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  1. With the addition of the brewery, not sure developing that parking lot is the best idea as it is constantly at capacity on nice afternoons and weekends.
  2. a2theb

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    This. I could not imagine going to five guys for a workday lunch. I would end up dozing off at my desk....
  3. This ended up looking great and has a great street level presence. Really hoping that stretch of Morehead continues to develop into a walkable bar/restaurant district.
  4. a2theb

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    It will be closed until they install a pedestrian box as they replace the rail bridges. County is saying 2 months for that but we will see.
  5. a2theb

    Carolina Panthers Facilities News

    Panthers Colts 2015 monday night game in the pouring rain comes to mind. One of the more memorable games I have attended. I understand wanting a dome but I agree with everyone on playing outdoors. Nothing better than mid-October Panthers game when its 60 degrees and sunny.
  6. Would be funny if they build 8-10 stories on the site and block the views of the newly constructed $1m+ townhomes across from midnight diner
  7. Its a pity they lost most of the back of house space. If they hadn't I could have seen it end up like Fox Theatre in midtown Atlanta albeit, a quarter of the capacity.
  8. Some movement on the Skybridge Terrace Phase 2 and 3 lots off Calvert across from QC Catering. Looks like they have flagged off the two lots and there have been some trucks coming in and out. Any ideas? I know Skybridge LLC sold off the two lots in 2017. Edit: The lots were sold to Golden Triangle #8 LLC. Other Golden Triangle LLCs appear to be owned by Levine
  9. Correct. Didn't realize they were doing more than expanding the mission and was taken aback by the coca-cola banners advertising it as "coming soon".
  10. a2theb

    Good New Restaurants

    Anybody have an ETA on Jack Beagles in Wesley Heights? Signage is up but have seen little movement outside of that.
  11. a2theb

    FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    The lot did not have any cars in it this morning around 7:45. Didn't notice if it was roped off or not.
  12. Confused on the silver line proposal. Without going underground, I don't see how you send it down Calvert St. and on to Morehead. Space in that corridor seems a bit limited.
  13. a2theb

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    There are you 2 issues with that land on the other side of morehead though. You either surround the stadium with morehead, 277 and 77 making access difficult or you put it on the other side of 277 where you have rail splitting the property right down the middle. I do think a new stadium would remain in uptown but for that to happen, the most likely scenario is the Panthers playing 2-3 seasons somewhere like Columbia while the current site is demolished and rebuilt.
  14. a2theb

    Carolina Panthers

    Love to see Eric Washington cripple one of the best pass rushes in the NFL by only bringing 4 every play. Need to put more pressure on quarterbacks with the questionable secondary.
  15. a2theb

    Wesley Heights Projects

    Replacement in the Savor space https://www.charlotteobserver.com/latest-news/article215440850.html