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  1. Can you enlighten us who dont have access to CO
  2. My guess is that they are announcing the satellite terminal with a train to connect to the main terminals. This would tie in nicely to when CATS extends to the airport and for when the 4th parallel is active.
  3. Another SEC route in the making, Athens! https://www.onlineathens.com/news/20200224/grant-could-restore-passenger-service-to-athens-airport
  4. Possible service to Columbia, MO in the future http://www1.komu.com/news/grant-allows-columbia-regional-airport-to-propose-air-service-to-charlotte
  5. That is a HOT take, is Nashville the next Pigeon Forge
  6. I agree that Nashville is a tourist destination, but how can Charlotte alter the professional sports world in comparison to Nash?
  7. Not a stupid question, but the airport is funding ALOT of projects, with dozens still in the pipeline. I believe that they would fund other projects where they see an immediate ROI vs. a possible return from an unknown route(s)
  8. Awesome! Thank you for this Hushpuppy, I wonder what other buildings will develop between now and then as well!
  9. Anyone have an update rendering for ~2021
  10. Does anyone have the link to put a down payment on season tix? Or know how much they will be in total yet?
  11. What is being built by the new TopGolf?
  12. I was wondering if anyone was able to put a dollar amount on each area listed in relation to the airports development. Thanks!
  13. ANNNNDDDD HERE SHE IS https://www.wbtv.com/2019/12/05/sources-mls-announce-charlotte-newest-franchise/
  14. Proof that Mr. Tepper will build a great program moving forward. I am sure that this is the first of many to come.
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