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  1. According to Orange County, an 8-story hotel.
  2. i_cre8


    I'm assuming you mean this (65MB doc): North-South Light Rail Draft
  3. i_cre8


    FDOT and Amtrak still bickering according to the Sentinel: article
  4. i_cre8


    Obama and the Feds may all be for mass & rail transit, but if the local yahoos keep thumbing their noses at Federal funding (whatever the reason), then the Feds will simply divert the spending to another locale -- just as they've done before. I keep attempting to be positive about the possibility of SunRail; I just can't shake the feeling that this will die once again.
  5. i_cre8


    New URL for the project: SunRail.com
  6. My understanding is the Hughey to I-4 W ramp will not open until the completion of the Events Center. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
  7. Saw the design of the new PAC tonight -- let's just say that I think if there are any of you who enjoy the aesthetic of the "round building" may get a "hold-over" through the inspiration of the canopy/"sail" structure of the new PAC.
  8. As of late, they've been referring to it as Millenia Lakes, if I'm not mistaken.
  9. i_cre8


    How timely... Forbes Ranks Orlando Area 4th Worst for Commuters (Perhaps more appropriate for the "Freeways..." thread, but considering what we stand to give up today, it seemed apropos for this specific thread.)
  10. i_cre8

    The Plaza

    And today, sad to say, I'm beginning to believe that Orlando and indeed, all of Florida, is the nexus of mediocrity. I never thought I'd find myself second guessing my decision to move here from rural North Carolina. At least I could move back to Charlotte or Raleigh and be on the cusp of some great things happening! AND I miss Bojangle's!
  11. Wait, are we talking about the Hyatt Regency across from Pointe Orlando?
  12. Well all the clues rule out the Fairfield and Spring Hill that are going up next to Aquatica.
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