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  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tedreed/2020/08/06/this-montana-airport-finds-rare-success-at-a-troubled-time-for-airlines/#436b638354c9 Here is the link, interesting read in regards to YOY performance. Seems inevitable that AA will give it a go.
  2. Moving on from the past 2 pages of mass confusion, Forbes posted an article from the Director of Bozeman Airport stating that a CLT flight is on their immediate wishlist. Not to get excited, but if CLT could make this flight successful, could we see other secondary Western cities appear?
  3. Sad for Southend, but maybe this downtime is a chance for the Epicenter to rebrand and become a safe place for everyone to gather again.
  4. Not so sure about that at all, your takes have been wild over the past 48 hours to say the least. What airline is going to put a plane on these Singapore and Shanghai routes? AA has made it clear that they are not adding Pacific routes from CLT. Why is private jet traffic increasing? Yes there are new corporate hangars being built, but beyond that couldn't the rich and famous just take the space shuttle you were talking about?
  5. Great point, the only problem with the rep of these load factors is that the route only became bookable 2 weeks ago. How can you get a solid gauge from a 3 week flight with 14 day notice?
  6. STL service starts today on Southwest, will be interesting to see the loads there.
  7. 2 week block for STL? Not sure about this one, might be getting a gauge on the market. With only a 2 week booking window it seems pretty illogical.
  8. I definitely agree. If I were a decision maker for CLT, now might be the time to ramp up the customs expansion.
  9. I think this is great for CLT, and the future of the AA hub. 777 are much more prominent in the fleet, which IMO makes CLT more relevant in AA's future intl network strategy.
  10. I am from Vancouver, and have been dreaming of a direct from here for years. To visit family, I have found that the cheapest/ quickest route is flying to Seattle and driving up. A beautiful drive and eliminates a layover.
  11. A lot of projects are funded by traffic, which has obviosuly disappeared. If you want updates of parked planes just cruise anywhere around the cargo terminals.
  12. RIP A359, was fun while it lasted.
  13. Honestly though, this is a good look for CLT. In these times, being in the top 2 AA hubs is great news.
  14. Looks like Frontier will be suspending CLT flights until May
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