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  1. It was an A330-300 diverted from Frankfurt->ATL
  2. CLT just landed year round service to Grenada http://news.aa.com/news/news-details/2019/Winter-is-Coming-Again-American-Airlines-Adds-Flights-to-the-South/default.aspx Year round starting in December on an A319
  3. Flights to Dublin and Barcelona have resumed for the season: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL744/history/20190508/0030Z/KCLT/LEBL https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL724/history/20190507/2255Z/KCLT/EIDW
  4. Like I said, my inside knowledge is not extreme, but it definitely looks like a sizable campus outside of Uptown. However, I do believe that they will have a building Uptown.
  5. Not sure if it has been discussed, but I have heard from reliable sources within the company that a campus will be built in South Charlotte.
  6. Agreed, move HQ and practice to Fort Mill, renovate stadium in Uptown. With the space from the practice fields, a new high rise/ stadium district could possibly emerge.
  7. Apologies, I didn't scroll. That looks way better and opened up Terminal A quite a bit, but I still wish that they made the windows a bit bigger.
  8. I guess I can't see, but is the white flooring in the middle now? This angle is terrible
  9. That carpet is awful, why didnt they match the floors with the rest of the airport??
  10. New Route: CLT-FNT https://mobile.twitter.com/xJonNYC/status/1116381286992621574
  11. I lived in that apartment at The Circle
  12. I'm flying this route in May on the 350, with points it was reasonable but these prices are getting out of hand.
  13. With the new HQ move from BB&T and SunTrust, it is logical for Wells to move complete operations to increase their market share as well as dominance in the region.
  14. Makes sense, thank you for this. Since AC is upgrading from an RJ, I would hope to see a YUL flight pop up soon out.
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