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  1. All about money... with Morris Avenue or 5 Points/Southside, those would require just general development goals with no particular organization pushing it along or footing the bill. With the entertainment district around the BJCC, the BJCC will obviously be helping foot the bill as well as helping to organize the whole thing. The BJCC/Sheraton area needs some attractions. There are really no nice places to eat or hang out in that part of the city. That lack of entertainment means a loss of potential revenue. Thousands of people stay in that Sheraton during conferences. Thousands attend events at the BJCC every other week or so. Many of the people at these places will not go to 5 Points or Morris Avenue... heck, some might not even know about those places. 5 Points has a separate initiative being taken by Operation New Birmingham to revitalize that area of the Southside. I do agree with you, however, that someone else should pick up on Morris Avenue and help revitalize it. I'm sure that will utlimately become a big hotspot as soon as the Railroad Park begins to come together.
  2. Several current tenants are leaving the 20th Street block to make room for Corporate Realty which has plans for a 16-story tower and an entire revamping of the block around it to include: office space, hotel space, shopping, restaurants, and condos.
  3. Absolutely agree. I know alot of people staying at the Sheraton for the Papa John's Bowl and they were upset that there was NOTHING in the immediate area around the hotel where they could go eat or drink or just have fun. An entertainment district is in DIRE need... that much is for sure.
  4. There's an article in today's Birmingham News detailing basically exactly what I've been pushing for. They want to move forward with at least a hotel and an entertainment district. I think it's a very good idea and I'm optimistic they carry through with it this time. http://www.al.com/business/birminghamnews/....xml&coll=2
  5. I had read an article some time back that indicated that to be one of their top priorities. No word on a timeline though.
  6. Anyone heard anything on the $160-200M terminal renovation/expansion? I had heard the Airport Authority approved it some time back, but haven't heard anything since.
  7. Is there any update on anything pertaining to the expansion? Hotels, entertainment district, expanded meeting space, etc? Why not simply split the proposals into at least 2-3 separate ones. There seems to be widespread support for expanding and upgrading the BJCC at the very least. The rest can and will come if there is evidence that it will be supported. The most important steps in my opinion are: 1) upgrading and expanding convention space, 2) building at least 1 other large hotel nearby, and 3) starting the beginnings at least of a new entertainment district with bars, restaurants, and other shopping. I hope we can get something going on this project... it's been years now.
  8. ^ Yeah, my part of metro (north) is really growing like wild. Gardendale, Fultondale, Kimberly, Morris, and now it looks like maybe Warrior. I think that would be outstanding news for them because I think Warrior had been a community struggling a bit lately. Again, I know folks will say developments like this only further the sprawl, but I'm of the opinion that this is the lesser of two evils. I'd MUCH rather hear about new developments around Gardendale/Fultondale, etc. than Hoover/Alabaster simply because the growth to the south has been absolutely out of control. Maybe people will take note of what's going on in the northern part of Jefferson County and decide to relocate here as opposed to Shelby County or St. Clair County. At least that way Jefferson County won't be losing in population.
  9. Maybe we've got an 18-story building on the way We can only hope... heck, maybe it'll even get pushed up to 20-stories.
  10. Just announced today... a 50-seat American Eagle jet will begin twice daily roundtrips from Birmingham to O'hare (Chicago). Good news and I hope we continue to see increasing coverage... especially as that runway extension comes online.
  11. I wonder if they have been talking with any international carriers or if this is just a hope that it will draw attention from international carriers. IMO, they should be actively going out there pursuing them if they're not. Birmingham could become a great alternative regional site to get away from the busy Hartsfield Atlanta airport.
  12. That will be EXCELLENT for Homewood and the Greensprings area there.
  13. I hope that's the case, but given Nashville's struggles to get flights to Asia, I'm not so sure. It would make sense, though.
  14. Southwest Airlines (Birmingham's leading air-carrier by far) announced today that they'll be adding 2 non-stop flights to Dallas in the near future. Should be up and going in time for the holiday season. Good news for Birmingham's growing airport. I hope we're hearing of new international flights in the not too distant future.
  15. I echo what Leonard just said. Birmingham also has one of the highest occupancy rates in all of the southeast.
  16. Come on Birmingham... let's just get a new hotel built and expand the BJCC. Anything but stagnation. A dome may or may not be pursued later. Let's go for this now... the Birmingham economy needs it.
  17. Friday, October 6th a ceremony will be held with many of the areas top leaders. The groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 10AM at 18th Street and 1st Avenue. Everyone is welcome to attend. Finally glad to see this thing getting some legs under it.
  18. For the most part, it was vacant land. That corner of downtown really is underdeveloped and that was part of the hopes of developers... that it would spur further growth in that area. The SSA will have well over 1,000 people working in the building, so they assume smart entrepreneurs and restaurants will open up nearby to serve the large workforce there.
  19. A2... what you're referring to is the new Social Security Administration Building. It'll be 8-stories tall, but will be built on a very large footprint. The new SSA building will have nearly 600,000sqft. AlabamaGuy... the Federal Reserve project by Melaver is somewhat near where A2 is talking about, but cranes have not yet been put up for this project. The Federal Reserve project will be about 14-stories tall.
  20. Not at the moment I dont believe. They may have flown in to Birmingham before, but I dont think it's a regular stop.
  21. Yeah... it should be over 3 million again this year. Growth at airports like Birmingham is relatively slow, but steady. The airport runway expansion is nearing completion, however, and there are talks of at least a few international flights in and out of Birmingham which should help things considerably. BHM is also about to realize a $200M+ terminal expansion/renovation.
  22. So far, from January 1st, 2006 to May 31st, 2006 (5 months)... BHM has had approx 1.23M passengers.
  23. I'm not sure why... maybe the numbers are only reported quarterly or something, but I have noticed they release 2-3 months worth of passenger stats all at once. It's been longer than usual this time though, so I'm not sure.
  24. The City of Birmingham is set to hire a project coordinator for the Railroad Park tomorrow. This is very promising news after having not heard anything about the park in a while.
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