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  1. Birmingham once had the 2nd most extensive streetcar line in the nation. At its peak, the Birmingham streetcar system handled more than 90 million passengers in a year.
  2. A few notes from the ONB Newsletter: - At least 2 deals (and more "certainly on the way") are in the works as a result of the Untapped Opportunities meeting in 5 Points South. - The success of the meeting has led to the planning of a similar meeting to focus on a new area-- "The Entrepreneurial District." The $17M Innovation Depot will be at the heart of this district, and Calvert has hopes of attracting growing high-tech and bio-tech firms. The Untapped Opportunities for the Entrepreneurial District meeting is tentatively set for Sept. 28th. - Corporate Realty is investing $130M over the next year or so in downtown (which that number sounds low considering the proposed 16-story mixed-use project was, alone, supposed to be in the neighborhood of $125M). The City of Birmingham and Corporate Realty have struck a deal in which they would, together, buy the block bound by 1st and 2nd Avenue South, and 20th Street. Half of the block will be developed by Corporate (ie, the 16-story mixed-use project). Corporate will hold on to the other half-block to sell ...the city of Birmingham would recover any costs. - $2.5M is being spent to renovate the Red Cross' old garage at 3rd Avenue North. The building will house a growing tech firm (Revenue Discovery Systems) which expects to employ about 150 people. - Work has begun on Athens Flatts - The 20-story Cabana is indeed expected to be converted to condos regardless of who wins the court settlement... the issue is just who will win the case. - With nearly $200M in construction going on along 14th Street (University House development, Railroad Park, SSA Building, etc), ONB is advocating significant streetscaping. (I hope this would be something along the same lines as 20th Street) - The Downtown Business Association now has a new website up and running. Check it out: http://www.downtownbirmingham.org/
  3. - Colonial Properties is working to secure 4-5 anchor tenants for their $60M mixed-use development at I-459, Eastern Valley, and Pocahontus Road. The 87-acre development will include hotels, a movie theater, and retail. Developers say it will be something on the scale of The Summit. Good deal for Bessemer. Construction expected to start in November.
  4. - UAB bought the Parliament House and plans to raze it to make way for further additions to the UAB campus. Thank goodness... what an eyesore that building had become.
  5. Rumors are that there may be a similar proposal as this for an area near Gardendale (north of downtown Birmingham).
  6. This location is only 1-mile north of the Birmingham city limits. Fultondale is really growing, and therefore, if development can continue and even spill over into north Birmingham, it becomes a VERY good thing. This area also falls within the future Northern Beltline, so any development within there is good news to me. This also may help in preventing the ever-southward-creeping population center.
  7. Colonial Promenade Fultondale (Under Construction)
  8. HSV will continue to do a stout cargo business, but I was just pointing out that Birmingham will be getting significantly more cargo business when this is complete. I'm not sure what percentage, but I would bet alot of HSV's cargo business comes from BHM and other places throughout Alabama. So when Birmingham has those capabilities, BHM will likely get much more cargo business. BHM may not even yet overtake HSV in terms of cargo once this runway extension is complete, but it will vastly increase our business.
  9. For one thing, I've read in numerous articles that indicated this would be something that would happen. Apparently Birmingham Airport Authority officials have talked with the automanufacturers and have agreed they'd begin to use Birmingham. The original plan was Birmingham anyway, but the airport at the time couldnt handle such large planes. If you want to believe that these automanufacturer suppliers will continue to fly goods into Huntsville and pay for the additional 90-mile trip when Birmingham has equal capabilities of handling such traffic... then by all means do it. Even if I hadnt read any quotes on this matter (which I have), it would be common sense to me when A) these companies looked to use Birmingham initially but discovered the runway wasnt long enough, and B) flying into Birmingham would shave at least 90 miles off the ground-transport of these items. We shall see though... not much longer to wait now. The runway extension is nearing completion.
  10. From the Birmingham International Airport website: Birmingham is extending the airport runway primarily to bring air cargo traffic to Birmingham. Currently Huntsville is getting the international freight traffic for Alabama's many car manufacturing companies. Once Birmingham's runway expansion is complete, the air freight traffic will be diverted to Birmingham as it is far closer to the Honda, Hyundai, and Mercedes plants than is the Huntsville airport.
  11. I dont know if they're currently still available, but yes, in B'ham Intl's history they have had flights to Canada and Mexico. Not Europe or Asia or anything, but planes do/did leave United States airspace from B'ham Intl. This is the reason why it was finally determined Birmingham's airport should finally get an "International" designation with its first flights to Canada and Mexico. The new runway extension will, however, likely attract a few overseas flights.
  12. - 25 new homes are to be built in the Fountain Heights neighborhood in Birmingham at 14th Avenue and 16th Street North. The homes will be funded as part of the Hope VI project.
