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  1. With all the new replies, I came in expecting news of BofA leaving and now I am leaving with the knowledge that I will be jobless and homeless in the next 12-18 months.
  2. Beaver and Smokey Joes are the two that always come to mind when somebody says they want to go to a dive bar.
  3. I just don't see that happening. I really think moving the stadium outside of the city would be an extremely stupid move on his part and ostracize a lot of the younger fan base that either walks or takes the light rail to games.
  4. Good to know. I sent a couple emails but didn't include pictures. Will make sure to snap some next time I am up there.
  5. Noticed this morning that almost every storm drain and tree bed on Church from 4th to 6th has EIFS shavings littering it. I know its been mentioned that they attempt to clean it up but it would appear to be very half-assed
  6. Did not realize Flower Child was a chain until searching for a menu online.
  7. Was under the assumption that is was made clear by the MLS that hey wouldn't be announcing anything during the all star game.
  8. Listen, I get supporting grassroots, local soccer but I have seen this argument so many times and it stinks. An MLS team in an uptown location is going to draw your average soccer fan over a USL team playing in Matthews. Unfortunately, the casual fan that may flip on a Saturday morning premier league game on NBC or even watch MLS on occasion just doesn't want to go watch second tier american soccer 25 minute out of their way.
  9. Has this always been planned as 2 seperate buildings? For some reason I thought they were going to bridge the gap between the two completely.
  10. a2theb


    I know we are completely off topic at this point and this isn't the Atlanta forum but I was completely taken aback by how much East Atlanta has changed when I was down there a few months ago
  11. Connector between 3rd ward and Graham is finished and back open. This is going to be great for reducing the bottleneck here after stadium events
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