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  1. They will have more gates when they move into the A Phase II terminal.
  2. Definitely 11 additional gates for B and C. That is very interesting, is D still going to be the international entry point after this?
  3. Those were permanent cuts. I could see them coming back when AA gets the 321XLR's. MAN did terribly from PHL, so I find that add unlikely.
  4. One can dream, that 773 is a thing of beauty.
  5. The 773 is such a beautiful plane too, I would guess that they would send a 35x if this were to happen. Another personal request, seeing some 77W/773 come through CLT on AA
  6. This is great news for Mooresville, IMO it has crazy opportunity to grow in the next 5 years. Unfortunately, I do not feel as though the town has done enough to win business. We continue to see Concord, Kannapolis, Ballantyne, etc to flourish, but a lack in the immediate LKN area.
  7. I definitely agree with you, I don't think PHL is going anywhere. Just curious what it's domestic future looks like. The 787 base at PHL proves that these leisure destinations are not going anywhere, but the MUC shift to CLT goes to show that these business routes could switch. Thanks for your insight!
  8. Pre COVID I would agree with is. However, AA has added multiple new intl routes out of JFK, and axed others at PHL. The fact that domestic travel out of PHL is currently non existent seems to go against the idea that they will funnel pax through PHL vs accepting a cut and utilizing JFK/ B6.
  9. This is an amazing post, along with the others in regards to this topic. Thank you all for your time in explaining why the airline industry is the way it is today. Question- With the significant decrease in business travel, can we expect to see even more consolidation with other hubs? As many have mentioned, there is overlap and many hubs have seen 60-70% cuts in weekday traffic. For example, PHL is "only a hub" 2 days a week. PIT's slash made sense, along with every other rust belt hub. But apart from being an alternate to NYC, what does PHL have to offer in the AA network? If th
  10. So if the ACC were to move their HQ to Charlotte, guesses on where it would be?
  11. https://www.airportprojects.net/clt-capacity-ea/ Well great news, the terminal(s) and runway expansions are going through the EA phase with new renderings in the attached link. Interesting notes: -Satellite Terminal -Wrap around taxiways -Illuminates the construction of the next A terminal and hardstands
  12. I wish that they would expand D to be a much more attractive international terminal. I understand that there really is not anywhere to expand, but there has to be a way to allow for more widebodies in the future.
  13. FLL has been pretty busy, especially at peak hours. PBI, VPS, and MIA were all empty when I was there. I flew into STL and LGA last month and both were ghost towns. CLT is definitely the busiest that I have seen.
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