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  1. The bond deal which was approved by the city council is a positive step towards this project (and many others). About $5-million from this bond deal will go towards construction of Phase I of the Railroad Park. The first phase will cost about $10-million. I think the county approved at least $2-million towards the project. In any event, the project planner said that some construction should begin this fall and that the approval of the this bond (and the $5-million for the park in particular) will certainly help in getting this project off the ground.
  2. Bump... still no word on the runway expansion? Supposed to be finished in early 2007... we're soon approaching mid-2007 and still no word. I know that work has progressed, I just don't think it's yet completed.
  3. Well... I'm a little disappointed, but not terribly. Apparently, the contract with Performa requires only a $25-million entertainment district to be built initially. Depending on tenant interest and other things, that value may be increased. It might still be okay at $25-million. And in fact, the initial proposed entertainment a LONG time back was only to be about $20-million. I hope they do opt for a value greater than $25-million, but I'll take it either way because, in the long run, this is likely to spur more growth in that area and more interest by other investors/developers.
  4. I'm not terribly worried. I think Performa is committed to this project b/c they see alot of money-making potential in this property. With the adjacent BJCC already drawing 2.5 million visitors annually, that's already a HUGE potential market right there within their reach. Even conservative estimates put the district at drawing 4 million visitors a year once operational... the more radical estimates put it closer to 6 or 7 million a year. Personally, I'd be ecstatic if it draws even the conservatively forecast 4 million. Best of all, no public money will be involved in this project. Yet the BJCC will benefit financially. And, as I've said all along, I think it's a great move to make right now. The BJCC and Birmingham together can't financially afford a large expansion by themselves right now. But if this entertainment venue brings in the kind of revenue anticipated, it provides the BJCC with a LOT more capital to move forward with other expansion plans with the city of Birmingham (even if the county commission opts not to assist them).
  5. The BJCC Board of Directors unanimously approved today the construction of the $55-million entertainment district. It is a 99-year deal with Performa in which they will build and manage the district. -5% of the gross income from the district will go to the BJCC -50% of the net income after expenses related to debt will also go to the BJCC Construction is expected to possibly begin this fall.
  6. Some more of those preliminary plans...
  7. I found this at bhamterminal.com... it appears to be maybe a very tentative design for at least one little strip of the BJCC Entertainment District. Not sure where they got it from, but here it is:
  8. I don't know about all of that. Birmingham currently has several 10-15 story buildings proposed and/or under construction. Also, there's now also another 16-story building, an 18-story building, and a 19-story building that are all proposed. I know some of this has come about since you posted this, but I definitely think it will clearly be different 25 years from now. Birmingham may or may not ever have a ton of really huge skyscrapers, but I expect Birmingham to continue to build on the density we now have. One of the more dense cities of our size out there and the density continues to build with all these 10-20 story buildings going up downtown. I'm hopeful some day soon we'll get another 30+ story building. But as for which skyline Birmingham's will look like, I really have no idea... I don't really see any good examples out there.
  9. That'd be my vote too. Park Place is an amazing development and a brilliant move by all parties involved in making it happen. I would have loved to see something similar on the west side of the CBD (near the Civil Rights District). Oh well... that's a whole other story.
  10. Have you looked into places you might want to live once youre back from over there?
  11. AVONDALE RESURGENCE The former Avondale Bricks building is being converted into office condos. I'm glad to see what's going on downtown seeming to spill over into other areas of Birmingham... it only makes sense. In about a 17-block area around here, there are about $3.1-million in other projects (mostly renovations or conversions). http://www.bizjournals.com/birmingham/stor...7300800^1450448
  12. Express Jet will offer daily non-stop service Birmingham/New Orleans beginning May 14th. Pretty amazing prices. New Orleans to Birmingham (one-way fare $59.40)
  13. Found another outstanding shot of Birmingham... one of the better ones I've seen actually... or maybe it's just because it's a less common perspective of the city.
  14. Hopefully 5 Points and Lakeview WILL kick it in gear after this. I want the BJCC Entertainment District, but this certainly won't hurt in the long run. If 5 Points and Lakeview want to continue to draw folks, they better step it up and liven up their respective districts. But, I'm not terribly concerned about either of them surviving. Both will. Both have very loyal patrons. Both have significant #s of residents living nearby that will need places to dine and hang out. A little competition never hurt anyone that much. Might make everyone strive for something better.
  15. The whole point was for it to be adjacent to the BJCC. The BJCC already gets 2.5 million visitors a year. They're hoping to capitalize on that... anything additional is sort of like icing on the cake.
  16. Here's a neat picture I found. It's taken from the rooftop terrace of The Avenues (a loft build on 1st Avenue North).
  17. The Glen Iris Neighborhood Association gave the go-ahead for a second large condo development in their neighborhood. The development will be 4 stories tall and will bring 44 new residential units to the Birmingham market. The earlier project is expected to be complete by this October. Both will probably be very successful... especially with its proximity to UAB.
  18. Here's a nice shot by Larry O'Gay looking down a portion of Morris Avenue...
  19. The runway and terminal expansion should help Birmingham increase in passenger numbers somewhat. Birmingham appears to have been harder hit by the post 9-11 air travel slump as well as the loss of a fairly busy flight for us (BHM to New Orleans). All signs point to us rebounding from both, however. I think the New Orleans flight was either just recently restarted or will be soon. We also add a couple new flights in the next few months. Personally, once the runway expansion is complete, I'd like to see Birmingham try to lure some Central America and South American flights... maybe a few more international flights to some bigger European cities (London, Paris, Madrid, etc).
  20. Total Passengers at KBHM in 2006: 3,052,058 -------------------------------------- Total Passengers at KBHM in January of 2007 225,736 (up 0.6% from January of 2006)
  21. I think the Salt Lake City flight will be pretty successful. First of all, there's a reasonable Morman population here who, I'm sure, would make use of the convenience of this flight. It also provides a western US gateway to international destinations for those that might not want to go through LAX or something. Has anyone heard anything new on the $160+M terminal expansion? Or the runway expansion? I believe the runway extension to 12,000ft is now complete... or certainly near completion. Not sure it's been certified by the FAA yet, however. Anyone hearing anything?
  22. Delta's regional carrier, SkyWest, will begin offering daily non-stop flights from Birmingham to Salt Lake City starting June 7th of this year.
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