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  1. With the road diet Parkwood will get protected bike lanes in both directions as well as a wide multi-use path on the western side connecting to Brevard in both directions... hope they can begin this soon. https://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Documents/ParkwoodBoard101017.pdf In fact the portion of the multi-use path on Optimist Hall property (Brevard/Belmont to Parkwood/16th) has been finished for a couple months. So you can now ride up Brevard from downtown, get onto the path at the mill, and then at 16th turn east or west to continue on bikeable streets avoiding Parkwood for now.
  2. South end of Tompkins Hall restoration today. Still a lot of work to do:
  3. Yeah those "mad dashes" are what I was hoping I'll eventually be able to avoid (I know I'll have em for a few months at least.) Will see if they actually make 1Q 2019. And, thanks for the welcome! I've been living in Charlotte about a year now (Fourth Ward), but likely moving soon to Optimist Park.
  4. Any rumors in the wind about whether the "late 2018" opening for Tompkins Hall is still on track? tompkinshall.com still has that date on their website, but it sure doesn't look 3-4 months away from opening, at least viewed from the light rail side. A lot of exterior walls are still missing and the grounds are still rough dirt. Visually I would guess more like late 2019. The city doesn't seem ready for its opening either... there are still no stoplights for pedestrians to cross Parkwood in the immediate vicinity, and only that narrow/overgrown sidewalk from the station as an earlier post mentioned. I am moving to this area soon, so kinda self-interested here...
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