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  1. Here's a rendering I found...
  2. They havent determined what all it will be used for, but some early guesses would be that it would be on banners around the district on lightpoles, on hats and t-shirts sold as souvenirs, etc.
  3. Looks like Five Points is in discussions to push forward with plans to revamp the district. Here's a logo they're apparently considering adopting...
  4. If you go to the "history" section of their website about the airport, it's towards the end of the text.
  5. I read where the $161-million expansion and upgrading of the terminal will begin in early 2008. I'm not sure if it's true, but I would assume so since I found that statement on the Birmingham Intl Airport's website. Said it would include more modern customer conveniences, upgraded concessions, and Federal Inspection Service-approved international gates. Looking forward to all of this. Some exciting times are ahead for Birmingham.
  6. The runway expansion has been completed and commissioned by the FAA for use on Thursday. The airport will formally celebrate the completion on July 23rd, but the 12,000ft runway is already in operation. Now that it is, it will be interesting to see what possible spinoffs may occur in terms of air cargo, international flights, more direct flights to the west coast, etc.
  7. Corporate Realty today announced more details on some of their midtown projects. They showed some renderings of the Hyatt Place hotel they plan to build. Also, the city of Birmingham has agreed to an incentives package that would allow Corporate Realty to move forward on a mixed-use project that would take up a full city block on 20th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue South. They plan to put 258 apartment units and about 18,000sqft of retail space. Not sure what else might be a part of the mixed-use development.
  8. I live in Mt. Olive and my grandmother lived on Mt. Olive Road. She was always having to pick up trash.... usually just small stuff, but it adds up when everyone throws out a tiny piece of trash. There are some fines for littering around the area, but I don't know how easy it would be to prosecute. It'd probably have to be a pretty major violation (ie, bags of trash) for them to be encouraged to do anything about it.
  9. Southwest does about 26 daily nonstop flights out of Birmingham to about 12 different cities. With the new flights to New Orleans (and the additional flights to Tampa and Dallas), it will be about 31 daily nonstop flights out of Birmingham to 13 different cities. If that doesn't make Birmingham a focus city, I would say we're pretty close. I know Southwest does a big business out of Nashville as well. I wonder how many they do. Probably significantly more, but Southwest is by far the most important, largest air-carrier in Birmingham.
  10. Great picture, Turbo. Would look alot better filled with people, though.
  11. Passenger numbers are up... for May 2007, a little over 294,000 folks flew in and out of Birmingham. That's nearly an increase of 20,000 from May of 2006. I also think it's the highest one-month total since before the attacks of Sept. 11th. Airport seems to be on pace to do quite well this year... so far from January 2007 to May 2007, Birmingham has had nearly 1.3 million passengers pass through the gates.
  12. Appears that Performa Entertainment has bumped the entertainment district back up to a $50-million project rather than $25-million. Also, the district will be around 35% retail, 30% nightclubs, and 30% restaurants.
  13. Well there is a $161-million planned expansion and renovation of the terminal... but that is still in the planning stages and may be a year or two away from construction even beginning. I am anxiously awaiting it, however, now that we have the capacity to have distant domestic flights as well as international flights.
  14. The proposed 40,000-seat arena idea has been tabled for about a year (maybe actually best since I'm not convinced it's the best solution for the issue). The entertainment district proposal will move forward as planned, however. Meanwhile, Rep. John Rogers has said that he will move forward with HIS plans for a domed stadium. He maintains that he has lined up about $650-million in private dollars. Rogers says he will show potential investors 3 different sites around Birmingham about two weeks from now: 1) near Fair Park, 2) near the Birmingham International Raceway, and 3) near the former Daniel Payne College in the Hooper City neighborhood. I don't give Roger's plan too much of a chance, but he's been preaching about having the money lined up for some time. And I say... show me the money, Rep. Rogers.
  15. Sounds like the proposal for the Bass Pro shop, hotels, restaurants, and nature park in Leeds is a done deal. It's certainly taken long enough... about 6 years to be exact. I'm glad they resolved the issues though. These places are generally quite popular, and this one is going to be particularly unique with the nature park.
  16. Anyone know what's going on with the old Fish Market location on Richard Arrington Blvd? Looks like it's being gutted and prepared for a new tenant of some kind. Anyone heard anything?
  17. The "city" certainly can... but this is downtown we're talking about. For years now, the downtown core has not had a large residential population. There's a large influx of workers during the day obviously, but not many residing in the downtown core itself. That's why this is such big news. We knew it was coming at some point, but I'm glad to hear we've surpassed that critical mass now.
  18. Wow... this month's ONB newsletter is a good one. A few notes that stuck out to me... - Java and Jams, a new coffee house offering live music, will be open by late May. It will be next to the Mexican Grill at 5th and 20th Street North. The owner promises it will be open evenings and weekends. - Downtown has now met the "critical population mass" needed for a new grocery store. ONB is currently in discussions with several grocery companies. - ONB has received a grant from the Alabama Historic Commission that will allow them to proceed with putting the Norwood neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places. There's alot more great stuff in this month's newsletter (much of it a recap of news already posted here), but if you'd like to read it, go here: http://www.yourcitycenter.com/syngergy/synergy0303.pdf
  19. Well I think ultimately, some carriers may begin to slowly move more and more flights away from Atlanta. I know they gain a good bit by having their airlines fly out of Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, but they also probably lose a fair bit because of delays and other problems associated with an overcrowded airport. I don't think Birmingham's airport will ever overtake Atlanta's, but I definitely believe Birmingham will begin to get more and more of their air traffic as Atlanta's is just far too busy and congested (clearly... as it's #1 in the world for air passenger traffic). Birmingham won't have hundreds of international flights or anything like that any time soon, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a handful of flights added to Asia in the coming years. With Hyundai in Montgomery, Honda just east of Birmingham, the Toyota plant just over the MS line, and the planned Isuzu plant in Birmingham, that's alot of incentive to provide serivce to those executives and corporate folks in those companies. I also believe Birmingham might have a good future as a destination gateway to Central and South America by virtue of our geographic position. Again, not a huge hub airport by any means, but I can definitely see a handful of flights to Asia, Central and South America, and Europe being added over the next few years.
  20. I don't know about whether they're nonstop or not, but I know in Birmingham's history, we've had several flights to Mexico and to Canada. Nothing over the Atlantic or Pacific, but Birmingham has offered flights to international destinations direct.
  21. The Birmingham Airport Authority has announced a tentative date of July 5 for a ceremony dedicating the 2,000ft runway expansion. At 12,000ft, the main runway at Birmingham International will be capable of serving some of the largest airplanes in the skies today.
  22. ExpressJet nonstop service to New Orleans and to Raleigh-Durham begins today
  23. Here's a picture from the Birmingham News of the downtown skyline as seen from inside the SSA Building (currently under construction)...
  24. There are quite a number from what I've heard, actually. Many of them have been somewhat quiet and tight-lipped about their proposals, however, in favor of waiting for further action before announcing anything.
  25. Sen. Richard Shelby announced that approximately $2.4-million have been secured to improve security at Birmingham Intl.
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