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  1. It's so weird seeing so many trees from that perspective. Just can't seem to grasp where exactly this was taken at, though.
  2. So another hotel is going up on the other side of the Holiday Inn Express hotel by I-65, on 3rd Ave.?
  3. With many buildings over 250' pulling permits this past couple days, does anyone know the count of buildings over 250' under construction in Nashville, now?
  4. I believe the reason why so much steel was delivered was due to part of the tower(majority) still has three or four? floors to go? The final two were erected on the shorter side, but the taller side has a few floors on top of the final two floors that aren't yet installed.
  5. I hope that parking space becomes of something with good height.
  6. It appears that the last floor is of much greater height than rest of the usual tall office floors, due to mechanical outfitting?
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