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  1. Birmingham International Airport

    April's passenger traffic numbers are out and records continue to be set. April 2008 saw the 13th consecutive month of increasing passenger traffic. Approximately 272,399 passed through BHM during the month of April. From January-April of 2008, over 1 million passengers have come through the gates at BHM... up more than 5% from a year ago.
  2. Redevelopment in the City Center

    That's encouraging news. I think that area definitely has the potential to explode back to life. The developments being discussed for that area would really make that area more pedestrian-friendly.
  3. Birmingham International Airport

    The passenger numbers for February were released today. During the month of February, BHM saw 235,174 passengers through its gates. That is about a 9% increase from February of 2007.
  4. Birmingham International Airport

    Today, it was announced that Continental Airlines will be adding 2 new non-stop flights from Birmingham to Cleveland. In a time with such a bad economic outlook and so many bad economic indicators, I find this to be good news that flights are continuing to be added at Birmingham International Airport. In fact, the airport continues to grow at a pretty steady rate and has set numerous records in terms of passenger traffic over the last year or so. Hopefully they'll get going on the new expansion/modernization of the terminal.
  5. BJCC Expansion plans

    Here's the developer's website for "The Forge"
  6. Railroad Park

    Work began today removing old cobblestone from the Railroad Park site. The cobblestone will be stored and later used in the park development. But this is big news because this is the first tangible sign of construction beginning. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before full construction begins.
  7. Birmingham International Airport

    January 2008 numbers... 234,931 passengers passed through Birmingham International Airport. That's a 4.5% increase from January 2007. Looks like we're on pace for another record-breaking year at the airport. Now if only we could get the expansion/modernization plan underway.
  8. Railroad Park

    Any news on this and a construction timeline?
  9. Metro Birmingham Projects List

    Every little bit helps. Looking forward to seeing what Langford can do with this city over the next few years.
  10. Birmingham International Airport

    Birmingham International set a new record for passenger traffic in a year. Over the course of 2007, approximately 3,222,689 passengers came through Birmingham International Airport. That bests the old record (set in 2005) by about 100,000. Keep it growing!
  11. Birmingham Coffee House

    Help out Cooper Green They're giving away a free MRI... Cooper Green is currently 7th but has a ways to go to move into 1st. Help them out. They could really use it. Keep in mind. You can vote once per day per computer.
  12. Birmingham International Airport

    Continental Airlines has announced plans to add two daily nonstop flights from Birmingham to their Cleveland hub.
  13. Redevelopment in the City Center

    Sounds great. I'm really excited about this project and think it really is a very promising development. The Civil Rights District is already a significant tourism spot in the city, but this could make it really special.
  14. Metro Birmingham Projects List

    The Leer Tower sign was lit up tonight
  15. BJCC Expansion plans

    It has been announced that Ruben will open Club 205 in the entertainment district. No other tenants have been confirmed at this time that I know of, but many have been rumored. Performa's CEO is supposed to be in Birmingham next month to announce both a name of the district and the rest of the tenants.