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  1. Northern Metro BHM: 1,000 acres that Gardendale recently annexed will become: -216 acres of R-G zoning garden homes -335.5 acres of R-2 single family (homes) -44 acres R-4 zoning apartments -290.50 acres institutional -92 acres C-2 commercial *The Inst-1,C-2 and R-4 will be along I-65. The R-2 borders Shady Grove and along a proposed road from Shady Grove to the West of I-65.
  2. ^ No, the railroad tracks will not be pulled up. As a matter of fact, the railroad tracks will be incorporated into the park. Some have hopes of getting a more travel-friendly environment in hopes of getting train passenger traffic coming through Birmingham. Dont know how realistic that is, but no question the railroads will be a big theme for the park.
  3. Yes, but as technology has advanced, that need to keep the buildings below a certain height is becoming more flexible. The additional runway length is being added to the east end of the runway (the end furthest from downtown). The only part of downtown that is in the way of the flight path of the airport is on the BJCC side. South of there, the buildings pose little to no interference.
  4. BTW, here's a great video about Birmingham's Red Mountain Park. Click here: http://fitzmartin.com/projects/RedMountain/redmountain.wmv
  5. 2005 Passenger Traffic Info for BHM INTL From Jan 1, 2005- June 1, 2005: -Passenger Traffic YTD: 1,241,351* -Monthly Average: 248,270 -Projected Year Total Passenger Traffic: 2,979,242** ---------------------------------------------------- * Up 9.85% from 2004. ** Assuming the current monthly average is maintained.
  6. Here are some of the planned expansion/development projects for BHM INTL: Runway 6/24 Expansion The Airport Authority is currently implementing a $43 million plan to add 2,000 feet to the east-west runway. Construction crews are in the process of removing obstacles in the runway extension including fiber optic lines, natural gas and electrical lines. Once the obstruction removal is completed at the end of 2005, paving of the additional 2,000 feet of runway will begin. Once completed, the 12,000-foot runway will accommodate a fully loaded and fully fueled 747 cargo aircraft taking off on a non stop overseas flight. The expanded runway will place Birmingham in a better position to expand air service to overseas destinations and provide air cargo services to the region's growing automotive manufacturing sector. The fully-extended runway is expected to be completed and operational at the end of 2006. Air Cargo Expansion As the need for additional air cargo facilities continue to increase, expansion of the original cargo site that currently includes a 50,000 sq. ft., eight-bay building with a 275,000 sq. ft. aircraft apron, will be more than doubled in the forthcoming development. Site development plans include a 400,000 sq. ft. apron and taxiway addition, plus an expanded bridge over Village Creek to support commercial cargo aircraft and new entrance roadway. When completed at the end of 2005, the 675,000 sq. ft. total expanded apron site will accommodate a mix of commercial aircraft -- far exceeding the number of aircraft that can be parked at the current site. An additional 50,000 sq. ft. storage building is planned, but may also be built to suit.
