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  1. There's a lot of murkiness to the sidewalk ordinance. From talking with a council rep, it is in need of revision as there are a few unforseen loopholes & gray area that popped up since it was passed. However, it has collected $3M for the dedicated sidewalk fund, so by that measure, it has been a success. I do not believe that the Zoning board is in the business of asking people to rip up perfectly good sidewalks and move them 2 feet back. I think that is a CHOICE the builder has, especially if they just want to run their bulldozers over the existing sidewalks in the course of building and not worry about the damage done to those sidewalks. I think a major issue is every new build is filling out a variance request as kind of a scratch-off lotto ticket because the rule is so unclear that you may just get lucky & get a variance and save $5,000 on your build. in my area I just saw a lot get a 'variance' that required them to pay into the fund, and leave the existing sidewalks. We should not be wasting taxpayer dollars on those situations. That should just be a standard choice IMO. If there are sidewalks in good condition you should just get to leave them (& pay the standard fee into the fund), without any applying for a variance. But there's a lot of 'In my opinion' and 'i'm not sure' in there so it's not terribly valuable info. But it is my best try at understanding the current situation.
  2. You should try to go. We got our flights for $560 round trip from Nashville & stayed in nice Airbnb's for ~$70-90/night. I was told we were somewhat lucky with the weather Feb 22-March 3rd, as it is usually more rainy. But I would have still loved it with a little rain. Prob the cheapest country to visit in WESTERN Europe. Easy going people. Fantastic food. Make sure to either do your research on how to get around (Busses, subways & trains) or bring someone who speaks Spanish. Not everyone speaks English so you can get lost if you don't have a plan. I'd say start with Barcelona and Madrid, and go from there. There's a lot of smaller places with rich history, Roman & Moorish ruins. We plan to go back to hit the North (Basque) area and other smaller places like, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Granada, Malaga, Toledo, etc. etc.
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/wmbzsLmWA6V6PApB9 Sevilla Spain, Feb 23-25, 2019 - Sevilla is in Southern Spain. 4th largest city in Spain. 690k in the city, 1.5M ppl in 'Metro' area. Pictures of: Seville FC v Barcelona at Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium - La Liga match : Barcelona won 4-2. Messi scored 3 and Suarez scored 1. Seville put up a good fight! No alcohol is served inside Spanish Stadiums. People drink a lot of Coca-cola and they also sold hotdogs. Roman aqueduct ruins in the middle of a city street City tram. Not the dominant form of transit in Sevilla, still very much a car city. Plaza de la Alfalfa - a pedestrian square with restaurants & cool old buildings. Tapas - small 2 or 3 Euro snacks consisting of jamon (ham) , So Much Jamon!, tomatoes, olive oil, arugula, etc. Narrow cobblestone streets that mostly still allowed car traffic. Lots of bike lanes, apparently the city recently made a big push to add many miles of bike lanes. Also saw some scooters, so even Europe is not immune from the scourge of scooters! Real Alcazar de Sevilla - Royal Palace of Sevilla. Very much influenced by the Moorish styles, as the Moors ruled this part of Spain for 700 years. Parts of the palace & it's gardens were used in Game of Thrones as a setting for the land of 'Dorn' Plaza de Espana - built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition World's Fair. Has beautiful blue water that you can rent a boat and row around. Highly recommend visiting. Very relaxing place.
  4. @markhollin Let me know if we're going to do a Travel thread. I will get my Spain pics together and wait to hear where I should post them.
  5. Is there a web link to your development tracker?  Thanks!  - DJ

  6. RE: Riverside Village. I don't think retail is required per se. But you can get a much larger rent out of a store front than just a door with another apartment behind it. And it is zoned for businesses. Since it is being built 'By-Right' they don't have to release public renderings as they would have with an SP, so nobody really knows quite yet what it will look like. My best guess using logic and clues is it will have 3-5 small shop spaces in the bottom floor and the upper floors (2 thru 4) will be apartments. @AronG Yes, FO the store was never going to be saved, I was referring to the 'FO Building', itself; which the entire strip from the barber shop to FO, started to be referred to for ease of discussion at the meetings. It was to become the cycle shop and restaurant combo under the proposed SP. I'm not trying to re-litigate the details of what happened and it's difficult to talk on a message board so let's close this back & forth. Happy to chat on Facebook about it if you're interested or at the Meet-up May 4th. Also I agree with your comment on need for density here to allow diff kinds of housing to accommodate people and slow down the musicians fleeing to Madison. @Gracie Agree with your comments on the loss of housing re: Micro-units, green-space, bus-stop, extended sidewalks.
  7. Sharing photos from recent trip to Philadelphia. Inside of Masonic Temple Port Richmond neighborhood streets & houses Downtown - Broad Street Elevated subway in North Philadelphia https://photos.app.goo.gl/XAd7h31YC6Dinqnr7
  8. I agree, AronG. Wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision per se. I don’t think they fully acknowledged their lack of leverage. I was at the last 2 meetings and I’d say those against tended to look at what is now happening as a ‘bluff tactic’. Maybe thought they could eventually frustrate the developer into completely abandoning the project. I don’t have any Schadenfreude in the situation but their gamble definitely backfired, because saving the FO building was absolutely on the table. I also don’t think it has to be looked at as a disaster. There’s at least a 50/50 chance we get a few fun/useful shops out of it.
  9. The Riverside Village situation was a bit more complex than just ‘the petitioners got what they deserved’. They basically threw away having any say in the McGavock frontage to get their way on the other 4 lots involved that are on Riverside (that needed the UpZone approval). So they achieved enforcement of a lower density for those lots instead of the apartment complex that was included in the SP. I just think it was a shame a compromise couldn’t be reached. Seemed they were getting fairly close towards the end. The developer certainly made lots of concessions towards a compromise. Oh well! Can’t wait to be able to get 14 flavors of frozen yogurt and visit the Capital one Bank that will probably occupy the ground floor of this new place.
  10. Re: old bowling alley, my guess would be a big apartment complex like the ones you see on Trinity. It is zoned CL: CL, CL-A* (Commercial Limited, intended for retail, consumer service, financial, restaurant, and office uses) But there is still significant demand for housing in EN, so you could easily imagine there being a housing component (or 100% housing). And it's kind of on an island so I don't think you'd have too much community push-back regardless of what they try to put there. If we're playing 'Fantasy Developer', I'll go with a mixed use with some micro homes / variety of different sized apartments with a nice green space in the middle. And 5 or 6 small business spaces. Ice cream, clothing, dry cleaner, yoga, indian food, small bodega market, bagel / coffee shop, bank... We can dream!
  11. Missing 3rd in a row today unfortunately. Had company in town in February, was in Spain for March, and in Philadelphia today. Hope to see everyone in May! Have fun today!
  12. I think the actual plans are being kept close to the vest. I will keep checking, but I haven't seen any plans yet. Logic would indicate that it would have commercial in the bottom floor. I keep thinking of the building on Fatherland that houses Far East Vietnamese (pictured below). But that is just my educated guess.
  13. 3 parcels in riverside village, Bailey & Cato, Fond Object Building & the parcel behind Fond Object that has an old house that hosted FO’s backyard concerts. ... all have approved Demolition permits.
  14. Thanks everyone. The development tracker & ePermit system both help a lot!
  15. Yes, Riverside Village. The main parcel at the corner. But more importantly, I want to be able to search on my own for future projects. Thanks!
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