  13. An expanded security checkpoint/baggage screening area capable of dealing with international passenger traffic, a new concourse (Concourse A I believe) which will be primarily for international flights and will also include a US Customs office, INS, and other federal agencies. I also believe the want to make it possible to get from one concourse to another without having to go back through the security checkpoint. As it currently is setup, once you're in Concourse C or Concourse B, you're stuck there unless you go back outside the checkpoint. Other costs would probably just be more general things. But the biggest chunk of cash will be going towards making a new concourse for international flights.
  14. Yeah... I read that the other day. I cant wait until the runway expansion and new concourse is built. Then maybe Birmingham will start having a handful more international flights.
  15. Alabama Gov. Bob Riley has said he (and the state) would support expansion of BJCC without the dome. I think it's key to act on this committment now while it's there. The dome idea should be put aside now. The support isnt there, so just accept it and move on with what can and will be a great thing for Birmingham and the BJCC. If the BJCC can get a large new hotel, a new arena, expanded convention space, and entertainment district, etc.... then by all means, go for it now while that support is there. No sense in hanging up ALL of this proposal just in hoping people finally see the light on the dome. Bottom line: Take what the current leadership is willing to give. If a dome wants to be pursued at a later date with new leadership in place, then fine. I've thought all along that this stuff should have been broken up into pieces rather than one large catch-all.
  16. Exactly... and hence you see the problems. Point proven. Fortunately for metro Birmingham there is an anchor city in Birmingham. The Alabama coast has no central anchor. It's part of the Mobile area in theory, but has more towers than Mobile by far.
  17. There we go... glad I'm not the only one that sees it this way. I thought it was obvious that Miami was/is COMPLETELY different than Miami. The Alabama coastline is not one city, but a long string of smaller cities with various stripmalls and highrise condos (which, as adequately put, will belong mostly to wealthy northerners that will only spend a portion of the year there). Each of these cities and communities will be looking out for their own interests and there will be NO cohesive plan. That's fine... glad it's not here, because they can have that unplanned, out-of-control, over-inflated type of development.
  18. Not saying it doesnt warrant discussion... merely suggesting reasons why it hasnt been discussed. Coastal development is a completely different animal because in many coastal areas, it's just miles after miles of highrise condos and hotels stretching a long line. You all can have your own opinions, but I find it distasteful for all of these developers to turn beautiful beaches into long rows of highrise condos that block the view of anyone and anything north of them. You also mention it being a popular place for retirees. Maybe, but really how many can afford that lifestyle...especially once theyre retired? Not many people I know, but I do know a number of people that were speculating and hoping prices rise even more so they can sell it off and make a profit. Now, however, many of them are beginning to become a bit fearful because with thousands and thousands of units, the supply is far outpacing demand, and thus, fearful they'll lose their shirt. One of you also brought up residential development further inland... that's fine, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm stricting talking about the coastline.
  19. Entertainment district, another hotel, and simply upgrading and expanding the facilities could be done for MUCH cheaper than the dome proposal. While I'm not against the dome, I am proactive and want something done sooner rather than later. At least get going on what the majority of the public SUPPORTS. Then, if the support is there later (which I doubt), you add the dome on. No reason to DEMAND it be lumped into one grand project.
  20. That area is an interesting scenario... though there's alot of development, it wont be adding that many residents. Not many people will be able to just live in condos on the beach unless they're loaded and dont have to work. Otherwise, it'll most likely be inland residents buying a personal vacation spot. So my point is that, while significant developments, they arent contributing to an increase in population or any sort of urban fabric. I'm not sure I agree with it either... not right on the coast like that. Oh well... they'll learn their lesson when some Cat. 3-5 hurricanes come through there and destroy these outrageously expensive towers.
  21. A new office/retail development has been proposed for Gardendale (separate from the $50M Caufield Square Promenade in Gardendale). It is to be called "The Plaza at Fieldstown Road" - There will be two buildings behind Waffle House (north of Fieldstown Road and west of Mt. Olive Road). One will be a stand-alone restaurant & the other a 2-story retail building with shops, offices, and another restaurant. Total square footage: 60,000 Picture:
  22. - The Clay city council approved a large residential development that would bring about the construction of about 479 new homes in northeastern Jefferson County.
  23. The hotel south of Univ Blvd which you speak of is being replaced... but it's not this development. The 6 and 16-story buildings proposed here will both be north of Univ Blvd. There will, however, be a 7-story hotel built to replace the hotel you speak of. From what I can tell, it will be bound by 20th Street South, Richard Arrington Blvd, 1st Avenue South, and 2nd Avenue South... at least that was my understanding. Construction is expected to begin later this year and be completed maybe a year later or so.
  24. A few new proposals: - A 6-story $25M hotel has been proposed for the Southside off 20th Street. - A 16-story $125M mixed-use project has been proposed for Southside off 20th Street.
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