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    Norfolk Development 2

    Unfortunately Urbanlooker, I don't think we will see any of this happen in our lifetimes. VB and Norfolk fight over an outlet mall entrance for heavens sake. VB won't tie into the LR because of the "bad element" coming to their glorious city. Zero unity + zero teamwork = zero progress.
  2. Willy18

    Norfolk Development 2

    Looking through several articles other than our local media...this has been in the works for several years. I hate to say it...but it's gonna happen. Our fearless city leaders have probably been ignoring it...I'm not sure how they couldn't be aware. I can't imagine the airport being the ONLY reason they started this thought process....there's more to it. If the city knew it's going to lose the only F500 company within the city limits it better put together a super sweet deal to keep them. Work tirelessly with the airport to add carriers and non-stop flights...basically what ever they want we fight to get for them. Offer them enough land to build a campus like they a planning in DT Atlanta. We shoot ourselves then question why we are bleeding.
  3. Willy18

    Norfolk Development 2

    Ahhh...millennials. Let's call the food court a "hall", put reclaimed wood, galvanized pipe, exposed brick and garage doors and now it's cool. Sorry, couldn't resist it's just funny to me. Anyway, I get the concept and see how it could greatly help a sandwich maker/brewer or whatever just starting out. The Selden Market is similar in this concept. I'm sure this may pull some business from Waterside...but I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. Honestly, I'm more upset that the city let a suburban grocery store be built right next to "their downtown"...but that's what VB does. STOP letting these developers and these brands build what they want just so you get the brand name in the city. Force them to get creative and develop an urban store/business...if they can't/won't then it doesn't get approved. Let them build in the Princess Anne or Redmill area if they want to be here so bad. Now we are going to have a giant grocery store with a sea of parking for many years taking up valuable "urban" real estate. Honestly, I wouldn't care if Wegmans never came here...it's a grocery store! I have a half dozen within 5mins of my house. Why couldn't they force something similar to this? Nope!
  5. Willy18

    New Bonney Road Development

    Could just be another Convergence building...adding to the collection.
  6. Willy18

    Norfolk Development 2

    Not bad....however, I don't see any space for proposed retail on the ground floor fronting front street. I know right now it's not a thriving section of DT/Fort Norfolk but it could if done correctly. The vacant land between this development and the Army Corp of Engineers has so much potential...I truly can't see why developers haven't jumped all over it.
  7. Willy18

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    Looks/is pretty close to me
  8. Willy18

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    What a waste of prime commercial real estate that could almost double the foot print of the CBD. Parking lots surrounded by condos in a DT...brilliant...never would have thought of that. What is this the Fairfax County model we are going after? How about mid/high rises with commercial and residential components combined. Tuck several floors of parking under each and use the space more efficiently.
  9. Willy18

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Went to Greenies once...that was enough for me.
  10. Willy18

    River Tower

    That's good news Now if we can get someone to flatten the tires on the trucks that are gonna deliver all that BRICK!!!
  11. Willy18

    The Wave

    Study of 244 pages = $200K I scrolled very quickly through the study...it's a lot of stuff that could be found just surfing the internet. But I didn't notice them provide any numbers for any existing surfing type entertainment facilities around the US/World. I know they say, "Nothing like this anywhere else"...which is always a great "go to" phrase when you're selling something. But the various components within the project have been built elsewhere just not ALL in one place. Why not provide those numbers for the surfing component as well? What's the demand look like? Is it a huge draw and/or profitable? Also, it doesn't take a study to figure out the entertainment part would pull from other similar sized venues in HR. New office buildings and condos/houses always pull from other "older" buildings/neighborhoods. That's just what happens. We all go to the newest grocery store, restaurant, and tap house and so on...because it's new. Long story short, I think this will be built mainly because the city wants it. It will be profitably with or without Pharrell and will be a tourist destination for years to come. Honestly, they could build this in just about any major city in the US and it would work if managed/marketed correctly. Pharrell being a part of this is just more icing on the cake. He appeals to that target age group they are going after, has money and is a local/national celeb. I live in VB but personally I would only visit it a few times a year if that. As with almost everything at the beach...it's a tourist destination/trap. Nothing wrong with that at all, it helps VB financially and will benefit me and my quality of life at some point.
  12. Willy18

    The Wave

    A study to find out if the funding is "TRULY secure". Then a study for "Best Construction Start Date" I should get into the "Study" business.
  13. Willy18

    IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    IKEA normally sparks a ton of retail development around their stores. I'm curious to see how and where the development sprouts up in this area since it's not a normal location. I think the Military Hwy corridor would be the most logical place...which would be refreshing.
  14. Willy18

    Neon District

    http://neonnfk.com/about/ Not sure if this has been posted but here's a pretty cool website for the Neon district. I've only driven through this area but I think it's great for the city.
  15. Willy18

    River Tower

    "building's height will be up to 24 floors?" What does that mean? Hey all, I haven't posted on this site since 2012 (willy). I'm the (willy) that started "Norfolk Pictures" section in 2005. I've been viewing/following all the posts for many years...just never said anything.