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  1. April's passenger traffic numbers are out and records continue to be set. April 2008 saw the 13th consecutive month of increasing passenger traffic. Approximately 272,399 passed through BHM during the month of April.

    From January-April of 2008, over 1 million passengers have come through the gates at BHM... up more than 5% from a year ago.

  2. Today, it was announced that Continental Airlines will be adding 2 new non-stop flights from Birmingham to Cleveland.

    In a time with such a bad economic outlook and so many bad economic indicators, I find this to be good news that flights are continuing to be added at Birmingham International Airport. In fact, the airport continues to grow at a pretty steady rate and has set numerous records in terms of passenger traffic over the last year or so. Hopefully they'll get going on the new expansion/modernization of the terminal.

  3. Work began today removing old cobblestone from the Railroad Park site. The cobblestone will be stored and later used in the park development. But this is big news because this is the first tangible sign of construction beginning. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before full construction begins. :thumbsup:

  4. January 2008 numbers... 234,931 passengers passed through Birmingham International Airport. That's a 4.5% increase from January 2007. Looks like we're on pace for another record-breaking year at the airport. Now if only we could get the expansion/modernization plan underway.

  5. It has been announced that Ruben will open Club 205 in the entertainment district. No other tenants have been confirmed at this time that I know of, but many have been rumored. Performa's CEO is supposed to be in Birmingham next month to announce both a name of the district and the rest of the tenants.

  6. Birmingham International continues to be unusually active. I just came back to Birmingham through there today and it was pretty packed.

    Also appears they've released their June numbers and air traffic was up 5% in June.

    From January to June, approximately 1,560,645 have passed through the gates... that's about 50,000 more than the same time last year.

  7. Looks like the Residence Inn proposed for 20th Street near the DoubleTree hotel might actually see some action now. A recent Bizjournal story indicates that Crescent Hotels and Resorts will join the Clarkson Group on the project. Good news I would say. I'm not sure if this is what had been holding up the project, but now that a hotel development company in particular has joined on with the project, I assume there's little doubt now that it will be realized.

  8. There are some rumors/rumblings that Birmingham's other runway (runway 18/36) will undergo a study in the near future about lengthening that runway towards the north. Personally, I think it will be needed for the future growth of our airport to have 2 runways of at least 10,000ft. I'm not sure that they would expand runway 18/36 to 10,000ft, but I would assume that's the likely value since it is currently around 7,100ft or so.

  9. It probably won't happen. The most sensible solution would be to help UAB build an oncampus stadium that could be used for some other events as well. Alot of people don't like that b/c they dont think the city should pander to UAB... but with all due respect, the city of Birmingham would be even worse shape than they are today if not for UAB. If this dome and megaplex gets off the ground, then great. No public dollars will be used, so that's good. If they want to make it work, then I'm all for them. I'm skeptical, but supportive at the same time.

  10. So at long last, Rep. John Rogers actually put something forth to the public in regards to his plans for a large 60,000-seat dome. Apparently, the project is being headed up by a venture capital company called Waymaker Enterprises. They are planning a 60,000+ seat dome, a new arena, an entertainment district, a golf course, and 3 hotels. A site has not yet been selected, but they have looked at about 5 sites around the city of Birmingham.

    Now to me, it sounds too good to be true. It also makes me wonder that if they're genuine, why can't they work with the BJCC to make a comprehensive development there rather than apart from it. Personally, if all that they are planning comes to fruition, it could probably be successful wherever. A dome by itself (which is what I thought they were talking about) would not be sufficient at all... but if they have entertainment, hotels, etc. adjacent to it, it very well could work separate from the BJCC.

    But as to whether this actually happens, we'll just have to wait and see. They showed some renderings on the news and it looked VERY nice.

  11. Well... the AAFL is confirmed now to be at Legion Field. The league actually seems to have some promise by trying to recruit former local, popular college players. So far the Alabama team has signed Freddie Milons, Ahmad Galloway, Alonzo Ephraim, and a number of other former Alabama players. More expected to sign from UAB, Alabama, Auburn, Alabama State, Alabama A&M, etc.

    I think things like this might help get some more things going, but I don't think it's horribly tragic. They can get their laughs in if they like. Makes no matter to me. Birmingham always has been and always will be a great city... and a great city for sports.

  12. The 2,000ft runway expansion was officially dedicated today in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Sen. Shelby pointed out the importance of this for both national defense as well as economic development. Sen. Shelby also pledged to continue with efforts to upgrade and expand the current terminal facility.

  13. The Westin was to be with the proposed BJCC Dome and such, so that one is likely off the table at this point. The 45-story one I think was just a rumor. There have been increasing numbers of major high-rise proposals/discussions over the last several years, but nothing of huge significance has come of those discussions. Hopefully that'll change in the near future.

  14. The reason they don't fly into ATL has nothing to do with the demand for it. It has to do with the increased costs associated with flying out of ATL. Low-cost carriers generally shy away from those type airports as it cuts into their business model. I would look for Birmingham to continue to increase the destinations offered through Southwest. Southwest has been VERY successful in BHM.

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