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  1. Pretty sure plans are to scrap the old tower and possibly build a hotel or run a terminal commuter in its location.
  2. Definitely a few tweaks - There will be a de icing pad to the south (where buildings are pictured) and the removal of Phase III of Terminal A come to mind. Would love to see cargo expansion as part of the long term plan.
  3. Contour flies to Muscle Shoals, AL , Beckley & Parkersburg WV. They definitely survive on EAS subsidies lol. Interesting enough, Contour did just bid a couple CLT routes this week. All of these are EAS proposals: PAH to CLT CKB to CLT LWB to CLT JST to CLT SHD to CLT
  4. First expansion did take 24 months, but just seems like more work needs to be done here. The grass islands are not that big, based on a quick map view:
  5. Amazing news! Will it really be completed by 2024? I find that hard to believe. The dual taxiway is an under rated approval. Do we know what it will look like around D&E?
  6. Thanks for pulling this! No Volaris this summer? Also hate to see no PHX,DEN, or HOU for WN. Can't help but think things are to come for WN and F9 at CLT.
  7. Could we expect the Prime Air base to grow at CLT? Given its proximity to the facility across the street from the airport, I feel like they could expand.
  8. The lighting truly changes the dynamic of Terminal D. As for the renovations, they are currently in the bid phase to renovate D as they expand customs/ connections to the new baggage claim.
  9. Would make sense, that is a massive taxiway extension. Linking to that northend taxiway, the pad for A phase II seems to be almost complete.
  10. I used to live in Montreal and would fly out of BTV or Plattsburgh quite frequently. With everything going on now, driving across the border has been much easier than flying!
  11. It is actually Toronto AC just added new routes from YUL (Montreal) today, wish CLT made the cut. New US routes are Montreal to Atlanta and Detroit, Toronto to Salt Lake City, and Vancouver to Austin. https://aircanada.mediaroom.com/2022-02-22-Air-Canada-Affirms-Market-Leadership-by-Expanding-its-North-American-Network-this-Summer-as-Recovery-Accelerates
  12. Looks like AC is bringing back YYZ 2x daily on May 1!
  13. Anyone buy PSL's with others? Some buddies and I bought 4 seats next to each other and can not figure out how to resell as a package. We tried to get CLT FC to help out, but they just said that we cant. Thanks!
  14. No way, Spirit just built a new $250 million HQ in Dania Beach.
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