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  1. The original Phase I skybridge building is indeed condos (at least a decent amount of units are). These will all be apartments though and they have been cruising on the framing. Gotta feel for those on Summit who were spared losing their backyard skyline view in 2008 when phase 2 and 3 were scrapped but are losing it now but I guess life goes on.
  2. The fall of CVG is essentially in lockstep with the fall of Comair after the 2005 bankruptcy. I remember every Delta/Comair flight I took out of Asheville to the northeast always connected through CVG pre 2007ish. Of course this was back when AVL was only served by the mainline branded regionals. Between the 2008 NW merger and the 2007 Comair JFK hub/crew base opening supporting east coast operations , CVG was doomed.
  3. This building is something else when we have a good sunset. The entire western (northish western) side facing 77 lights up beautifully.
  4. I know you aren't saying completely eliminated but through personal experience I have been working on projects over the past year that have been dragging on for months over zoom that could have been wrapped up in 2 weeks in person. Being in person was somewhat mandatory for most positions that were traveling regularly pre-COVID . Whether its that in person touch in negotiations/sales or a client wanting the consultant they are paying big money for to be on site. Will flying to Tampa for a lunch meeting end? Yeah probably but I would say the vast majority of travel will continue once companies lift their travel suspensions.
  5. Trade street once again covered in snow with every puddle full of EIFs shavings from this project .....
  6. That P&N line between Savona and Cedar St. is even worse shape than it was 4 years ago when Lakewood really gained traction. At this point I would be willing to bet is completely off the table.
  7. Welcome to the neighborhood! Its not southend but there is something for everybody within walking distance (JBs, Rhino, Town, Blue Blaze, Lucky Dog, Summit Seltzers, etc) Boooooooo
  8. No no no, Salad place, a Wilmington or Charleston based oak with spanish moss and swopping branches and the golden cow in the jewel box
  9. Drove by this weekend and it appears this lot is being cleared and graded. Believe this is owned by the same folks doing the warehouse across Gesco.
  10. I agree with that. Not really about serving Wesley Heights was just more concerned about the Morehead corridor from mint to Wilkinson so if they are planning a stop at Cedar/near the stadium thats more than enough.
  11. This is another interesting "alignment refinement" option they are looking at. Can't decide how I feel about skipping Wesley Heights and making the only station in 3rd ward Gateway. This the proposed realignment would lead to a more efficient entry into uptown but skipping the morehead/wesley heights stop would be a blow to the commercialization opportunities along Morehead. Also runs into the issue of what happens when/if the stadium is put on the refinery land.
  12. The Fulcrum One prices are absolutely insane
  13. Article mentions Wesley Heights but I assume he may be thinking of 3rd Ward (Greenleaf, Victoria, Westbrook) because Wesley Heights stills remains relatively untouched in terms of full demolitions. In the 3 years I have been in the neighborhood I have seen maybe 3-4, one of which had a tree fall on it and the others met extremely heavy resistance. As far as I know, you have to purchase the house and wait a year plus before you demolish anything in a historic neighborhood.
  14. Deck be damned this project looks great from the stonewall/Tryon intersection
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