  7. The Railroad Reservation Park will be very nice. It will be a long strip of green space from I-65 all the way over to the Elton B. Stephens Highway (US31) and beyond over into Lakeview. It will be nicely landscaped with trees, grass, bushes, flowers, etc. I do wish that more of our downtown streets had trees lining the road... or at least large bushes or something. Many of the streets arent particularly pedestrian friendly (except around Lynn Park or down further into 5 Points). BTW, here are some helpful links about a couple future large Birmingham green spaces. Red Mountain Park- http://www.redmountainpark.org/ Railroad Reservation Park- http://www.railroadpark.org/home.html
  8. Great pictures. I'm not sure what you mean by Birmingham being too urban or not enough green spaces. Birmingham is 1st in America for amount of green space per 1,000 residents. Here's an excerpt from the Birmingham News addressing what I'm talking about:
  9. Inverness condo projects clear planners Tuesday, July 12, 2005 DAWN KENT News staff writer The Hoover Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday approved plans for 243 condominiums to be built in the Inverness community in separate projects near U.S. 280 in Shelby County. The projects include an eight-story building on the site of the existing Inverness Country Club and a four-story building behind Inverness Corners Shopping Center. Both developments are set to include condominiums with prices of $300,000 or more. For the rest of the story, continue here: http://www.al.com/news/birminghamnews/inde...2310.xml&coll=2
  10. Brasfield & Gorrie wraps 1, starts 3 more at UAB Brasfield & Gorrie LLC won't be leaving the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus anytime soon, despite the company's recent completion of a four-story buildout for UAB's Justice Science department. UAB has awarded the Birmingham construction company three new projects. For the rest of the story, read here: http://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/stor...tml?jst=b_ln_hl
  11. No really huge news here, but just some news that Birmingham Metro is being eyed for several big projects including one within the city limits. Here's an excerpt from the article: The seven-county Birmingham-Hoover metro area is in the running for several projects, while at least one of the companies is looking in the Birmingham City limits, Wade said. He wouldn't disclose any specifics about the projects. To read the full article, click here: http://www.al.com/business/birminghamnews/...2700.xml&coll=2
  12. In northeast metro BHM... New Urbanism development: Developers plan a quaint community along Cahaba River Kaija Wilkinson Staff June 27 will mark what Hearthstone Properties LLC hopes will be a new era for Trussville, one that will transform a 160-acre stretch of property along the Cahaba River into a quaint paradise resembling neighborhoods of the past. Developer Barry Stalnaker has tapped the prestigious Miami firm of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. to oversee the design of the project. The firm has designed more than 100 such communities throughout the country, such as the one made famous by "The Truman Show," Seaside, Fla. Members of the firm, including co-founder Andr
  13. $18M condo project in Vestavia Hills Kaija Wilkinson Staff Pending re-zoning approval for four acres on the site of a former soccer field on Old Columbia Road, developers Skip Deupree and Lee Carroll will build an $18 million, 60-condo development called Westminster Vestavia Hills. Deupree and Carroll are no strangers to condo projects in Vestavia, having broken ground last month on the $8.5 million Dunwoody project. On Dunwoody, Carroll's company, Carroll Green Group Inc., is general contractor for Deupree and several silent partners. Deupree and Carroll say 21 of the 30 units at Dunwoody are spoken for, and based on market research, the area has room for similar projects. "There is a huge empty-nester population in Vestavia that is not going to impact the school system because 40 percent of our units will be one bedrooms," Deupree says, noting that those who reserved units at Dunwoody are primarily home buyers whose children have moved out and started families of their own. "We've got to provide homes for these people who want to downsize but don't want to leave Vestavia, who don't want to fight the I-65 or 280 jungle." ---The rest can be read here http://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/stor...27/daily27.html
  14. In Gardendale (in northern metro BHM), there is a project called Caufield Square which has been approved and will see construction begin soon. It will be similar to the Soho Square project in Homewood. Caufield Square will range from 2-3 floors and have retail along the lower level with condos for purchase on the upper level. Also as part of the development, there will be a bowling alley and a movie theater- the first movie theater for northern metro BHM (yes I know it's hard to believe). In other Gardendale news, work has begun to transform 1,000 acres of undeveloped land that was recently annexed into Gardendale into commercial and residential developments. This is along I-65S just south of the Fieldstown Rd. exit.
  15. When is Tuscaloosa Co. going to be considered part of Birmingham's metro? I mean dang... I realize a certain percentage must commute to and work in Birmingham, but arent we there yet? Chilton Co is in our metro and theyre two counties south of us... Tuscaloosa Co is not in our metro and touches the western border of our county. I mean I'm not one for just adding and adding and adding counties to inflate your metro numbers, but Tuscaloosa Co is just a couple of miles from our southern beltway. If Tuscaloosa Co is ever added, that would be another 160-180,000 to our metro.
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