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  1. Never went to the state fair once I got older, it got too violent for me, or probably I just got older. Lol Whatever happens, I hope the bill is not put onto Nashville or Davidson county.
  2. So now metro Nashville is going to look legitimately huge from people coming from eastern TN. Sprawl from Lebanon, TN all the way to Bellevue, along the I-40 corridor. And from Goodlitsville, TN all the way to Spring Hill, from North to South. Quite a sprawl.
  3. What is happening on I-40 from mile marker 232 to 236?
  4. What looked to be a convoy of 10 semis, hauling H-beams were heading north from I-40 yesterday afternoon. Not sure if final destination was Nashville but it looked pretty badass.
  5. I wonder if they'd be taken lightly in Watts or East LA? Lol
  6. Wow. Awesome photo. Oh, how different that view would be in three to four years.
  7. Thanks a lot, @trillhaslam. I wouldn't have imagined the map would have this project too. My great respect and admiration to @smeagolsfree.
  8. I wonder what's happening behind Lead Academy, on Charlotte Pike. They've seem to have razed the entire area behind the school. Possibly a residency?
  9. Oh yes, I remember that. Thanks a lot @nashvylle. Edit: According to some one at SSP, this one should get underway in a few weeks. Saying the demo permit was pulled yesterday.
  10. Due to Nashville's urban sprawl, what cities does Nashville look bigger than but in reality is smaller than? I ask this because I had a client from New Jersey see Nashville for the first time and said Nashville looks much, much bigger than the population suggests. Is this size illusion only exclusive to Nashville and Atlanta?
  11. Hell, single income from me. It's tough as hell but very doable. Moved to a town 25 miles north of Cookeville during June of last year, lived there for only two months. Though I had a lot of money left over, being in Nashville gave me so much more joy. Moved back and will most likely never go back to any small town again. They say there's a price to desirability.
  12. Not to get too much off topic but wife's firstborn is scheduled for 10:30ish. Two great gifts for a Monday. A new Nashvillian resident is on the way folks.
  13. Dem urban folk don't care. They were molded around unnecessary honks, sounds of sudden stops caused by tailgating, and the always intensifying flip of the bird. Vroom. Vroom.
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