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  1. Willy18

    Norfolk Pictures

    Wow! That would have made for an amazing waterside/warehouse district. That wasn't the thought process back then though. Looking at all the scrubbing they did of beautiful buildings I truly do think DT has really come a long way. Sure, we can all agree that it should have been done differently. I'm just happy that it bounced back after all that destruction from the 60's.
  2. Willy18

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Here's an idea, why don't the cities in Hampton Roads work on this plan "together" with or without an "Amazon". Most if not all of this would take years to build if Amazon would have come along. The other serious contenders for Amazon have been working very hard on a plan to keep and lure these types expansions/relocates. They will and are ready for the next one. Hampton Roads is still trying to figure out what name is best for the region....smh. ……..an effing sand castle? Are we serious? We don't have an international flight or mass transit....but we can get you a sand castle. Don't get me wrong, I love HR but we should just not even try if we can't get our act together.
  3. Willy18

    Norfolk Pictures

    Geez...looks like Germany during the war. Would have been pretty cool to still have the mid-rise buildings over there near Harbor Park.
  4. Willy18

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Looks like all Tru hotels look like that.
  5. Willy18

    Waterside District

    More than likely Waterside Marina, LLC (who manages it now) has some financial issues and can't continue operating. So...they need to find a new company ASAP to manage prior to the end of the year...when their contract officially ends. I don't see it as a negative on Waterside District's performance...though I would imagine the new smell has worn off some. I've been there several times and I don't think it's as amazing as what was sold to the city.
  6. Willy18

    Block 2 Tower

    The lack of creativity from these architects never ceases to amaze me. I mean, does everything need to look like it was built out of lego's? I'm not saying go all Hong Kong on that corner...but step a little out of the box. That is a highly visible piece of property and could be a signature building even if it is only 16 stories. Don't get me started on the grocery store property across the street. That store could have been integrated into the first 2-3 floors of an office tower. It would have also been an extension of the Town Center...but that ship has sailed. Now we have a suburban grocery store that looks like a mix between Busch Gardens and Williamsburg Pottery surrounded by a sea of parking. Sorry....forgive me I'm a lil salty about that.
  7. Willy18

    The Wave

    Other than the multiple shots of cities that aren't VB it was a very well put together site and video.
  8. Willy18

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    Is the "adult arcade" business model still a thing?
  9. Willy18

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    This will just add to the crowds and issues down there that weekend. I know it's "structured" differently but I don't see it calming the problems that revolve around College Weekend.
  10. Willy18


    Whats funny is that San Fran is number 1...with a median wage increase that has jumped to $40K per year. Try living there on that amount of money when the average rent is $3670 per month and median home price is $1.6 million.
  11. Willy18

    Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    Inside Business has two articles about "The Richmond - Hampton Roads Megaregion"....which I find very laughable. We can't even work together as a metro...how the hell do we work with another metro and create a "Megametro"? Let's start with cities that border each other before we partner with our neighbors 2 hours away.
  12. Willy18

    Norfolk Development 2

    Unfortunately Urbanlooker, I don't think we will see any of this happen in our lifetimes. VB and Norfolk fight over an outlet mall entrance for heavens sake. VB won't tie into the LR because of the "bad element" coming to their glorious city. Zero unity + zero teamwork = zero progress.
  13. Willy18

    Norfolk Development 2

    Looking through several articles other than our local media...this has been in the works for several years. I hate to say it...but it's gonna happen. Our fearless city leaders have probably been ignoring it...I'm not sure how they couldn't be aware. I can't imagine the airport being the ONLY reason they started this thought process....there's more to it. If the city knew it's going to lose the only F500 company within the city limits it better put together a super sweet deal to keep them. Work tirelessly with the airport to add carriers and non-stop flights...basically what ever they want we fight to get for them. Offer them enough land to build a campus like they a planning in DT Atlanta. We shoot ourselves then question why we are bleeding.
  14. Willy18

    Norfolk Development 2

    Ahhh...millennials. Let's call the food court a "hall", put reclaimed wood, galvanized pipe, exposed brick and garage doors and now it's cool. Sorry, couldn't resist it's just funny to me. Anyway, I get the concept and see how it could greatly help a sandwich maker/brewer or whatever just starting out. The Selden Market is similar in this concept. I'm sure this may pull some business from Waterside...but I wouldn't worry too much.
  15. Honestly, I'm more upset that the city let a suburban grocery store be built right next to "their downtown"...but that's what VB does. STOP letting these developers and these brands build what they want just so you get the brand name in the city. Force them to get creative and develop an urban store/business...if they can't/won't then it doesn't get approved. Let them build in the Princess Anne or Redmill area if they want to be here so bad. Now we are going to have a giant grocery store with a sea of parking for many years taking up valuable "urban" real estate. Honestly, I wouldn't care if Wegmans never came here...it's a grocery store! I have a half dozen within 5mins of my house. Why couldn't they force something similar to this? Nope!