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  1. Happy birthday, Mark! You’re just an awesome person, thanks for doing what you do for us, especially me who prefers to stay home and see the progress from my comfy couch! Best of wishes to you!
  2. They were installing the bracing for the final “floor” or what others would call the parapet, saw it as I drove by yesterday.
  3. Will do. Thanks as always, @markhollin.
  4. And hopefully it’s a tall parapet/roof so it can add additional height!
  5. Came to visit my place of birth for several weeks. Guadalajara, Jalisco:
  6. I believe cases are on the rise once again in the U.K.
  7. I believe RNG will be the future of transportation.
  8. Just more sprawl, like Atlanta. No bueno.
  9. Would appreciate if anyone could screenshot and post such angles!
  10. I appreciate everybody for the kind words. My sister was also against getting vaccinated. She’s now planning on getting her jabs. Sometimes crap has to hit the fan for some people to ultimately make a wise decision for their well-being.
  11. My 31 year old sister is hospitalized due to COVID-19. She had been sick for a week but had been getting progressively worse. This morning an ambulance picked her up and is very ill at the E.R.
  12. Will those parking spots ever become towers? Seems like such a prime location.
  13. The Endeavor is 299’ tall, One22One will be around 360’ tall, yet the renderings show they’re about the same height. Don’t get it, wouldn’t the developers like for the renderings to show just how tall One22One will be in comparison to its neighbors?
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