions but this "public input" always worries me. Let's be honest, most people are generally ignorant when it comes to things like this. You will always get the "Don't do anything and use the money for the schools and teachers" or "I want to just have a giant park for my kids and dogs to play". I mean honestly, if all the NIMBY's had it their way DT Norfolk would look like a botanical gardens with swing sets and plywood stand-ins for kiddy pictures.
  11. I would like to see other views of this new design before making a decision...but it does look much better in that picture. Attached garages off to the side takes away from the whole look of the building in my opinion. I'm assuming it's not all parking since it states there is a mixed use component. Why not blend them all together and give us a 30+ story tower as the "Gateway" into DT Norfolk.
  12. I am so thankful that everything went great!!! This is a huge boost to our image and economy. If VB or Norfolk could get an arena off the ground, Friday would have still went on without any issues. Though, we will probably never have an arena that will hold 50K-80K but SITW wouldn't have lost a day of entertainment.
  13. Willy18

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I know there are plans for this to be housing but this big empty space on Fenchurch looks like it could house an arena over parking garage.
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